My name is Daniel Webb and I am the Hometown News Correspondent for WDBJ7. I am attending the 2013 National Boy Scout Jamboree which is in West Virginia. In past jamborees, it has been held at Fort A.P. Hill near Washington D.C. In 2007, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) began looking for a permanent location for the jamboree. After searching over proposed locations over the whole country, the BSA narrowed it down to the current location, the Summit Bechtel Reserve. This reserve is a great property that covers over 10,000 acres in West Virginia.

Many donations were provided in order make the whole camp possible. Our council, the Blue Ridge Mountain Council, or BRMC, took part in a special opportunity on Monday night. Just our council out of everyone at the Jamboree went to the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs. The hotel hosted a thank you dinner for major donors to the Summit Bechtel Reserve. We helped out here and thanked all the people. It was a great experience and we got to meet some very famous people. Some of the people donated over $20 million to the jamboree's cause. People there included Governor Tomblin, of West Virginia, Johnny Bench, the Chief Executive of Scouting, Wayne Brock, Stephen Bechtel, the President of AT&T, and the CEO of Exxon, to name a few. We were very thankful that these people donated to the scouts because of the amazing events that there contributions funded.

There are many events here at the jamboree. So many events, in fact, that no one can possibly do it all. Over the 10,000 acres, zip lines, exhibits, an 50,000 person stadium, around 40,000 people in campsites, and other things, cover the area. In the future, more things will be constructed, as well as more campsites. This site is also supposed to host the 2019 World Jamboree.
To start out the day Tuesday, a stadium show was held. All of the participants at the jamboree attended this event. While there, we listened to various people, including the governor of West Virginia, the national executive of scouting, and a performance by the band Taylor Made.

I met a New York Times best seller author and the Hometown Reporters were able to ask him a few questions. Brandon Mull is an author of various popular youth books. He is also an Eagle Scout. He has been a professional writer for about 8 years. One of his popular book series is called Fablehaven, which has been completed. When asked whether he would write a sequel to the series, the author stated that he will probably write a sister-series, but it is still unofficial.

Every day, our troop, with people around the Roanoke area, cook our own meals. We have a total of 40 people to cook for, including 4 adults. Every day, 4 people go get all of the food required for the troop. Then, another group of people will cook the food and another group will clean. This is a very efficient system when cooking for such a large group of people. During Breakfast, we also pack our lunches so that we can eat whenever we decide to anywhere in the jamboree. At 4:30, everyone returns to start preparing for dinner.

On Wednesday, our troop took part in the Messengers of Peace day of service. We boarded a bus and went to the Beckley Veterans Affairs Center. While there we used wood to construct 2 flower boxes. These flower boxes were then placed around a Vietnam memorial on the site. We filled them with dirt and mulch, topping it off with plants. Also, some of us did landscaping across the property. This was a thrilling event for all of us to take part of in the end. One scout said, "This was a very good experience, but the best part was that it will be enjoyed by many veterans for a long time.”

So far, the Jamboree has met my greatest expectations. I am looking forward to doing more events, because every event I have done so far has been great. I would recommend the Jamboree to every scout who is interested in it. The best part is there is still a week left.