The Blue Ridge Marathon brings in hundreds of runners from around the world and many have the luck of calling Roanoke home.

One of those runners is WDBJ 7's David Kaplan.

WDBJ 7’s cameras followed him last year as he trained for the Blue Ridge Half Marathon.

This year, he is at it again, but this year he scaled his training back a bit because of an injury.

Regardless, Kaplan put his heart into training and is sharing his experience with others in hopes of inspiring them to set a personal goal.

"It's tough on the body and on the mind as well but when you finish it's a pretty sweet feeling,” he said when asked how it felt to cross the finish line.

Kaplan is used to early wake up calls as a reporter, but Saturday was a bit different for him.

"It's cool to see everybody excited and tweeting pictures and seeing what people are saying about Roanoke and first timers impressions."

The Roanoke native is used to racing against deadlines, but Saturday was spent racing to the finish line.

"It's amazing,” he said. “There's so many times when you're doing a race like this you want to stop and walk and just mentally it's like you keep going, going and then you're going forward and you finally get there and it feels good."

Kaplan took on the 10k this year and said the biggest battle was getting up the mountain.

"Ya see it and you don't think you're going to make it but you just keep going,” said Kaplan.

Kaplan's managed to balance his day job as a reporter with training as a runner. He said it's not easy, but it can be done.

"Sometimes you have to look behind you to realize how far you've come I guess in running and in life and that's exactly what I did and it felt good."

Kaplan is encouraging viewers to get active. He said no goal is too small or big.

"Anybody can do this,” he said. “Anybody can get active. I did all these fit Friday stories. You don't have to look like some of these awesome people doing the half marathon and marathon you can still look like this and still lead an active lifestyle."

Kaplan fills many roles in the WDBJ 7 newsroom and is best known for his position as an education reporter in Roanoke.