Bold & Beautiful

Steffy is not having any luck when it comes to Ivy! Ivy got the restraining order on Steffy and what happens? Ivy falls down the stairs in Steffy’s presence and Liam sees it! Go figure! Then Liam tells Steffy they are “done,” but now he regrets it and is frantically trying to get a hold of her via phone because he accidently found himself in Australia with Ivy. How did Ivy not know that something was wrong when Liam went missing on the plane? Was he not gone long enough to be missed? I would think that if he just went to get her a wet towel/water that it should only take a minute, but he was gone long enough for the plane to get up in the air so he had to make the trip with Ivy.

Wyatt, on the other hand, seems to always end up with Liam’s seconds. First it was Hope, then Ivy and now Steffy. This is what I think is going to happen; Wyatt is going to get Steffy to cheat on Liam and then when Liam comes home to Steffy she is going to feel bad and try to forget what she has done with Wyatt. Then in a couple of weeks she will magically be pregnant and it will turn out to be Wyatt’s. I know….I should be writing for the soap opera instead of just doing this blog. But hey, it is what it is.

Nicole is going to have a run for her money because her friend/sister, Sasha is after Zende. I do believe Sasha is going to do whatever she can to get him to look her way so she can become a Forrester and leave pregnant Nicole on the side of the road. I can’t believe they already have Nicole showing a baby bump. I thought she just got pregnant right before Christmas??

Brooke is heading down the bad road again, and I am hoping Bill doesn’t hurt Katie again by falling for her tricks. I think she should have just went with Deacon and been done with it all, but no, she had to let Deacon marry Quinn. Now she is all alone and feeling like she needs her bottle of Vodka to keep her company.


Will Billy survive? Will Noah come clean and tell the truth? If so, will the fact that he is a Newman make Christine go after him with both gloves off? Is Sage ever going to figure out that Sully is really Christian? I am kind of thinking Nick is going to end up listening to the crazy doctor and putting Sage in the psychiatrist ward of the local hospital. Is Abby going to lose her husband to his son or will Stitch find out the truth about Ashley and go to her side? Either way it doesn’t look good for Abby.

The storylines on B&B are all about the same from one year to the next, so we can almost tell what is happening there, but I would like to see Ivy back with Wyatt. They are good together, but Ivy needs to get over Liam. I hope Brooke doesn’t come between Bill and Katie, but then again there aren’t too many more men in LA she can go to. Maybe she can go back to Eric Sr. and have a new life with him?

I guess we will just have to stay tuned to our Hometown station, WDBJ7 for all our drama needs. See ya’ again in two weeks, but until then stay warm and have a great time living life.

Dec. 18, 2015

I’m not even sure how Sage can be so close to Christian and not realize he is hers or is she beginning to feel something when she holds him?

I kind of think she is beginning to feel something when she looks into his eyes and when she hears him crying. I can see Nick’s brain doing flip flops when he is around Christian, too. Which one will figure it out first? I can only imagine how Sharon is going to react when she finds out Christian is not her son. I just hope Dylan will be able bounce back from all he is about to endure. Not only did Chelsea lie to Dylan about her son being his and getting Dylan to marry her based on that lie, but Sharon lost their baby and never told Dylan. How do you think Dylan is going to ever get past all he is about to find out? I’m hoping the writers don’t drag this out until next Christmas….

Lilly and Cain need to get back together and be done with all this mess. Lilly knows Joe is bad news. If she didn’t before he held her captive in the cabin, she does now! Will Cain be able to forgive Lilly for sleeping with Joe? I don’t see why not! After all, she has forgiven Cain for so much in the past. I’m glad Devon is now aware that Cain could have never done what he has been accused of and that he is in on trying to bring Joe down.

Will Abby go back to Stitch or will her mom end up with the love of her (Abby) life? I am leaning towards Stitch ending up with Ashley, but then again I could be wrong. I was actually thinking when she was laying in the snow and then she saw her dad she was actually dead, but I guess she wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she isn’t because I see her storyline getting pretty interesting in the next few weeks.

Marissa needs to realize that she loves Noah and wants to be with him because in the end that is what is going to happen. Sure she wants to make sure that Lucca doesn’t do anything to keep her daughter from her any longer, but I’m sure Noah would be able to do more for her to get her daughter back than the drug dealer Lucca. Wouldn’t you agree?

Bold & Beautiful:

What in the world is going on with Steffy? It seems when she gets in close proximity to any of her cousins (female) they end up dead or fighting for their life.

I was sure Ivy was going to be gone, but thank goodness she survived the electric shock. I think she was right to get a restraining order on Steffy, but it doesn’t look like it is helping her much. Steffy just can’t seem to stay away. Now Liam is going to try to “talk” to Ivy and get her to see that Steffy isn’t to blame….right! I never thought that Steffy could really be dangerous, but it seems she is and that Ivy should be watching her back. I can almost see the storyline going like this….Steffy has hurt Ivy and now Liam is going to try to fix things. Will Ivy end up with Liam in the end or will she keep Wyatt? I’m betting that Liam ends up with Ivy and Wyatt ends up with Steffy -- just my opinion.

Wonder what is getting ready to happen between Nicole and her man? He seems to be ok with her pregnancy one day and then the next he is not so ok with things. I’m sure it isn’t easy on him and I’m also thinking her friend, Sasha is going to be the one to help Zende get past his unhappiness over Nicole’s pregnancy.

Talking about Sasha….what does she have on Julius? Did the two of them have some type of affair or does she know something that no one else does? Either way Julius doesn’t want the news to come out and is willing to do what he needs to keep it quiet.


Will Victoria be finding Billy laid out on the side of the street this Christmas like she did in the past or will she move on past him and his addictive habits? Is Nick going to have a happy new year with Sage or is she just going to be playing him while trying to get with Adam? Are Lilly and Cain ever going to find their way back to each other? Is Zende going to be able to get past Nicole’s pregnancy or will he turn to Sasha for comfort? Is Steffy truly scaring Ivy or is this Ivy’s way of getting back at Steffy for the loss of her cousin, Ally?

I guess we just have to keep watching our Hometown station WDBJ7 from 12:30p-2p to find out what is going to take place. I, for one, am excited to see what happens in LA and Genoa City in the coming months. I hope you all have a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year. See you all in 2016!


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