It was only an inch and a half of snow, but it slowed Danville traffic quickly. Wednesday morning as the sun rose, the skies were clear but the ground was white.

Bob Harris from Heath Landscaping in Pittsylvania County is pulling a 12 hour shift using heavy machinery to clear snow.

"We just go through and clear all the lot, get all the entrance ways try to clip the tops off so it will melt a lot quicker," Harris said.

Though he's removing much of what's piled on the parking lots he's revealing the most dangerous part he can't remove.

"You can get the majority of it off but it's a solid sheet of ice up under it so it gets real slick in a hurry so you do a whole lot of sliding," Harris said.

Public works crews have been on the job since yesterday morning.

Some roads look glossy or have a wet look. Most of the time that's a thin layer of black ice making it a slippery commute Wednesday.

The roads in neighborhoods remain snow covered, forcing drivers and first responders to take it slow.

Some people are deciding to walk, like to this ministry house in northern Danville.

Every week folks here hand out drinks and food. Today's it's a hot meal and hot coffee.
They handed out 60 boxes of food by mid morning.

"Today's breakfast toast with gravy, eggs, and oatmeal. The idea of it all being heated all being something that can sustain you hopefully through a good portion of the day," said Ben Wright with Grace and Main Ministries in Danville.

And in western Danville kids are finding something else to do besides sit in a classroom.
Schools are closed so the city opened up a Winter Fun Day camp. Kids are happy to be out of school.

"I'm am very excited. On a scale from one to 10. One is bad and 10 is excited. 10," said Shilyne Jenkins, a fifth grader in Danville.

If you're expecting Mother Nature to clear the snow and ice, it's not happening today. The high is only expected to be near freezing Wednesday.