April 24, 2015

WOW! Can things in Genoa City get any more crazy? Seriously what are the writers thinking? It seems to me like they are just taking stories from years ago and revamping them with different characters or even the same characters.

Neil is not going to be serving time for the death of Christine’s baby because his soon to be ex-wife slept with the assistant district attorney and now that guy is scared he will be found out so he offers Neil a deal. Hillary thinks she did some great thing by keeping Neil out of jail, but it was for her own benefit that she slept with the ADA. Hillary was worried she would lose half of her divorce settlement if Neil went to jail. Does she actually think that by helping Neil stay out of jail that she will have a chance with Devon? I think it is in her plan to use this to get him back. I certainly hope Devon sees past her evil ways and leaves Hillary alone.

This whole double Jack mess is just that a big mess. Seriously how can Phyllis think that Jack is Jack when he is doing so many crazy things? Merging Jabot with Newman would not have happened if the real Jack was there. Billy getting fired would not have happened. Phyllis smelling alcohol on Jack would not have happened. Not to mention Ashley noticing all the things that the fake Jack is doing. Billy even sees that something is not right and he never pays attention.

The real Jack is being held hostage by crazy Kelly. Does this sound anything like a Sheila or Diane storyline? Yes, it does! Wouldn’t it be great if Kelly really is Diane? That would be some craziness right there. I’m sure Kyle and Jack would surprised if that were the case. Imagine Phyllis’ response if Kelly were actually Diane. I would love to see that happen.

Billy not paying attention is about to end his relationship with Chelsea. How could he not see that something had happened between Gabriel and Chelsea when he saw them coming out of his apartment? Could he not tell there was tension there? Sure there usually is some kind of tension between the two of them, but even I could see it when she was coming out of his place. Then for Gabriel to just vanish and not be heard from. Red flags should be going up all over the place, but not for Billy. He just can’t see what is going on right in front of him.

Talking about being in the dark and not seeing things right in front of you. Glad to see Victoria finally got away from Stitch. That relationship was never going to go anywhere. If Abby can pull Stitch away from Victoria then there was never really anything there to begin with. Stitch is just out for what he can get and right now he wants Abby. Why not? He has had her sister and her mother.

Ashley is beginning to come into her own on the show. At least she is trying to save Jabot from Victor while Jack just lets Victor have his way with the business that John worked so hard to build. John would never have allowed this merge to take place, but then again neither would the real Jack. I don’t see Victoria and Ashely working too well together at all. Ashley is not going to like taking orders from Victoria and I’m sure that Victoria is going to be dishing them out to everyone. Especially now that she knows Abby has slept with Stitch.

Lilly needs to pay a bit more attention to Cain and the relationship that Cain is beginning to have with Lauren. Cain is the type of man who wants to be the person taking care of everything and right now Lauren is needing a man to take care of her. Michael is away playing lawyer with Sharon leaving Lauren lonely and in need of a man. Cain is just the man for the job.

The more I think about Sharon killing Austin the more I think she did it. There are just too many things pointing to her guilt and she has no idea how or why these things happened to her. As usual she is roaming the neighborhood in a fog. Dylan and Michael need to move on and let whatever happens happen because they will not be able to help her.

Although Genoa City has a lot going on there are a few good things happening in Los Angeles as well. Wyatt may be onto something with Nicole. He has her on the plane talking about how he may be feeling something for her, but wants to make sure that neither of them have any secrets between them. Yea, right! Like you don’t have a big secret right now! You are only after Nicole to find out the truth about Myah and Rick. What Wyatt and the rest of them don’t know is that Rick doesn’t even know what the secret is! Rick has no idea there even is one.

Liam is so set on finding out what Rick is hiding that they are looking in the wrong places. Rick’s computer holds no evidence of the secret because Rick isn’t hiding anything. It is Myah and Nicole. When Rick finds out there will be no Myah at Forrester or will there? I’m not sure that he would be able to forgive her, but then again he does seem to have lost his marbles lately. Maybe he won’t mind being in a transgender relationship.

Quinn and Deacon did it! They got married and even did it against Hope’s wishes. That says a lot for Deacon and how he truly feels for Quinn. Or does it? Maybe Deacon figured he would marry Quinn because he needed a place to live and money in his pocket, but felt that he would never get that from Brooke, so he went on with the wedding. I don’t see Hope ever accepting this marriage. Of course I can’t say much as I would blame her for not wanting it.

Guess next week we will see more of what the Abbott’s and Newman’s have in store for us and each other, but will Genoa City survive all this drama? Not to mention all the double identity’s going on. With Jack being two people and Gabriel being Adam it can get crazy.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and keep watching WDBJ7. See you next week.

April 17, 2015

Did Chelsea just really go to Adam/Gabriel for some kind of payback because she saw Billy kissing Victoria? Yes, she did! Wonder if she will be able to tell that it is Adam or if she will feel something larger than life with him? I kind of hope that this is the end of the line for this storyline. The writers have drug this one out way too long. Chelsea belongs with Adam and Billy belongs with Victoria.

Now this whole Jack thing has sent me for a loop. Seriously has Victor managed to bring in someone who looks just like Jack? Guess that is why he needed finger prints. The fake Jack was in the computer room and Victor will go to the police with that information if Jack doesn’t return in 24 hours. Jack won’t be in Genoa City or even returning any calls, emails, etc., because Victor has made sure of it. Kelly has the real Jack and is beating on him while Phyllis is doing whatever with the fake Jack and doesn’t even realize it isn’t really Jack. That I do NOT understand, but I guess Phyllis just doesn’t know her man like she thinks she does. Wonder how long this will go on? Will Nikki go to the police with what she knows about the fingerprints?

This storyline about Michael and Lauren is beginning to irritate me. Michael has cancer, but he needs to let Lauren in and let her help him. No one should have to go through that alone and Michael is just pushing Lauren away. Lauren is trying so hard to spend time with Michael, but he is trying just as hard to push her into Cain’s arms. I see Cain and Lauren hooking up and when that happens look out because Lilly is going to blow!

Michael being Sharon’s lawyer leads me to think that she is innocent. Michael wouldn’t take her case if he thought that she killed someone. I don’t even think he would take her case to get away from Lauren. At least I would hope that he wouldn’t take it for that reason when he thinks she may be guilty. I was thinking that Dylan would volunteer to stay with Sharon, but Michael didn’t waste any time volunteering his time.

Looks to me like Avery will be guilt driven to go back to Joe, but will Joe accept her knowing that she is only coming to him because she feels guilty that he is paralyzed? Sure he will! I think Joe is happy (in a way) that he took that fall and now Avery has a guilty mind towards him. I don’t think Joe likes being paralyzed, but I’m sure he will ride it to the end. I bet he even pulls an old soap opera trick and hides the fact that he can walk after a few months. Just wait and see!

Moving onto Los Angeles and the drama of Forrester Creations….I don’t see too many people attending Quinn and Deacon’s wedding! What makes Quinn think that anyone would be there after all that she has done to everyone? I don’t see this wedding taking place at all. I have a feeling that the person that Brooke was talking to was Hope…..maybe Hope will come back to give Deacon an ultimatum. I’m not 100 percent sure that he would back out of the wedding because of Hope, but I do think if she asked him to not marry Quinn that he may think twice about it. Quinn on the other hand will be on the rampage if Deacon backs out. No one will be safe in LA!

Wyatt overhearing Myah/Myron and Nicole was just what Spencer needed to get this take over started. Once Wyatt finds out the truth Rick will have to step down. If Rick tries to stay CEO of Forrester Creations when he finds out that Myah was born Myron then Forrester Creations may fall to the wayside. Can you imagine the scandals? They will be worse than anything that Brooke ever brought to Forrester Creations.

Wonder if Ridge is going to stay with Caroline after he had that discussion with Brooke about age difference and feelings? My thought is that once Rick finds out about Myah/Myron that he will go to Caroline for a shoulder to cry on and she will leave Ridge. Of course, I have been wrong before about these plots and this may not be any different, but I see Caroline and Rick back together sooner rather than later.

That’s it for this week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Be sure to keep watching WDBJ7 for all the latest drama in your favorite towns. I know I am excited to see who the murderer is in Genoa City and if Quinn will go off on the entire Forrester Creations crew.