Make no mistake about it, America has soccer fever.

This year's World Cup in Brazil is igniting a passion in many Americans that people from other country's have felt all along.

There were two games at noon today.  One of them featured Argentina and the other Bosnia and Herzegovenia.  Sure, the viewing parties aren't as big as they've been for a USA game.

But if you think that means they'd be less spirited, think again.

Trying to interview Rabbi Fabian Werbin during an Argentinian soccer game is extremely difficult.

The rabbi and his entire family, decked out in Argentinian gear have watched these games with passion.

While Argentina will move onto the next round, that's not the story for Bosnia and Herzegovenia.

"Early exit for us, but we're cheering on," said Muhamed Spreco, a Bosnia native.

A dozen or so natives of the Eastern European country came to the Double Apple Restaurant on Brambleton Avenue to cheer on their squad.

"Every four years comes around when we have a world cup, we get excited, we get together, we watch games," said Meho Berkovic.

The great thing for all these fans, while cheering for the home country is a top priority, they have the benefit of having two dogs in the fight.

"We'll continue to cheer on the team. Obviously we're out, but we're cheering on USA tomorrow," Spreco said.

Whether you're from near or far, watching the world's favorite game is a fun reminder of the unifying power of sport; who you're cheering for almost doesn't matter as much as who you're cheering with.