Work to take down a water tower on top of South Peak in Roanoke County began Thursday.

The Western Virginia Water Authority and developers of the South Peak development worked together on the project, which will ultimately improve the region’s water infrastructure.

South Peak’s master plan includes several condominium buildings on top of the mountain where the water tower stands.

“We wanted to make sure that the new water infrastructure we were building would meet the community’s needs and our own,” Jim Smith, CEO of Smith/Packett, which is the company developing South Peak, wrote in a news release. “It really turned out to be a win-win situation; I’m glad that our work could help improve the water system for the surrounding community.”

The water infrastructure project began in June 2011 with the installation of a new water pipeline that runs from the Franklin Road area to South Peak. Phase one of the project also includes taking down the water tower on South Peak. That work began Thursday.

Phase two of the project will connect the Carvins Cove, Spring Hollow, and Crystal Spring water supplies through new water lines along Buck Mountain Road and Franklin Road. That connection will improve the region’s water system. It’s expected to be finished in the summer of 2015.

“We want to capitalize on the development work being done in the community to improve our overall water infrastructure,” Gary Robertson, Executive Director of Water Operations for the Western Virginia Water Authority, wrote in a news release. “This arrangement with South Peak lets us take advantage of their work to improve the water system for residents and businesses in South Roanoke and Roanoke County, and ultimately the region as a whole.”