A man is on life support after a boating accident on Claytor Lake early Sunday morning.

Sabrina Downes, her husband James, and their daughter were fishing on their pontoon boat early Sunday morning.

That's when Officers with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries say a bass boat hit the rear end of the pontoon.

"I believe I have a concussion because I'm really dizzy and just feel sick," Sabrina Downes said.

Sabrina and her family are reliving the boating accident that sent them to the hospital early Sunday morning.

"I heard it coming. I told my husband 'Here comes a boat,' and we thought we hit the waves, but it hit us," Sabrina said.

Investigators say a black bass boat ran into the Downes' pontoon boat.

Sabrina and her daughter walked away from the accident with bruises. Her husband, James, wasn't so lucky. He has a serious head injury.

"We shook him, screamed and yelled his name. Finally he took a breathe and we could see him in a pool of blood," Sabrina said.

Sabrina and daughter acted fast to get help.

"We screamed, we yelled for help, we blew whistles, flashlights flashing, everything," Sabrina said.

We are waiting to find out if anyone will be charged in this accident.