Sharon seems a bit off of her rocker since she had the wreck, but will Dylan be able to figure it out before she does something really crazy? Why would she think that Nick would be upset with her about taking Faith to a hotel when he called and left her a message telling her to be safe and call him when she got to where she was going? She seems to me to be hoping that Nick doesn’t make it out of the underground collapse alive.

Victor has finally figured out that Nikki has been drinking, but will all that has happened be enough to make him forget about it? Will she be able to get away with it since she will probably be sober by the time she is safe from the collapse?

Jack has a secret to tell Victor, but will he do it? Is he going to let Victor know that Gabriel is really Adam? Will Jack tell Victor before Billy figures it all out? What the heck is Jack thinking having sex with Kelly in the storage room? He didn’t seem like he was happy about it, but he also didn’t seem like he cared if Ashley knew about it or not. Kelly on the other hand was very satisfied, but she seemed a bit set a back when Jack just threw her dress at her and told her to go out first. I kind of thought that was funny and my husband had a good laugh at it also. Will Phyllis come out of the underground with a different look at her relationship with Jack?

Gabriel went back in after Billy! I didn’t see that coming. I thought for sure that he would make sure Conner was out safe and then act as if he couldn’t locate Billy. Now he has some explaining to do since Billy remembers some of what Gabriel was saying while he was rescuing him. I was kind of hoping that Billy would be gone, but he isn’t. Not because I don’t like Billy or what that character brings to the show, but THIS Billy is so humdrum that it just doesn’t seem like Billy any more.

We know that Fenmore spiked the punch that Abby made and everyone at the Abbott cabin has awoken to a dead Austin. I was talking to one of the ladies in Master Control about this part of the show this morning and we were both trying to figure it all out, but neither one of us really has a clue what may be going on.

The cat is also out of the bag that Kevin is the online writer and this scene is kind of like the last chapter in his story. I don’t think that Summer could have killed Austin, but she did have a flashback showing her putting the statue in the couch. Mariah also had a flashback when she was outside with Austin’s body of Austin and Abby kissing; does that mean that maybe Mariah killed him or maybe she told Summer about it?

I don’t see Summer believing Mariah if she had told her about what she may have seen. Did Fenmore kill Austin because he is still in love with Summer? Is this all just a bad dream that Kevin or one of the others is having and when that person wakes up it will all be over and Austin will be alive? So many ways that this storyline can go and I am not even ready to guess. I certainly hope that Courtney doesn’t risk her career for Noah because I do not see him risking anything for her.

Heck he isn’t even willing to commit to her, but he wants her to lie about Summer admitting that she killed Austin so his little sister doesn’t get into any trouble.

Enough about Y&R, next move onto LA and see what all these people have been up to this last week.

Looks like Steffy is making her mark in LA and that Ivy has been put on notice about it. Will Ivy be a match for Steffy or will Steffy be able to get Liam back? Steffy usually gets what she wants and she has always wanted Liam! I have a feeling that Wyatt and Ivy will end up together in the end. I know nobody wants to see that happen, but Liam is going to give into Steffy because of Forrester and Wyatt will be there to pick up the pieces of Ivy’s broken heart. Just like he did with Hope!

Brooke has turned into a lush overnight with her drinking, but will Deacon save her from herself? Brooke is so upset that all her men are happy with others that she has turned to the bottle for comfort. Ridge is with Caroline, Bill has married Katie and Deacon is with Quinn; poor Brooke she has no one. Maybe if she were to look elsewhere for a good man she may find one. Go outside the family Brooke!

Bill and Katie finally are married again, but for how long? We all know that Bill Spencer is not going to be true to one woman for too long. Will it be Brooke? No, but it will be someone. Katie is just what he thinks he wants at this time in his life. He is trying to be a Dad to Will and make a family for Liam and Wyatt to share in.

I was thrown aback when Eric came back and actually is OK with all that Rick has been doing. He is fine with Myah’s portrait hanging in the main house and fine with everything Rick has been doing since he has been away. I guess it is true what they say, money changes everything and since the bottom line looks good on the quarterly report Eric is fine with how Rick is handling things. Ridge is NOT going to be happy when he finds this out.

I suppose we will all have to watch next week to see what happens with Genoa City and LA, but until then we all need to try to stay warm in this arctic blast of weather that we have been receiving. I will catch up with all of you next week right here on Keep your TVs tuned to WDBJ7 for all the happenings of our favorite families and also for all your weather updates.

February 13, 2015

My husband and I were chatting about what has been going on with Neil, Devon and Hillary this past week and he thinks that Neil is going to be out for blood (of course he would think that way because he is a man), but I am thinking that Neil will be wanting vengeance, but I do not see him getting what he wants.

I feel as if Neil is going to keep his sight secret for as long as possible, but I also think that by doing this he will only be hurting himself. How many times will he be able to watch Hillary and Devon together and not let on that he can actually see them? How can Hillary and Devon not realize that Neil can see them? I’m sure the facial expressions are much different when one is not blind v. being blind!

Neil can’t keep allowing Hillary and Devon to parade around in front of him and do nothing! Or can he?

Not sure if Nikki knowing Neil can see is a blessing or not. Although I guess since she knows his secret and he knows her secret they are both going to have to keep playing their own little game. Let’s hope that neither one of them slips up and lets the cat out of the bag.

Nikki is not happy about Phyllis living at the Ranch and neither is Jack, but Victor has her right where he wants her! He is up to no good, but will Phyllis be able to get out while she can or will Victor and Kelly hook up and bring Phyllis down? Victor just wants everyone to think that the drugs that brought Phyllis out of the coma did not make her crazy, but I’m not 100 percent sure of that.

I think that Kelly is the one who is messing with Phyllis. The dress being the same, the car running out of gas and the poisoning….all Kelly! I believe that Kelly has been in a psychiatric hospital in the past and that Avery stumbled upon something when she was going at her today. Did anyone else see Kelly’s face when Avery was mentioning that maybe Kelly needed to stay at Fairview? Then she went and pulled a butter knife on Avery.

I see Sage and Gabriel/Adam are getting a bit closer, but will they end up being true husband and wife? I doubt it. Sage is really into Nick and Gabriel/Adam is hung up on getting Chelsea back. Not sure if that is going to work out in his favor or not. Chelsea seems really committed to Billy and when she was asked if she would take Adam back if he were to walk in….she had no answer. I think Chelsea would take Adam back if she knew that Billy had shot him in the car that night.

Who is the sneaky one inviting all the younger couples to the Abbott cabin on Valentine’s Day? I have been trying to figure this out, but truly have no clue. At first I was thinking it was Fen, but when the invites began going out to more than just Summer …I began to doubt that. I guess we shall see who it is soon enough.

Brooke and Steffy are back in LA and both are looking for love, but I don’t think they are going to find it. Brooke is upset that all the men from her past that are still alive are all with someone else and don’t want her, but will Deacon be able to stay away? I think not. He wanted Brooke bad when he cheated with her and made Hope and he still has a place in his heart for her and her money.

Ridge thinks he is in love with Caroline now and has told Brooke he is committed to that relationship. Bill has moved back in with Katie and they are engaged again. Thorne is in Paris with Taylor and seems to be doing just fine.