Chef Jeff Bland is a favorite here at WDBJ7.
As a frequent guest on the Sunday morning Weekend Diner segment, Chef Jeff is always whipping up something tasty.

But, over the last year and a half, Bland has been serving up a recipe to lose weight.

"It's really been a life-long struggle. I've been doing this my whole life - it has been a yo-yo up and down, up and down," explains Chef Jeff Bland.

He says in the spring of 2012, he was at his heaviest, weighing about 450-pounds.
It was at that point, Chef Jeff says he decided to make some changes.

"I was so heavy and felt really, really bad that I felt if I didn't do something, I felt I would die. I just had to buckle down and do something," he says remembering.

So, the man who has made his living as chef and is surrounded by decadent food everyday, put his plan into action.

Explains Bland, "Personally, I've decided to eliminate some of the sugars and carbs and a lot of those really refined foods -try to go as natural as possible."

Eighteen-months after he started, Bland has already lost 156-pounds thanks to determination, changing his diet and working out.

"It's really, really, really hard everyday is a struggle for me, so it's just about making that right choice every single time," says Bland.

Chef Jeff says he has tried losing weight before, but this time is trying avoid the traps of his past mistakes.
He says he's focusing on his health instead of being dictated by the scale.

"I've really learned not to pay attention to the number, but pay attention to the lifestyle and getting healthy, but I still want that number though," he says smiling.

Chef Jeff is also working with dieticians to make sure he's on the right path.

He says his long-term goal is to lose another 100-pounds by next year.

His short-term goal- to run a 5k.