Election Day is eight days away and the heat is on for the gubernatorial debate in Virginia.

Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe each have their own game plan as to where they plan to visit in a final push to get votes.

Cuccinelli made a stop at Liberty University in Lynchburg on Monday where thousands of students came out to hear what he had to say.

Liberty University invited both Cuccinelli and McAuliffe, but McAuliffe declined the invitation noting he has too busy of a schedule.

Cuccinelli said he has his eyes on Liberty University.

"Not only do we need to win here, but we need to win big here," he said.

Liberty University president Jerry Falwell welcomed Cuccinelli with a puppy dog stuffed animal after last week's final gubernatorial debate at Virginia Tech. That's where Cuccinelli said McAuliffe was all puppy and no plan.

"My opponent says happy words,” said Cuccinelli. “We want more jobs, we're talking about education, yes we're saying the words, but he has no plans."

Cuccinelli made promises to the thousands of students at Liberty to defend life and marriage. He emphasized his support of a smaller government and opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

Paul said Cuccinelli’s beliefs and plans will set him apart from the rest.

"Our party is fiscally responsible party,” said Paul. “Ken's talking about cutting your taxes $700 a family. Terry McAuliffe wants to raise your taxes $1,700 a family because if you want to be Santa Claus to everyone it's going to cost jobs so I think there's a clear distinction."

Students said they would have liked to have heard from both candidates, but they are confident they'll make the right decision on November 5.

"I think that's very good for us to be able to hear from them and see where they stand on things so we can know for ourselves whenever we go in to vote from them," said student Austin Wullsechleger.

Cuccinelli also made stops in Virginia Beach and Fairfax County on Monday.


Thousands of students at Liberty University heard from Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli and Senator Rand Paul on Monday morning.

The two teamed up to speak to voters just eight days before Election Day.

Liberty University invited both Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe to speak to students ahead of the November 5 elections. McAuliffe declined the invitation, according to the school’s president, saying he was too busy to come.

Cuccinelli and Paul were given a warm welcome at the school’s convocation.

Cuccinelli says he’s trying to cover as much ground as possible in the days leading up to the election. He spoke for around 15 minutes on Monday.

Cuccinelli focused much of his speech on the fact that he is pro-life. He promised students that if elected governor of Virginia he would be a defender of family, marriage and life.

He promised students that if elected governor he would be a defender of family, marriage, and life.

Cuccinelli and Paul say all voters in Virginia need to be informed and educated before heading to the polls in November.

"The world is run by the people who show up so we want to see our Republican base get there,” Cuccinelli said. “We're talking to independents who agree with us on ObamaCare. Democrats support me on educational choice, so we reach across the spectrum."

Paul added:"I think people have had enough. And people do want some restraint on spending, and I think Ken would do it in the state. And I think really the choice in the governor's race is between Santa Claus on one side who I think will cripple jobs, and someone who believes in opportunity in creating jobs."