The women range in age from 16 to 22. 

Witnesses say the crash happened after the girls clipped a car that was turning.

In that car, friends of the girls and the boyfriend of one of the victims.

In their own words, they told us what happened:

"We went to turn in there and as we were turning, they clipped us, and then when we were turning, it knocked us back straight," explains Josh Gunter.

Gunter and Nic Fisher were two of the three young men in that car. They watched it all happen.

Says Gunter, "They drove and skidded across here and then they wound up flipping up on their bumper and front wheels and drove right into the bank."

The spot on Route 311, outside of New Castle, is within walking distance of the rescue squad.

"I was first on the scene. I tried to get a response out of all of them," remembers Fisher.

Adds Gunter, "And, then I ran over there and tried to get the passenger and driver to respond and couldn't get nothing."

The driver of that SUV, Megan Bradley and passenger Carleigh Taylor, both died at the scene.

Bradley was 18. She had just graduated high school. Taylor was 22.

A third victim, Fisher's girlfriend, Tia Gardner, was flown to the hospital where she later died.

Hours after it happened, the events are still replaying in their friends' minds.

Says Fisher, "I got one of them out of the car and by the time I got one of them out, the cops showed up."

As of Monday night, two girls, a 16-year-old and 19-year old Jessica Stebar are at RMH.

Stebar is in critical condition.

No information is available on the underage- teen, but people close with case tell us she has serious injuries.