Young & Restless

It is about to get really interesting in Genoa City. I’m kind of stoked to see how all these storylines are going to turn out. Who will stay and who will go? That being said, let’s get started with this week’s breakdown.

I am so happy the real Jack is back in Genoa City. I can’t wait until he brings the fake Jack down. Once he and his new found friend figure out exactly what the fake Jack is up too things are going to begin to move quickly. All of Jack’s family is beginning to suspect something is up and they are right, but will the real Jack be able to save his family from the fake Jack.

Will Marco end up taking Adam out since Adam knows that Marco is not Jack? I’m worried that Adam is going to be injured or even worse with this storyline. Maybe Adam will end up in the hospital and need some type of transfusion or transplant and then the truth of his identity will come out. I’m sure Jack would not let anything happen to Adam if he could help it. I just hope that Phyllis doesn’t end up a casualty in this mess. However this ends, it is going to be a bumpy ride so we all need to buckle up.

I can’t believe that Lilly slept with Joe! Wait, yes I can. She needed a storyline that shows her in a different light. Lilly has always played the good girl and for once they are actually making her out to be an adult with real feelings and emotions. She thought Cain slept with Lauren and she was going to get even with him one way or another. Sleeping with Joe was her way of easing her pain. Now she needs to figure out how to deal with all the guilt she is feeling. Cain will find out his wife and his friend slept together. Cain will see Lilly is not what he has seen for all these years. She is able to make mistakes and lie. WOW who would have thought that?

Lauren has finally signed the divorce papers, but she didn’t want to. I think she is beginning to have some feelings for Cain. Especially when she was talking to Paul at the GCAC and she told him she wasn’t having to work through the pain alone. She wants Cain, but will she get him? Sure she will! Cain is going to end up with Lauren after he finds out about Lilly and Joe.

Who in the world took Avery? I don’t think it was Joe, but who would want to hurt her? The masked person was not built like a female, so I’m assuming it was not Sharon. Besides I don’t think Sharon would go after Avery. Sharon is doing her best to keep Dylan away from Avery and taking her would only make Dylan want to be there for Avery. Try to find her, etc. Oh well, this is probably her way out of the show. I think Avery has already shot her last scene. I hate to see her go, but I’m sure she will be back at some point.

Victor seems to be worried about himself and his family since Marco has been throwing around the death threats. Glad to see that Marco let Victor know he doesn’t want to harm his family, just him, but I’m sure Victor is still going to be watching Marco’s every move.

Bold & Beautiful

Ivy is NOT going to be able to lie to Liam for much longer. She has too much integrity to keep living with Liam when she knows he wants to be with Steffy. I, for one, do not understand what Liam sees in Steffy, but they were good together when they were together. I kind of want Ivy to go along with what Quinn advises her and just stay quiet about not needing to be married. She is better for Liam than Steffy.

Besides Wyatt needs to be with Steffy. Those two would be good together. They are both adventurous, free willed & they have both been hurt deeply by the loss of a child. Granted Liam and Hope were also hurt, but Steffy knows what if felt like to walk away from Liam and Wyatt knows what it felt like to have Hope walk away from him. So, the two of them should be able to help the other heal. Wouldn’t ya’ think?

I knew that Myah would be back at Forrester Creations, but I did not see Ridge allowing Rick to come back. That kind of threw me, but then again, Myah did help in making Ridge bring Rick back. I’m just glad that Rick’s reign of power at Forrester is no longer. Ridge needs to put Rick in the mail room! Let him start at the bottom of the barrel. Caroline didn’t look too happy about Rick coming back, but she knows that Myah is needed.

Myah does love Rick and as we all have seen over the last few months is very loyal to Rick. Maybe now that Ridge has seen her loyalty to Rick he will learn a few things and be loyal to Caroline. Yea, right! Like that is going to happen. I’m actually surprised that Ridge has been as loyal to Caroline as he has for the last few months.


Looks like instead of getting answers to some of the past storylines we will just be adding more questions in to the newer ones. I still want to know who murdered Austin and Courtney. Will Marco stay as Jack or will he be found out? Who is after Avery and why? Will Cain and Lilly’s marriage be OK after her infidelity? Are they going to write Michael completely out of the show? Will Ivy keep this secret to herself? Just so many story’s going on at once and it is hard to keep up. I know, we just have to keep our channels tuned to WDBJ7 every day to see what is happening in these two towns filled with all this drama. Doesn’t watching these two soaps make you think how great your own life actually is? Yes, it does for me.

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June 19, 2015

Bold & Beautiful

I have got to admit that I was a bit upset this afternoon after watching Thursday's episode of B&B! I can’t believe that Steffy may win again when it comes to Liam! YES! I said Steffy! I can’t stand her and Liam together and so hope that Liam starts thinking with this head instead of the jealousy he feels because Wyatt kissed Steffy. Ivy deserves to be with Liam and Liam deserves someone who doesn’t just up and run at the drop of a hat. Sure Liam and Steffy have a past, but like Wyatt said to Bill…it is a PAST! Get over it and move on with Ivy. For goodness sakes Liam was built for saving women and Ivy needs saving.

I do feel that Liam will do his best to not hurt Ivy, but will it be enough? Will Liam be able to walk away from a woman in need? Will Steffy turn to Wyatt in this time of doubt with Liam? Maybe the writers should put Wyatt and Ivy together. They have both been on the receiving end of Liam and his crazy ways.

Who else thinks that Steffy is just faking her congratulations to her dad and Caroline? I think Steffy is still upset about the two of them and she will end up doing something to come between them. After all she is Stephanie’s granddaughter and has a lot of Stephanie’s traits.

Young & Restless

I am sad to see Avery leaving the show soon. I saw online somewhere that she taped her last appearance earlier this week. I certainly hope they don’t kill her character off, but with the storm happening in Genoa City this week they probably will. I was telling my supervisor during lunch today something bad is going to happen because there is a storm. Usually someone dies, runs off the road, gets beat up or something. I think this will be her last few episodes.

Looks like the real Jack is still alive and well, but on some island somewhere. How in the world is he going to find his way back home and will he be bringing Marco’s ex-lover with him? I see this getting very interesting. The real Jack is going to make it back to Genoa City, but he is going to fall in love with the new girl and Phyllis is not going to like it one bit. Jack is going to wonder how Phyllis didn’t realize that Marco was not Jack. I have been wondering this myself. How does she NOT know that she is with a fake Jack? Will Marco win his old flame back from the real Jack?

Wonder which person is going to end up shot this time around? Will it be the fake Jack or Victor? I’m thinking maybe the fake Jack. If the fake Jack ends up shot maybe it will be a way to get this storyline under control. The fake Jack will need a blood transfusion or something and no one in his family will be a match. TA DA he isn’t even Jack. You have all been fooled by Victor Newman once again!