The FIFA World Cup games happen every four years and those who follow the sport say it usually unites people instead of causing riots like the one you just saw.

While soccer is most popular with kids here, many believe we'll soon see more professional players coming out the U.S.

It seems everywhere you look, from social media to the news, everyone is talking about the FIFA World Cup games. Brazil beat Croatia today in the opening game and the action continues for the next month.

Soccer fans here say soon, the sport will be as popular as football, baseball and basketball.

It's known as the world's game. Soccer is played by millions of people around the globe and it's no different here in Roanoke.

"We have baseball, basketball, golf. We have so much so it does kind of splinter off but it is in fact the world's sport and it is growing in the US," soccer fan Joey Pierce told Your Hometown News Leader.

And although it hasn't always been as popular as basketball and football, those close to the sport like Will Bradley say that's going to change; especially since the U.S. team ranks 13th in the world right now.

"We're just starting to get our feet wet with soccer. We'll eventually hit the curve of all the other countries that are obsessed with it and it's starting off small but it's definitely going to skyrocket," soccer player, Will Bradley told WDBJ7.

Local soccer fans joined others around the world as they enjoy the games. No surprise since those who teach its fundamentals say the soccer is a unifier of all people.

"All you need is a ball and you just throw it out there and the kids can play. They don't need any special equipment or anything like that. That's why you see it's very popular in a lot of other countries that maybe don't have the economic sustainability as here," said Christian Dane, Roanoke Star Soccer Club Coach.

For now, players, fans and newcomers alike will all take part in the FIFA games and root for their favorite teams, regardless of where they live.

The next game is Friday, when Mexico takes on Cameroon. The U.S. faces Ghana on Monday.