Finding out that a snow plow isn't ready for the job is important. 

Finding that out the day of a storm is scary for the people in charge of clearing the roads.

This winter has provided challenges to localities and the Virginia Department of Transportation not so much because of massive snow accumulation, but because of the cold after the little accumulation we have had.

We spoke with officials from Danville, Martinsville, Roanoke City and Lynchburg.  All of them told us today is about making sure the plows are all ready to rock and roll.

In Lynchburg, Don DeBerry is the snow removal guru.  He says the city has received trace amounts of snow.  He says the salting trucks have stayed plenty busy, but the plowing trucks not so much.  That's why the fine tuning is important to do today.

A few localities say they're a little lower on salt than they want to be and have recently ordered more.  In Martinsville, Jeff Joyce says they ordered, "a few hundred tons and have only gotten one truckload."

In Roanoke City, they ordered 750 tons of salt a few weeks ago, and the delivery date was supposed to be last Thursday. Last we checked, they still haven't gotten any of their shipment.

Salt is in high demand, especially since most of the northeast has endured a challenging winter.

Every locality we spoke with says they have enough salt to handle whatever the storm heading our way will have.