U.S. Senator Mark Warner has introduced legislation he says will fix flaws in the Affordable Care Act. Thursday he proposed improvements that would include a lower-cost option for consumers.

Warner's proposal would provide a lower cost health plan with a higher deductible, increase competition by allowing the sale of insurance across state lines and ease the reporting requirements for employers.

"I think this is the first step forward," Warner said in an interview from Washington, "trying to sort out between those folks who don't want to touch anything in the bill, and those folks who simply want to repeal the bill."

Warner said his proposals are "targeted, commonsense improvements," but Republicans including 9th District Congressman Morgan Griffith see it differently.

"In reality we need to scrap the whole system and start over," Griffith said in a phone interview Thursday afternoon. "It's like buying one of those 1980s Yugo cars and then the engine gets blown, you can't fix it. You might as well just go out and buy a new car."

Warner described his proposal as a good faith effort to "keep what works and improve what could work better."

"I think we're really going to find out now who really wants to roll up their sleeves and get this bill fixed," Warner told WDBJ7, "so we can maintain coverage for Americans, but they can get it at a price that's affordable."