This new Adam is very handsome. I’m sure he is going to be turning some heads once he makes his way to Genoa City. Will he go straight after Chelsea? How is he going to get to her? Will Sage be coming to Genoa City with him? This is going to be one interesting plot to follow.

Dylan does not like Avery’s ex being in town and now that he knows the two of them have shared a kiss he is even less happy about it. I don’t see Avery going back to her ex, but she should have been honest with Dylan when the kiss happened.

Let’s move to B&B and all that they have going on. Myah has got to go. I know right now she is a large part of the storyline, but maybe they should think of recasting her role. She needs to go back to doing the Abreva commercials. I do not like how she is playing this part at all. Sure she is supposed to be Rick’s new main squeeze, but seriously, she is NOT Forrester material. Never will be!

Katie knew exactly what she was doing by filling Bill in on what had transpired between Caroline and Ridge. She knew by telling him she would be able to send him off into a tailspin for Ridge. Looks to me like she wants Bill back; maybe she is tired of wearing that ribbon of a ring on her finger. Good for you, Katie! Stand up for what you want, even if it is a cheating with your sister kind of husband. After all, Brooke did leave LA so Katie could try to win Bill back.

Hope on the other hand only wants Liam, but she has lost him to Ivy. Liam has told Ivy he loves her and has even begun wearing the necklace she made special for him. Good for Liam! Looks like Liam has stopped being Hope’s door mat and has begun to live life on his own terms. I like Liam and Ivy together and they both seem happy. By now I’m sure you all know Hope (as we know her) is leaving B&B, but are they going to recast her? I haven’t seen an answer about that yet, so if any of you know, please share.

That’s it for this week. Next week looks to be interesting. I hope the DNA comes back on baby girl Newman before Thanksgiving. Maybe Neil will find out about his wife and son on Thanksgiving. Will Michael or Kevin let Lauren in on his cancer news next week or keep her in the dark a bit longer? Will Caroline and Ridge become a couple since it seems as if Rick and Katie are done with them? Does Hope stay with Wyatt or will she miss Liam so bad that she has to leave town (like Brooke has done on occasion)?

Guess we all have to wait and see! Keep up with all the drama of our favorite soaps right here on WDBJ7. I will not be posting next week due to the holiday, but I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

November 14, 2014

We thought last week was a roller coaster ride! This week has been even crazier than the last. Both soaps are really bringing it with all the drama that they are dishing up lately. Not sure where to begin, but we have to begin somewhere, so why not begin with my new favorite “villain” Phyllis!

Phyllis is so great right now! She is playing this wedding to the hilt. Let’s get Kelly to help with the event planning. Let’s invite all of our friends, family and random people. I love it! She is getting Jack right where she wants him and she wants him away from Kelly. Jack is feeling so guilty right now that he can’t even seem to think straight. He went home to tell Phyllis about Kelly and ends up practically married.

What a hoot!

Summer is beginning to remind me of a younger Phyllis. With all the anger that she has toward Sharon right now I would not want to get in her way. I can’t wait for her to actually lay into Sharon. Mariah needs to realize that Summer is not going to allow her to disrespect Phyllis in any way. Austin needs to remember that he is married to Summer and that she does NOT like Mariah and will NOT tolerate him taking her side about anything. I think that Summer and Mariah could turn into Diane and Phyllis.

Wouldn’t that be a great storyline?

I was glad to see Nick go to Avery and ask for her help with getting custody of Faith. He needs to get Faith away from Sharon. Sharon can’t seem to take care of herself anymore. Faith will grow up to be just like Sharon if Nick doesn’t do something about it now. Let Mariah stay with Sharon and live a happy life alone. I hope Nick stays away from her this time around. Who knows what will happen between the two of them? If Summer has anything to do with it they will not be together.

Kevin now knows the truth about Michael, but will he be able to keep that secret? I think Michael needs to tell Lauren. Let her be there to help support him during this time. Kevin is right in wanting to tell her, but for his brother, he will keep quiet. For now.....

What in the world was Maureen thinking when she locked Victoria in that room at the Jabot garage? Did she really think that no one would miss her? Now Maureen has had a heart attack and can’t tell Stitch what she has done. Will this turn out horrible for Victoria? Will she lose the baby? Will Billy find her in time? I’m thinking that Billy will be the one to find Victoria and will end up delivering the baby. Still not sure who the daddy will be, but leaning toward Billy.

Who in the world is the woman with Adam? NO I’m not talking about Sage. I’m wondering if the old lady is his Mom back from the dead and no longer blind or is she Adam’s Grandma on Hope’s side? I was actually talking to one of my coworkers from Master Control and she seems to think the older lady is Adam’s grandmother from Hope’s side. Guess we will see soon enough. I’m leaning toward the grandmother storyline.

Nikki almost got caught drinking when Victoria came in, but go figure, she didn’t. I still can’t believe that her own family can’t tell that she is a lush again. What do they see when they look at her? Can they not tell that she is drunk? Do they not realize that she is not on her best game? You would think that one of the many friends/family would be able to tell she was nipping on the bottle again.

Hope has certainly been bit by the JEALOUSY bug! I think it is funny. I do wonder if they are going to recast her or if they are going to find a way to right her out of the show. I hope they recast her with someone who isn’t so whiny. Ivy on the other hand isn’t taking anything from Hope. She is holding her own.

Wyatt is about to get himself in a ton of trouble with Hope. She heard him preparing a romantic boat ride, but she is also going to find out that the boat ride was not for them. Doubt that she is going to be happy when she finds out that Wyatt has set Liam and Ivy up for a romantic evening.

Quinn is seriously deranged and needs some help. If she thinks that Hope is ever going to come around to her way of thinking, she is mistaken. Hope hates Quinn and I doubt that will change. I just do not see what Deacon sees in her. Other than a bed partner and a free place to stay since Brooke is out of the picture.

Looks like Eric is beginning to realize that Stephanie may not be out of that house after all. Did you see the picture fall off of the wall? Freaky! To say the least. I don’t like Taylor with Eric. Actually, I don’t like Taylor with anyone. She needs to go back to Paris.

Next week we should get to see Adam’s new person and maybe find out who the older woman is. Hope that Victoria and the baby make it out of the garage safely. Maybe Hope and Liam will finally finish their storyline by not being together any more once he makes his move on Ivy. Will Devon and Hillary finally let their secret out? Guess we all have to wait until next week and see what happens.

Keep watching WDBJ7 for all your daily drama needs. See you next week and please try to stay warm during this cold front we have moving in.

November 7, 2014