Didn’t see much of Rick and Myah this week. Maybe the writers are going to let them rest a bit and move onto something else. With this show only being a half an hour it isn’t easy to put too many storylines in motion at once.

Be sure to keep your TVs, laptops, smartphones and iPads tuned to WDBJ7 for all the drama on our two favorite soaps. Next week should be an interesting one with all the new plots taking place on the shows. I’m looking forward to wrapping up some of the older ones and bringing on some new ones. Have a great weekend and keep watching WDBJ7!

June 5, 2015

Young & Restless

Looks like Sage may have a hard time convincing Gabriel the baby she is carrying is Nick’s, but will she even get to carry this baby full term? I thought for sure when she was screaming at Gabriel she was going to end up losing the baby, but as for now she seems to be holding onto the unborn child. I hope Sage gets to have her baby, but I’m kind of hoping Gabriel is the dad. I’m sure we will all find out soon because Gabriel is not going to keep his secret much longer. He wants to tell Chelsea the truth, but fears losing her.

Neil is moving forward with his divorce, but it is all part of his revenge plan. I’m sure this storyline will be an interesting one once it starts to unfold. I doubt that Devon will be able to save Hillary from Neil’s wrath, but I’m sure he will do his best to try. Hillary doesn’t deserve to be with Devon or even be happy. I don’t understand how Devon can even take her back after all she had done to his family.

Kevin and his little crew of friends are beginning to get on my nerves once again with this murder of Austin and Courtney. WHO is the murderer? Could it be one of the original victims or is it really someone outside their circle? Could it have been Fenmore? Could it have been Stitch?

Nikki seems to be moving on with her treatment and her Dr. Angel seems to be looking out for her well-being. I guess he doesn’t know WHO Victor Newman is or what Victor can do to him and his career, but on the other hand it didn’t look like the good doctor was really too worried about who Victor is. As I have said before I think Nikki will be with the doctor before it is all over with.

I think the best part of Y&R this week was when Summer walked back in Avery’s apartment and saw Joe standing at the counter! Then instead of keeping it to herself she actually told Avery. WOW! Things are going to get interesting now between Joe and Avery. Not to mention Dylan and Avery. What will this mean for them? Will Avery be able to get Dylan back from Sharon? Will Joe talk his way out of this by using guilt on Avery? Maybe this part of the story is how she is going to be written out of Genoa City. I hate that Avery is really leaving, but I guess it just opens up a new door for something else to happen.

Looks like the real Jack is mistaken for Marco and may end up having to die in Marco’s place. Will Jack be able to convince the people on the ship that he is not Marco? Will he end up with Marco’s ex and never make his way back to Genoa City? I wonder if Marco would leave the job he has started in Genoa City if he knew that the love of his life is with the real Jack? Not sure how much more abuse the real Jack can take on the ship. They have really given him a beating over the last week.

Bold & Beautiful

Can you believe that Rick actually punched Bill Spencer? That was great, but I’m surprised Bill didn’t punch him back. Rick had it all and gave it up for the love of Myah. Such a sweet day for Rick and Myah. I don’t believe it, but hey, it is what it is. Everyone deserves to be happy and Myah makes Rick happy.

What is Brooke going to say when she finds out that Rick has left Forrester Creations and is devoted to Myah? I don’t think Brooke likes the fact that Myah is transgender, but if she wants to keep her son in her life she will have to learn to like it. Rick and Myah seem to be solid. For now anyways.

Not sure how happy Eric is now that Ridge is CEO of the company, but he could have saved himself a lot of heartache if he would have just used the morality clause and gotten Rick out of the CEO chair. Eric should have known that Ridge was not playing around about getting Rick out, but he just let everything happen and go down as it did.

I’m sure that all the employees of Forrester are excited that Myah and Rick are gone, but will they stay after Eric tells them what has happened. I’m sure most of them are loyal to Eric, but they also need to keep their jobs and working for Ridge would have to be better than Eric.

I like how the writers included Caroline’s real accident in the storyline. The way she handled herself while talking about the car accident and how she just couldn’t believe that there was a car on top of her body. She is a real trouper for going through all she has had to go through and coming back on the show so soon. Glad they didn’t write her off and she is still with B&B.

I have to say I am glad my life is not full of all this drama. Sure, I have my share, but nowhere near as much as these families do. It is good that the writers bring light to some of the topics on the shows, but sometimes there is way too much time spent on them. Bring it up, get it out there and move on.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to keep watching your favorite soaps on WDBJ7. Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week.

May 29, 2015

Thank goodness the writers have put Nikki in a treatment center. I was beginning to think that they were killing her off, but they didn’t. They do have her looking rough though. Nice that her doctor at Home Treatment facility is named Angel. That was a good little addition to the story. I’m sure Nikki will end up with Angel before the end of her battle with alcohol. Glad that Neil and Victor had the intervention for Nikki. She needed to hear what all of her friends and family think about her drinking. Maybe this time she will be able to stay away from the bottle.

Neil seems to be looking a bit younger since he has shaved and cut his hair. Maybe the writers wanted him to take on the new look because they were planning on putting him with Devon’s ex-girlfriend. Neil did seem to be enjoying himself at the party when Devon realized who his dad was bringing with him. I guess what they say is true and that karma can come back to bite you. I liked how she made sure that Devon knew she did not like being used to help him hide his affair with Hillary from Neil. I don’t see her taking much off anyone, especially Devon.

I don’t like Avery and Dylan breaking up. I’m not happy about Avery being more than just a helper to Joe. I think Joe is loving all the attention. Dylan is getting in way too deep with Sharon. Sharon is a black widow and she is getting ready to pounce all over Dylan’s life and turn it upside down. Can’t Dylan see that she is crazy? Why does he not fight for Avery? Joe didn’t treat Avery right the first time they were married, so what makes Avery think he has truly changed that much? I guess now Sharon and Joe are going to work together to make sure that Dylan and Avery stay apart.

I think that the fake Jack is actually the killer of Austin and Courtney. Not sure if he personally did the job, but I would say he had a hand in them. Seems like he was going to finish off Victor’s spy when he showed up at the hospital and found that he had already died. Noah, Summer, Kyle, Abby, Kevin and Mariah need to keep their eyes and ears open because I do not think they are safe yet. I can’t believe that Stitch is innocent in all this mess. I still feel like he had something to do with it all.

Stitch and Abby are having a fun time with their new relationship, but will Ashley be able to keep her hands off of Stitch? Doubtful! I see her being able to control herself for the time being, but she isn’t going to stay away from him for long. It won’t matter to her that Stitch is in a relationship with her daughter. Why would it? It didn’t matter that Stitch was in a relationship with Abby’s sister or that Austin was married to her niece. Crazy how all these women are on the soaps.

I have to say this about the whole Nick becoming a dad again and then maybe I will let it go, but no guarantees. First of all his daughter Faith drives me nuts. She is seven years old! Why is Nick allowing her to have so much control over his love life with Sage? Secondly he and Sage are not supposed to be together any longer, but they still act as if they are. Thirdly why does he need to find Sage a house? He needs to find him a new house and let Sage stay at his place on the ranch. That would be an awesome storyline, don’t you think? Sage, Nikki and Sharon all on the same property and trying to stay nice to each other. Lastly I can’t believe that Nick actually takes Sage’s word when she said that the baby is his!