WOW! What in the world is going on in Genoa City? I have been pretty busy with work and really haven’t been able to watch each episode, but I think I have the gist of what is going on this week. Looks to me like the entire town is falling apart and I’m not too sure that everyone will be a winner at the end of these roads they are taking.

Sage seems to be a bit more on edge than normal. Which is understandable with the loss of Christian, but if I am right she is going to be even more over the edge as soon as she figures out Sully is really Christian! Didn’t this storyline get used a few years ago on Y&R or was it a different soap? I keep thinking that someone had a baby, but the baby was stolen and then the mom of the baby kept having dreams of the child and finally found the baby and was reunited. I couldn’t imagine going through something like this, but I do wonder how long the writers are going to let this storyline go on? Will Sage begin thinking Christian is hers or will she not even realize it? I hate to see Dylan go through the loss of Sully, but there is no way around it.

Billy and Phyllis have bitten off more than they can chew by going up against Victor Newman. Wouldn’t you agree? Victoria isn’t going to be able to forgive Billy for this, but then again I have said that before. I don’t see Jack being so accepting of what Billy has done, but I do see him understanding Phyllis’ side of things. When Victor was holding Phyllis hostage I was a bit worried he may just take her out then, but luckily he let her go.

I think I missed an important part of the Joe, Cain and Lilly saga, but I think that Lilly is in way over her head. Did she really sleep with Joe again to help Cain try to clear his name? Is Cain using Lilly to try to clear his name? I’m thinking Cain is going to get Lilly to do whatever he asks to assist him with what he needs and then he is going to move on. I honestly, if Lilly did sleep with Joe again, do not see Cain forgiving her. Of course I never saw Cain forgiving Lily for sleeping with Joe the first time. I do think that Cain should forgive Lilly since she has forgiven him for numerous things from his past.

Now that Marissa knows Victor is helping Lucca she should just pack up and run back to Noah because she is never going to find her daughter. Noah and Kevin would have a better chance of finding her, but she is going to mess up and lose the best man she has ever had by playing around with Lucca.

Bold & Beautiful

Ivy is one dumb girl! She knew that Steffy was not going to keep her mouth shut about what went down between her and Thomas, but instead of going to Wyatt and telling him the truth she backs out! What was Ivy thinking? Did she truly think that Steffy had changed over the past few weeks? All Ivy needed to do was tell the truth about kissing Thomas. I hope Wyatt forgives Ivy because I think she is truly sorry for going there with Thomas, but will Thomas back off and leave her be? Doubtful! He is Ridge’s son and thinks he can have any woman he wants. Since he can’t have Caroline at this moment he is moving onto the next best thing, Ivy.

Wonder if Liam is going to be so disappointed in what Steffy has done to Ivy that he actually goes to her rescue-again! Wouldn’t that send Steffy into a rampage? Especially since she is supposed to be getting married to Liam any day now.

Nicole getting pregnant on the first try seems a bit much, but for the storyline I guess it had to happen that way. I don’t see this baby making his/her way to Rick and Myah in the end. I see Nicole raising this baby, but I don’t see her doing it alone. I’m kind of thinking Nicole will end up with Rick because of the baby. Rick is going to feel an attachment to Nicole due to her being pregnant with his child. I could be wrong, but that is what I see happening.


We all know things get crazy around the holidays, but things are a lot crazier in Genoa City these days than in the past. Not sure who will come out of this mess with the least amount of damage, but it will be interesting to watch over the next few months. Will Sage have her happy ending with Nick and Christian? Will Sharon have to finally be held accountable for all the lies she has told Dylan? Is Lilly going to get her man back or end up with the one that wrecked her marriage? Is Hillary going to move on with the love of her life or will she still keep thinking Neil is her husband? What will happen with Ivy and her love triangle? Is there going to be a happy ending for Rick with this new baby?

I’m sure things won’t turn out the way any of us think they will, but I will keep my channel turned to WDBJ7 so I can try to keep up with all the drama in LA and Genoa City. I’m sure the holidays will be amazing for all the fantasy families and the decorations will be over the top, but I can’t wait to watch and see what takes place. Have a great weekend and see you again in a couple of weeks.

Nov. 20

Young & Restless

Well, I am glad that Hillary is awake, but what in the world is going to happen with her marriage to Devon? She has begun remembering being with Devon, but for some reason she is hanging onto her life that she had with Neil. Is this another game she is playing or does it have something to do with the medications that were given to her when she was in her coma and since she has come out of the coma? I am kind of wondering if she is playing with Devon this time around because she is remembering the video that Neil showed her of Devon with that woman at the bachelor party? Could this be Hillary’s way of getting Devon and Neil back for all that she thinks they have done?

If Neil doesn’t calm down he is going to tell on himself about the whole Hillary issue. Between the nurse and Dylan they are doing some serious digging into the doctor and who was behind giving Hillary all the drugs. I do think the nurse will help her sister though, if she finds out she was involved in all this mess.

Ian Ward and Patty are going to be doing some damage in Genoa City soon! The two of them hooking up was not a good idea for the people of Genoa City. Especially Phyllis! Of course Phyllis is trying to use herself as some kind of pawn to bring Ian in, but I’m not sure this is going to end well for Phyllis. Kind of worried that Phyllis may be biting off more than she can chew this time around.

Adam is really having a hard time convincing everyone that Ian was actually dead in Newman Towers. Now Victor isn’t even going to try to help him win his appeal. Poor Adam! He may have to go to prison for the full 10 years! NOT!!! I don’t see that happening at all. I am thinking that Victor is going to find Ian, but when he does Ian is going to have to come clean about Adam’s role in all this mess before Victor will let Ian go. Then, maybe Victor will be able to get Adam out of prison. I would like to see Adam with Chelsea, but only because I think Chelsea deserves some happiness.

Stitch and Abby won’t be getting married, but I do see Ashley and Abby having a battle to beat all the battles in Genoa City. I wouldn’t want to be Ashley when Abby finds out that Stitch is still in love with her mom. Can you imagine? Not me! I agree with Stitch though, she needs to be told the truth before they get married. Wonder if Stitch tells Abby what happened when he was in the fire with Ashley if she will forgive him and think it was all the trauma that made them feel the way they were feeling? I think the two of them really do have feelings for each other and they need to work it out before he marries her daughter.

I like how Cain let Joe have it about going after Lilly. I only hope that Lilly will be able to see it before it is too late and she actually loses Cain all together. I like the two of them together. Cain and Lilly have been through a lot in their time and should be allowed to have some happiness. Joe needs to move on and leave Genoa City. While he is moving on he should take Christine with him.

Bold & Beautiful

I knew it! I knew that Thomas was going to go after Ivy! I can’t believe she is stupid enough to fall for him. She has Wyatt and is getting ready to make a huge, did I say a huge mistake! Wyatt doesn’t deserve what he is about to get. I can’t believe that Steffy isn’t telling Liam what Thomas is up to. How can she keep this to herself? I don’t know how this is going to turn out, but I have a feeling that Ivy is going to end up alone in the end. Thomas is going to get her in bed, she is going to lose Wyatt and then Thomas will move on to the next victim.

I was kind of thinking that Caroline and Thomas would end up together, but it doesn’t look like that is the path the writers are taking. Thomas needs to find out that Caroline is pregnant by him instead of his dad, Ridge. Wouldn’t that be a hoot! Do you think Caroline would leave Ridge for Thomas if she thought Thomas wanted to be a real dad to the baby? I think she would. You can tell when she looks at Thomas that she still has some type of feelings for him. Who wouldn’t? He is young, handsome and rich! Everything a Spencer girl is looking for.

Will Rick and Myah be celebrating a baby this Thanksgiving? I am kind of hoping that they do find out Nicole is pregnant, but I also hate that Nicole is doing this when she is just beginning to have a relationship of her own. I think that Myah’s parents are right. Adopt or find someone else to carry your baby. Leave Nicole out of it, but hey, if Nicole wants to do this for her sister nothing is going to stop her.