Young & Restless:

I am actually lost right now with all the goings on in Genoa City. I have been trying to keep up, but it seems like the more I try the harder it is getting. So many story lines going on at one time!

Dr. Neville seems to be doing his best to help Ashley, but I’m not sure he actually can. I would think she would let her family in on her illness before it is too late and she actually dies. They are doing a pretty good job at making her look ill on camera. I have a sneaking suspicion that Ashley is going to be very “thankful” to Dr. Neville soon.

Wonder if Dr. Neville knows the real identity of Dr. Anderson? Seems like he knows something because he warned Sharon about her. I certainly hope that Nick and Sage know what they are doing by having Sage committed for 72 hours to try and see what they can find out about her. While having coffee with Nick, Dr. Anderson was a bit flustered and had to leave Crimson Lights.

I am nervous about how this is going to end -- especially since Nick made sure to tell Sage that he didn’t want to do this because he would have to “make” Dr. Anderson believe the story line. I’m assuming that meant he may have to do things that a married man shouldn’t, but why would that matter to Nick? It’s not like he hasn’t cheated on his wives in the past. I know…..maybe I shouldn’t have said that out loud, but it is the truth.

Not sure how I feel about this new Billy, but anything is better than the last one. I just didn’t ever get to the point where I liked watching him. I was hoping they wouldn’t kill off his character when he was in the accident, but I had no clue they were actually re-casting his role. Good job Y&R!!! Now if he would only decide if he is going to keep Noah’s secret or tell the world what actually happened? This is going to be one interesting turn of events. Especially since I think Phyllis will have a role in what happens with Billy in the next few weeks.

Moving on to Nikki, Neil and Hillary….what is up with all this mess? Hillary trying to make Nikki look bad because she was a stripper in the past! Hey Hillary!!!! Everyone who has been keeping up with Y&R already knows this and it isn’t like Victor doesn’t know it because he is the one who turned Nikki into a “lady” when he found her stripping many years ago. I’m fairly sure the entire town knows that Nikki Newman was Nikki Reed the stripper. Move on to another way of making Nikki out to be no good. This one isn’t going to work for you. Hillary is just worried that Neil and Nikki will end up hitting it off as more than just friends and she will have to go back to Devon. Devon is where she is supposed to be in the first place. I’m not 100 percent sure that Hillary doesn’t remember being married to Devon. I am kind of wondering if this is all a game to her. Like when she first came to Genoa City.

Bold & Beautiful:

Quinn is back to her old tricks, but honestly I think this time she is going to see it backfire. Liam doesn’t even remember who he is or that Quinn is a crazy lady who has been taunting him for years! What will Wyatt think of this new fix his mom has gotten herself into? Will he decide to let her do her thing so he can have some personal time with Steffy to try and make her want to be with him vs. Liam?

Steffy loves Liam, but will she be able to refrain from being with Wyatt? Probably not! After all her father is Ridge and her mother is Taylor! Neither one of them have ever been able to be faithful to a spouse or significant other.

I love that Katie is giving Brooke a kick to the curb! Brooke needs to go and find her own man. Not one that is attached to anyone. She kept going after the Forrester men until they just got tired of her and now she is trying to go after Bill Spencer again. Katie is not going to stand for it this time around. I don’t think Bill would have acted on his desire to be with Brooke because he has gotten back with Katie and has a good life with her, but Brooke can be very tempting. I’m sure that Brooke will end up with someone soon, but not after she becomes a complete alcoholic with nothing left to live for. Someone will come in and sweep her off her feet and I bet I know who that someone will be…..Deacon!

I say Deacon because there was mention earlier in the week that Quinn and Deacon were on the outs. Quinn made the remark that Deacon was in Europe visiting Hope. I’m fairly sure Brooke will either go to Europe or hook up with him there or when he returns he will find Brooke in the bottom of a Vodka bottle.


February is sweeps month so I am fairly certain that things will only heat up more on each show, but it should be interesting how some of the story lines play out. Looking forward to seeing if Stitch and Abby can handle their new lives with Max in the picture. Will Nikki and Neil end up in bed? Will Noah ever have a happy ending with Marissa? Is Phyllis going to be able to bring Victor Newman down?

Will Deacon be Brooke’s shining light at the end of the dark tunnel of life? Is Katie going to be able to hand onto Bill? Is Liam going to make a life with Quinn because he doesn’t know any better or will this turn into a Liam really knows what is going on and is playing Quinn? Wouldn’t that be an interesting twist?? I would like to see Hope or Ivy make a trip back to LA, but not sure if that is going to happen.

It has been great catching up with you all this week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this weather. Remember that you need to keep you TV tuned to WDBJ7 for all your soap and weather needs. Oh and don’t forget you can also catch up on CBS All Access and you should download our First Alert Weather App.

See ya’ in a couple of weeks!

January 11, 2016

Young & Restless

So many things are happening in Genoa City right now that it is almost impossible to keep up, but I will do my best to get you all updated.

Billy and Victoria had split up because of his lies and now he is in the hospital fighting for his life after being beat up by his bookie and then being backed over by Noah. Yes, Noah! Noah of course had no idea that he had backed over Billy until Marissa came to him with the news. How did Marissa know it was Noah? She went chasing after him when he left Abby’s wedding and saw him pulling out of the parking spot where she saw Billy laying and fighting for his life.

Of course, Marissa has now lied to the police about what she knows to save Noah, but I do believe this will come back to bite both of them in the butt because Paul and Dylan are beginning to see that it could have been an accident. Maybe the driver of the car didn’t even know Billy was behind the car, but like Paul mentioned you would think the driver would have figured something out by now. I think Marissa changing the tires out on Noah’s car was a big mistake and one that they will definitely regret once the news is out.

I was not the least bit shocked when Jill went off on the Abbotts at the hospital. She did have some good points, but I think that she could have handled it a bit better than she did. Sure they didn’t give him millions of dollars for his new business adventure and to pay off his bookie, but he did get his job back at Jabot. Maybe Victoria did tell him to move out and that they were over, but how many times has he said he was going to change? After all the things she brought up she went home to rest and Billy had surgery and went into cardiac arrest while on the table. Where was she then??

Abby and Stitch had a nice wedding, but the honeymoon phase is OVER! Now that Max is in Genoa City and his Mom is evidentially dead, Stitch is going to have a lot to deal with. Max doesn’t like Abby at all and has now disappeared on them. Where would he have went? Will he be able to separate Abby and Stitch? I’m thinking Abby will try to buy Max over to her side. After all, she was already bragging about the nice house, yard, etc. to him, but he said he didn’t want to go. Stitch is going to take Max’s side on most things because he hasn’t been with him in so long.

One of the girls here at the station and I were discussing this mystery doctor and who she truly is and we have decided that she is probably the woman that Nick was supposed to have thrown over the balcony years ago. Remember the storyline was brought up a couple of months ago, but no one ever knew about it? I think that she was supposed to have gotten injured and was in a wheel chair or something. Victor had paid the family off so Nick wouldn’t get in trouble. Now she is fine, physically, but I don’t think she is mentally fine at all. She has stolen Christian and made Sharon think that she actually gave birth to the baby. Sharon has to be stupid to not realize that she did not give birth. SERIOUSLY!!!