It's the last place you would expect a crime to happen.

One woman is sharing her story, or as she calls it horror story, with WDBJ 7 in hopes that other people won't fall victim to the same situation she did.

Brenda Austin said she was targeted at the Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens on Airport Road in Roanoke on Easter weekend.

"I was kinda in shock,” she said. “I couldn't believe it that somebody would do that here."

Just as she does every year, Austin was walking to her mother's grave with a friend when the unthinkable happened.

"We weren't down there ten minutes,” she said. That’s when her friend walked around to the passenger side door and realized it was open.

"I looked in my backseat and my handbag was gone.”

Austin said she couldn't believe someone would steal from her in broad daylight in a cemetery.

"I had about $50 dollars cash, a $100 dollar gift card that had not been used, lots of cards, check book, a date book that had lots of dates in it that I needed to remember."

"I think it's the height of disrespect, it's like grave robbing,” said Stephen Hale, who is the sales manager at the cemetery. “Some people say it’s not the same, but it is because you are taking someone’s property that's on a loved one that's passed."

Hale said it's unfortunate, but it's not the first time something like this has happened. He said thieves are usually after other things.

"Flowers, floral arrangements off of the graves,” he said.“It happens more during an opportunity when they can put it on the grave site and not in the vase."

Austin said she's not expecting to get anything back by sharing her story, but she's hoping this will serve as a warning to other people to think twice before trusting anyone.

The Roanoke City Police Department says Austin did file a police report.

A spokesman for the department said the last theft from a vehicle at this cemetery was in 2009.

Biggest thing to remember is to always lock your vehicle no matter where you are.

There's been a string of thefts from cars in NE and NW Roanoke, according to the police department.

There's been a total of nine cases. Out of those nine, five of the cars were left unlocked.

A spokesman for the police department said all of the cars had valuable in plain view.