A woman has been charged with stealing a cat from the Roanoke Valley SPCA.

29-year-old Bailey Ratliff was arrested Monday. She is charged with petit larceny.

The cat has been returned to the SPCA.


Original story from Nov. 15

ROANOKE, Va. -- The Roanoke Valley SPCA is looking for a cat snatcher.

Surveillance cameras at the shelter caught a woman walking in to the building. Moments later, she walks into the cat room, opens the cage and puts Frack the cat in her jacket and walks out.

Frack is five months old and has a brother named Frick. Frick and Frack were housed right next to each other at the shelter, but the woman only walked out with Frack, according to shelter employees.

Many are concerned about the cat because it's been so cold these past few days.

"One of our own was taken and we're all very disturbed by it,” said SPCA marketing director Melissa Morgan. “We come to work every day to take care of these animals. It's our life's mission and we consider this shelter our sanctuary and someone came in and took one of ours and we're feeling very violated and angry."

The Roanoke City Police Department is currently investigating the incident. Anyone with information on this woman should contact police.