The Dan River is prone to flooding especially during significant rainy days like Tuesday. By Tuesday evening it was already up 1/2 a foot.

As businesses and people who live along the river watch its levels, farmers are calling this rain liquid gold.

Typically around this time of year commercial farmers in Pittsylvania County start tilling fields, getting them ready for planting in the spring.

Before today, the ground was too hard which can quickly wear farming equipment. Tuesday it's been raining slowly and steadily, perfect to loosen up soil.

Despite the rain from this spring and today farmers need even more.

"We're back in a rainfall deficit at this point so, it's amazing that we went from extremely wet to extremely dry and hopefully we won't hit another extreme we'll just get some adequate rainfall out of this," said Stephen Barts, a Virginia Tech Extension Agent in Pittsylvania County.

Stephen Barts, an Extension Agent who works closely with Pittsylvania County farmers says today's rain is the first substantial rain in nearly 60 days.

About 20 minutes away from those farms is the Dan River.

Chief Meteorologist Robin Reed did some checking earlier and found the river levels are expected to double by Wednesday.

That's a significant rise but not high enough for it to start flooding.