Will Phyllis be making her debut during Nick and Sharon’s wedding or the reception? It would be an awesome time for her to come back to Genoa City. She should come back during that time and have all of her memory about the fall and blow Sharon out of the water. Would I be happy, oh yea!

Kevin and Mariah seem to be getting closer these days. Misfits usually do tend to stick together. Kevin is so afraid of being alone, being in the dark, locked away, etc. and Mariah is so outgoing and out to do whatever it takes to survive. They would be a good couple together. Mariah kind of reminds me a bit of Chloe, as far as the way she goes and gets what she wants. Could be the reason Kevin seems to be getting closer to her.

Liam, Hope and Wyatt are all in a mess again, thanks to Quinn and her trip to Paris to stop Liam from marrying Hope. Yes, she has been found out, of course, she tried to lie her way out of it at first, but Liam had hard evidence against her this time. I kind of feel sorry for Wyatt for having such a horrible person for a mom, but he is the one who has allowed her back into his life, so he gets what he gets.

Will Hope make the right decision and leave Wyatt for Liam or will she feel sorry for Wyatt and stay with him? I am hoping she leaves and goes to Liam, but I also thought that Ivy was cute with Liam, so I am kind of on the fence.

Quinn, on the other hand, needs to be locked away somewhere. She is going to end up seriously hurting someone if they don’t do something with her soon. Look at everything she has done since she began the show. The lady is nuts!

Bill is playing with fire when it comes to his boys. Playing favorites will do nothing but get him in trouble with one of them. Quinn is going to see to it that Bill does everything within his power to make sure Wyatt gets everything she wants for him. She is also trying to get Bill, but not too sure that will ever happen.

Looks like we will all see where Liam, Wyatt and Hope end up soon or will we just see another version of Brooke’s life? We all know it, but some are just too scared to say it, Hope is Brooke made over! There I put it out there, does anyone disagree?

That is it for this week. Keep watching your favorite soaps on your Hometown station, WDBJ7, and I will see you all next week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Sept. 12, 2014

Can anyone else say seeing Shamar Moore this week on Y&R was amazing! Sure do wish he was back on as Malcolm full time, but doubt ever seeing that happen. Meredith Baxter Birney coming to Y&R as Nikki’s drinking partner and as the mother to Stitch and Kelly has also been pretty good.

Looks like Hillary is safe from Malcolm since he actually only came to town for a couple of days. Anyone who knows Malcolm and Neil know that they usually share their partners, but looks like this time Neil is going to be sharing his partner with his son, Devon. It was nice to see Lilly apologize to Hillary and thank her for taking care of her dad, but we all know when she finds out about Hillary and Devon things are going to get really ugly between the two of them.

Now that Maureen knows Nikki is Victor Newman’s wife, will she turn to blackmailing Nikki for her drinking? I’m sure you all saw her eyes light up when she saw Nikki’s picture in the paper and found out her name was Newman. How much longer will Nikki be able to hide the fact that she is drinking again from her family? Victor is beginning to think something is up with her and he isn’t even home much anymore to see what she is doing.

Looks like Victor’s approach to bringing Phyllis out of her coma is going just as he had planned. I still think Phyllis looks a bit scary right now, but hey, I guess when you have been in a coma for a year you kind of have the right to not look 100 percent. I was kind of hoping her nurse, who was banished from the hospital wing that Phyllis is in, would be able to get a hold of Jack and let him know she is awake, but it looks like that may not happen.

Jack is sure having a hard time getting past the memory of Phyllis. He has seen her in his bed when he woke up with Kelly. He even imagined her sitting on the couch discussing take out after Kelly left to get groceries to cook Jack a meal. I think once he goes back to Georgia and sees Phyllis is awake he is going to have some serious guilt issues about leaving Phyllis. Not sure if he and Kelly will be together long after he sees Phyllis is awake, but not sure what Phyllis will do about Jack being with Kelly either. They say she is not going to be the same Phyllis this time around.

Mariah is not the least bit happy about Sharon being her mom right yet. I’m sure once she figures out she would have a lot of money if she accepted the fact Sharon is her mom, her entire attitude will change. Kevin is getting ready to head down a bad road with Mariah, I do believe. Sure, Kevin needs to have a great storyline, but Mariah, please! I’m sure the writers could find someone better for him to hook up with. She is going to be trouble with a capital T for Kevin.

Can you believe Wyatt and Hope! I was shocked when I heard Wyatt ask his dad to make Liam move out of the house in Malibu so he and Hope could move there to start a family. Bill needs to remember Liam is the one who has been cheated here, not Wyatt. Liam was in Paris to marry Hope, but Quinn assisted in that not happening and now she is married to Wyatt.

Bill knows Quinn pushed Ivy off the bridge, but instead of coming clean with Liam he keeps her secret. Not good! He needs to be the one to fill Liam in on the truth. This is not going to look good for him in Brooke’s eyes when she finds out he knew this and did nothing about it.

Hope is messing with Ivy right now and I have to say I do not think it is going to end well for Hope. I think Hope trying to keep Ivy away from Liam is only going to push her closer to him. Where does she get off anyway? She is married, to Liam’s brother and she needs to let Liam “heal” in his own way. I’m sure Ivy will be able to get his mind off of Hope.

Myah is really trying her hand at getting Rick back, but will it work? Will she be able to convince Rick that Caroline is not right for him and that they need to be together? We all know where this is going! Myah is going to figure out a way to make Rick think Caroline and Ridge are having an affair so she will be able to help Rick get past his wife’s betrayal.

Is Caroline going to assist Ridge with the collection or will she let Rick know what is going on to keep him from thinking she is cheating? I think she needs to fill Rick in on Ridge’s secret before she ends up without her husband.

Looks like there are a lot of secrets waiting to come out over the next few weeks, but for this week, this is a wrap. Keep watching WDBJ7 for all your drama needs and I will see you again next week. Have a great weekend.

Sept. 5, 2014

Looks like Ashley is coming back to Y&R and Stitch may be on her radar, but is Stitch interested in Ashley or is he going to end up with Abby? I’m thinking Victoria is going to be a thing of the past in the not-so-far-off future, but will Abby be his new love or will Ashley be of interest to him since she will be working so closely with him at Jabot? I’m hoping he ends up with neither one of the three, but I’m sure they will put him with one of the Abbotts.

Did Dylan kill Ian? Not sure what is going on with that story, but Dylan did go after him and when he returned to the coffee house he was covered in blood. Avery saw the blood, but will she believe he just cut himself? I don’t think so, especially when Ian is missing and can’t be located. Serves Ian right, he should have left Genoa City a long time ago, but if he had left town we would not know Mariah is Sharon’s daughter.

Speaking of Mariah and Sharon, will Mariah become the daughter Sharon has been missing? Yeah, I’m sure she will since she knows what Sharon is worth, money-wise. She can go from living on the street to being the daughter of a Newman. Money, cars, the good life is what she was after when she was working for Victor, now she can have it all just because Sharon is feeling really guilty of the way Mariah was brought up.