It seems technology is taking its toll on the college population.

Those were the findings of a study by a Washington and Lee psychology professor.

The study, which was published last month, looked at texting and college students.

Data was collected from students over a six-month period.

It looked at their emotional well-being, sleeping patterns and general burn-out.

Higher levels of texting were directly linked with poorer sleep.

The professor says she wasn't necessarily surprised by the findings, but her students were.

"It's heavy texting that seems to be problematic, so just like with everything, if you do it in moderation, if you use your cell phone in moderation, there's probably nothing problematic about it," explains W&L Psychology Professor Karla Murdock.

Professor Murdock says the simple solution is- turn off your phone.

But, she also acknowledges there are a lot of advantages to being able to text and use cell phones.

Murdock is continuing her research, building off these initial findings.