Democrat Mark Herring has declared victory in the Virginia Attorney General's race, but with fewer than 200 votes separating the candidates, both Herring and Republican Mark Obenshain are preparing to take office in January.

After local vote canvasses by electoral boards across Virginia, Herring holds a 164-vote lead over Obenshain.

Wednesday afternoon, Obenshain met with reporters in Richmond. He said it's too early to talk about a potential recount., noting that 8 years ago, there was a 123-vote swing when the State Board of Elections reviewed the results.

"I don't know who is going to move into the Attorney General's office in January," Obenshain told reporters Wednesday afternoon. "And despite what Mark Herring says, he doesn't know either." "And it is important for us to allow the State Board of Elections and our statutory process to work, and to make sure that every legitimate vote is fairly counted," Obenshain said.

On Wednesday, both men said they will prepare to take office in January, announcing the leadership of their transition teams.  The State Board of Elections is scheduled to certify the results on November 25th.