Lilly needs to learn to keep her mouth shut. She has told Devon and Neil that she thinks Hillary is pregnant, but Hillary says no. I’m thinking that she is and just doesn’t realize it yet. Come on! She has to be! How else are they going to keep this story going? They can’t just have Devon and Hillary sleeping around all the time and nothing come from it. My opinion is that the writers need to move on with it and put Hillary and Devon together for good. So what if Neil gets hurt? He slept with his brother’s wife and got her pregnant -- or has everyone forgotten that Neil is not Mr. Nice Guy?

Dylan is in for a big surprise concerning the coffee shop. Yes, I do believe that Joe is the one who is making sure that Dylan loses his coffee shop and possibly Avery. I doubt Dylan will lose Avery, but I’m sure Joe will make a move on her.

Who in the heck is the woman from the church when Chelsea said goodbye to Adam? Is she someone that Adam has hired to watch over Chelsea? Chelsea is not too happy about receiving the hanky back that belonged to Adam and for it to happen on Halloween that is freaky!

Stitch needs to tell Victoria that his Mom is the one who actually killed his Father so he can move on with her and live a happy life. Who knows, maybe if the truth comes out his ex will find a way to come to town and bring his son. Maybe Stitch and his ex will get back together and then Billy will come back to Victoria.

Michael can’t go thru this possible cancer storyline without some type of support. He needs to let Kevin know what is going on and then maybe Kevin will be able to help him, but the way he is handling the situation, Kevin is thinking that Michael is having an affair. This will only lead to heartbreak for someone.

Blown away with Myah and all that she thinks she is! That is how I feel right now! I know I have said it before and I will say it again, I do not like Myah!! If it were me in the situation with Caroline, Myah and Rick; I would have slapped her silly in Brooke’s living room when she started talking all hateful to me in front of Rick! Who does she think she is? She thinks she is Rick’s new girl, but it won’t last long.

Once Eric lets Rick know that he has changed his mind and that he wants Rick to be CEO he will forgive Caroline. Then he will throw Ridge out on his butt or he may keep him on as a designer. Either way, Ridge is NOT CEO, which does make for a better day.

Katie needs to also do something about Ridge and his ego. Ridge acts as if nothing happened with Caroline, but hello, you kissed her and you still have not bought Katie a real ring. She has a ribbon on her finger. Sure, the ribbon was cute for the first month, but it isn’t like you are broke. Buy her a ring or cut the ribbon loose and let her go so she can pursue Bill and a possible future with him.

Loving the interaction that Liam and Ivy have been having. Hoping that they hook up and make a life with each other since Hope is no longer in the picture. When Hope first became pregnant there was a story in my head that possibly Quinn would do something and Hope would lose the baby and end up with Liam, but I don’t see that happening. So, let Liam be happy with Ivy!

That is about it for this week, but I hope to see all of you back here next week for another few paragraphs about the fantasy lives of the soaps. Keep watching them on WDBJ7.

Have a safe and wonderful Halloween. Watch out for the possible snow coming our way.

October 4, 2014

Where do I begin? So much has happened over the last two weeks on both soaps, but I will have to admit that Y&R has more story lines going on than one can shake a stick at. Guess that is as good a place to start as any.

Phyllis is sure making herself known around Genoa City again as the one to stay away from or as the one to keep close. You’ve heard the saying about keeping friends close, but enemies closer! I think Phyllis fits that to a tee.

Glad to see she is awake and back home, but she certainly is making Jack and Summer’s life a bit crazy. Jack is so confused that he doesn’t know which way is up and Summer is scared to let her mom in on any news. I feel that Jack needs to let Phyllis know about Kelly and after seeing the looks that Phyllis was giving yesterday when she walked in on them, it may happen today. I would not want to be on the receiving end of Phyllis’ anger, would you?

Summer is trying to be a good daughter, but in the end will she end up ruining her marriage by trying to keep all this a secret or will Austin give Phyllis what she wants so she will accept him into their family? I say, give her what she wants and don’t worry about anything else. Phyllis is going to find out soon enough, so Austin might as well get something out of it, right?

I do not like where the writers are taking Michael’s story line. Cancer! Will he tell Lauren or will he keep it a secret? I think he will end up telling Avery and NOT Lauren! Seems as if the writers want to use Avery/Michael together for some reason, why else would they have put them in the same law office together?

Whose baby is Chloe’ carrying? Did she somehow get pregnant by Billy before leaving town or did she have an affair with her doctor or another patient while in California? This will be interesting and I’m sure the writers are not going to let that story lie quiet for too long. I’m betting that the baby is Billy’s.

Stitch and Ashley are good together, but is it that stinky new fragrance or does Stitch really like her? I think that fragrance has something to do with it. Kind of like an aphrodisiac or something. It wasn’t long after he was complaining of how bad it smelt that he was kissing her. Victoria sure does have a jealousy toward anyone that Stitch is kissing, but then again, he does seem to be caught kissing more than his fair share of women in Genoa City.

As for Hillary, Devon and Neil, I am so over their love triangle. Hillary should have left Neil when she was given the chance. All this sneaking around is crazy. Sure Neil is blind, but did he not smell Devon in the room? Could he not tell that someone else was there with him and Cane? I thought that when you lost one sense that the others got better, guess not in Neil’s case.

I agree with Lilly, I think Hillary is going to be pregnant and it is going to be Devon’s. We all heard Neil complaining that they had not had sex since before his injury, well; she had sex with someone because she is going to be pregnant. Explain that, Hillary!

Onto the lives of the Forresters! Bold & Beautiful is getting fairly good this time around. Sure there is a lot going on, but at least they are giving some of the characters that normally don’t have a back bone a back bone. Yes, I’m talking about Hope!

I love that she is standing her ground with Quinn. Who in their right mind would want their child subjected to a person like Quinn? Looks like Wyatt is also standing beside his wife’s wishes. Is that because he fears she will leave him if he doesn’t or is it because he knows his mom is a crazy woman? I’m thinking a little of both. Will Deacon be able to walk away from Quinn? If he knows what is best for his relationship with Hope he will or he won’t have one with her AGAIN!

Love that Liam is moving on with Ivy, but still wish he was with Hope. I actually thought that there would still be a chance for the two of them, but not sure if that boat is going to float. Are they going to let Liam and Ivy become an item and then send Hope to Liam again or will this be the end for them? I do think Liam and Ivy are cute together, but not sure if she is the woman for him.

Caroline is falling for Ridge and I do not think that just because Ridge is able to design again that they will not be together. For some reason it seems that Ridge is not truly committed to Katie and that he doesn’t really want Brooke, but he is infatuated with Caroline. Could the bond between Ridge and Caroline be enough to blow the Forrester family apart or will they both be able to refrain from one another and move forward?