Morgan Harrington's mother discusses what Murphy family is going through

Morgan Harrington disappeared nearly four years ago

POSTED: 04:52 PM EDT Aug 07, 2013    UPDATED: 09:25 PM EDT Aug 07, 2013 
Gil Harrington talks about what Murphy's are going through

Alexis Murphy's disappearance brings back vivid memories for a Roanoke County family.

Morgan Harrington disappeared in October 2009, her body was found three months later.

Gil Harrington sat down with WDBJ7's David Kaplan and told him how hopeful she is that Alexis Murphy is alright. Click here to see the entire interview with Gil Harrington.

Despite some similarities in the cases, Harrington told us she got a call this morning from State Police and they don't believe the two incidents are connected.

She did say that the time of uncertainty; not knowing anything about where her daughter was or what happened to her was when she was most distraught.

Gil Harrington always wanted for someone who knows something to say something, Harrington told says at this point, that's a family's biggest hope.

"People don't exist in vacuums. Someone saw something happening or has some little piece of information that they are discounting, and they are not letting their intuition come forward," said Gil Harrington.