Of course, Quinn should have not been there at all. Had Wyatt done as Hope and Liam had asked several times and gotten the restraining order, this may not have happened. Will Hope leave Wyatt for Liam since there is no baby? Will Liam even take Hope back since he has supposedly fallen in love with Ivy?

Will Wyatt realize that his Mom is a crazy woman and should never be around people? I hope that Hope and Liam do end up together, but don’t want Wyatt hurt either.

Bill and Katie seem to be getting closer these days. I like the two of them together and kind of wish she would untie that engagement ribbon and move on with Bill. After all Ridge has a ton of money and still has not bought Katie a ring. He even has Wyatt and Ivy working at Forrester Creations and has not asked one of them to make her a special ring. What is up with that? How long with Katie wear that ribbon?

Maybe he will buy her a beaded ring for the wedding band when/if they get married.

Wonder what next week holds for all the families of the two best soaps on TV? Should begin to wrap up some of the plots and bring in some new ones. Will Chelsea see Adam in Gabriel’s eyes? Will Adam see Connor and loose it? Will Stitch and Victoria become a happy family? Will Hope leave town with Liam to regroup (come back as another Hope)? What will happen with Deacon? Will he leave with Hope or stay with Quinn? I guess we have to be patient and watch again next week on WDBJ7.

December 5, 2014

I have to get something about Y&R off of my chest this week. Why would the writers devote an entire episode to Nick and his past life? That was the worst hour of Y&R that I can remember watching for a long time. Whew! Now that I have gotten that off of my chest we can move on.

Who, besides me, thinks that Sage is going to come to Genoa City and become the new love interest for Nick? I saw that coming the minute the dog (Gabriel/Adam’s) came into the cabin that Nick was staying in during his drinking spell.

I am still trying to figure out the Gabriel/Adam storyline. Was Gabriel the one who was helping Adam out of the car, and then Gabriel actually dies, and Adam figures out who he is in real life and takes over his identity? If so, how does Sage fit into all of it? How does she know that Adam is Adam and not Gabriel? If Adam was burned up so badly no one could tell his identity, then how does Sage know Adam is Adam and not Gabriel?

Stitch is NOT the baby’s daddy! I started thinking he could have been, but from the DNA test, he isn’t. Of course, this is a soap and DNA tests have been known to have been messed with, but I’m kind of leaning towards the idea this one is true. Billy is Katherine’s daddy. Katherine is such a beautiful name for the baby as well.

Victoria looked as if she was a bit shocked when the results were given, and Stitch could not get out of that room fast enough. Poor Stitch! He is so in love with Victoria and wanted that baby to be his so he could have a new start in life, but as usual he did not get what he wanted. I hope that Maureen is found and she has to do time for the murder of her husband; maybe then Stitch will be able to at least see his son again.

I fear that Michael waiting until after the holiday’s to do anything about his cancer is not going to turn out for the best for him or his family. He needs to fill Lauren in on the diagnosis so she can help him get through this and hopefully become a cancer survivor.

Mariah sure is becoming a better person in some ways, but I do think she is going to attempt to put some type of moves on Austin. She has made it clear to Austin that Kyle is coming back to town and that Summer HAD a relationship with Kyle before she thought she was Jack’s daughter. Mariah is trying to put doubt in Austin’s head so she can move in for the kill. I honestly do not think she will get far with Austin, but then again she is Sharon’s daughter.

Phyllis is back to her old self and moving on with her plans for the wedding of the year to Jack, with the help of Kelly! Jack is doing his best to derail that train, but I do believe the train is on a track to a bad part of town and Phyllis is the conductor. Wasn’t it great when Phyllis told Sharon she was fired? Loved it!

Hillary did not look too happy about having to fake a lunch with Devon and the “new” girl, but if she will not let Neil in on the secret then she needs to get over it. Devon is just trying to keep the lie under wraps until Hillary is ready to be truthful. I am still kind of hoping Hillary winds up pregnant, but not sure if that is going to come about. There would be no way Hillary would be able to hide the fact that she and Neil were NOT having sex when she got pregnant and then she would have to explain the baby somehow. Lilly would have a field day with all the information, if she knew what that information really is. She is already having serious doubts about Devon and his “new” girlfriend after the lunch at the club.
Moving onto to Hope and her pregnancy; didn’t she just find out she is pregnant? She sure is beginning to have a baby bump and they gave her a baby shower already too. Maybe the writers are trying to move the storyline along since she is leaving the show. I still have not heard if they are going to recast her role or if it will end somehow.

Quinn just can’t seem to stay away from Hope, and now Wyatt has finally taken the steps to ensure his wife and his unborn child’s safety with this restraining order. Wyatt should have taken this step earlier. Sometimes it seems that Liam is more caring for Hope and the baby than Wyatt is. I was kind of hoping Liam and Hope would just run away together, but don’t see that happening either.

Glad to see Ivy and Liam are moving along with their relationship, since Liam doesn’t seem to have one with Hope. Ivy seems to be good for Liam. She makes him happy, and she sure does seem like she is truly in love with him. It is good for him to finally have that in his life. No doubt at all in his mind of her feelings towards him.

Guessing 2014 is going to end as dramatically as it began with all the storylines going on in LA and Genoa City. Hoping all the families can find a way to get along for a minute or two during the holiday season. I’m sure there will be some kind of drama when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve and I can hardly wait to see what that drama is. Meet you all back here next week to see what the happenings are in both towns. Enjoy your weekend, and keep watching your favorite soaps right here on your Hometown station WDBJ7.

November 21, 2014

Billy & Stitch came to Victoria’s rescue this week and delivered a beautiful baby girl in the Jabot parking garage. It seems like Billy & Stitch bonded a little while delivering the baby and are now able to be in the same room with each other without fighting over Victoria. Victoria is doing the right thing by getting the DNA test done so everyone can move on with their lives. My boss is hoping that the baby belongs to Stitch, but at first I was hoping Billy. After thinking about it, I kind of hope she belongs to Stitch. Billy needs to move on with Chelsea and Victoria needs to move on with Stitch. Too much damage has been done to all involved to turn back now.

Maureen has escaped from the hospital! Who, besides me, saw that coming? I’m sure they will find her because Victor will call on all of his people to hunt her down. Nikki is going to be glad she is gone because her secret will be safe for now.

Jack is going to have to come clean with Phyllis soon! Phyllis is doing all she can to make Jack sweat, but he still has not come 100% clean with her. He should have just told Phyllis about Kelly when he asked Phyllis to marry him, but no, they just went upstairs to bed. Of course, Phyllis began 100 questions after that and he still didn’t fill her in on all the truth.

Kelly on the other hand is so excited to have Jack back in her life that she doesn’t even see he is not “with her." Jack has always been with Phyllis! Even when he wasn’t with Phyllis the two of them have always had a real bond. Does Kelly not even pay attention to what Jack replies to her when she tells him she loves him? He says nothing back.

Colin got what he wanted out of Devon, but will he be able to make Jill believe where the $2 million came from? Jill needs to get rid of that man. He is such a loser and a liar. I kind of figured that Devon would pay him off, but I was hoping that he wouldn’t. I wanted to see Devon tell Neil so that Colin would have nothing to hold over his head.

Grace is doing what she does best when it comes to Nick. At least this time she got some of what she was anticipating. Nick even said he was going to have to stop getting into relationships so quickly. Does this mean Nick and Grace will be an item? I hope not! I don’t like her and have never really liked her. She is more of a money grubber than Sharon was in the beginning. She needs to go back to LA and play Donna on Bold & Beautiful.