Brooke is really trying not to drink, but she is having a difficult time of it. Deacon is being a great sponsor, but will he be able to keep things between him and Brooke legit or will he give into his weakness where Brooke is concerned? My thought is Deacon will not stay true to Quinn for long. Sure, he wants too, but as Brooke has made very clear in the past to everyone; no man is safe around Brooke Logan.

Quinn has finally realized that her elaborate wedding may not be that elaborate after all. Deacon and Quinn need to just go to the Justice of the Peace for their big day because no one will be showing up to the event. Unless they invite people that neither one of them know; then maybe they would have a good turnout for their big day. Wyatt may be there, but he is probably the only one that would show up. I doubt very seriously that Hope would show up at all.

Let’s head on over to Genoa City and see what kind of drama has been taking place over the last few days. Looks like Sharon is losing her mind again. Is she the one who killed Austin? I doubt it. I think that she did the interview and bashed Nick, but I don’t think she killed Austin. I am still not sure who killed him, but I am certain that it was not Summer. I had thought maybe Stitch, but not so sure about that anymore. Too be honest the entire storyline is beginning to be a bit much and I truly am not paying 100 percent attention to it. I have gone from thinking it was all a dream of Summer’s to thinking that Kevin was imagining plots for his book, to thinking that Stitch or Sharon had killed him and I even had a thought that maybe Austin was a twin and he was still alive, but now I am just lost in the entire story.

Neil confessing to running Christine down was a good thing to do, but Hillary is not happy about it at all. She is so worried about her half of Neil’s money that she is willing to lie on the stand. Lucky for us Neil can’t stand her and won’t allow that to happen. Leslie will be sure that Christine doesn’t get away with having Neil put away for a crime that was an accident. I understand she lost her baby, but it wasn’t like Neil aimed for Christine. He had no idea that she was even there. Christine is so dramatic about all aspects of her life. She needs to go on an extended vacation someplace far away. Paul needs to move on without her. Paul can do so much better than Christine. I did like it when Neil told Hillary that it would almost be worth losing all his money to see her end up with nothing. Wait until Hillary has a run in with Leslie. That is going to be interesting.

I still have no idea who in the world Victor has been talking to in the confessional. I also do not think the picture he gave to Phyllis of Kelly laying on a stretcher was real either. Kelly is far from dead and Victor

will bring Kelly back when the time is right. If I were Phyllis I would have wanted to actually see the body, not just a picture of her laying with her eyes closed.

I was hoping that Gabriel would tell Chelsea that he was Adam while they were stranded on the side of the road. Gabriel was doing so well when he was talking to Chelsea and then he began to get a bit talkative about Adam; which began to scare Chelsea. Just tell her who you are! She will come back to you. Chelsea admitted that she feels as if she is cheating on Adam with Billy, but he didn’t even use that as his opening. Just get it over with already.

Billy and Victoria need to just realize that they still love and need each other. The tension between the two of them as they were discussing Stitch and Chelsea was intense and I’m sure they both felt it. Why keep the viewers in suspense…..just put them back together. I would like to see the old Billy come back if they do decide to let them reunite. He was so much better than this one.

That’s it for this week. Looks like things are going to be heating up in LA as well as Genoa City over the next few weeks. Where will the writers of B&B go with the transgender storyline and will Austin’s murderer come forward soon? I guess we all have to keep watching WDBJ7 to find out the answers to all of our questions. Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week.

March 20, 2015

My, my Myah. Or should I say Myron! LOL!

I almost feel out of my chair when I heard what Nicole had to say to Myah on Wednesday’s show. I have to admit that I never saw that coming! I was beginning to think that Myah had been involved in some shady pictures/movies, or maybe that Myah was Nicole’s real mother, but never would I have thought that Myah was a Myron.

I kind of remember when Myah first came to Los Angeles that she had a baby, but the baby had died in a car accident. So, if she was a man then how in the world did she have a baby? Who knows where this is going or even if that is the real story behind Nicole’s blackmail. All I can say is that Rick is not going to be too happy about this news.

Brooke and Deacon both being at the same AA meeting seems a bit odd, but at least Brooke is trying to get some help and Deacon is trying to stay away from the alcohol. Deacon helping Brooke with her sobriety may not be the best answer for him or her. Quinn is happy that Deacon is helping a friend, but if she knew the friend was Brooke would she be as happy about it? Doubtful!

Quinn is so excited about getting married that she really isn’t paying much attention to anything right now. She is not worried that Deacon has no job, nothing to do with all his free time and she doesn’t seem to be working on building her business right now either. When Quinn has free time on her hands things can get dangerous, and I see that happening for Brooke. I see Quinn finding out that Deacon is helping Brooke and then Quinn will go after Brooke.

What on earth is happening in Genoa City? Who killed Austin? Was it Stitch? I think that Austin was killed for the documentary that he was doing, but I do not think that Victor had anything to do with his murder. Sure, Victor is a mean person without a conscience, but he would not kill anyone. Especially if it meant that one of his family members would be hurt or even worse -- charged with murder. I am beginning to think that maybe Sharon had something to do with it, but I also think Stitch might have had a little something to do with it.

Neil and Nikki need to just come out with the truth and let the cards fall where they may. Nikki will more than likely get off because of who she is and who her husband is, but not sure about Neil these days. He may actually do some time over this mess.

Hillary sure did spill the beans to the man at the bar. We now know that she actually did love Devon, but to try to save Devon and Neil’s relationship she said she was just trying to get back at the family. Will Devon find this out? Sure he will! Will it matter to Devon? Sure it will! Will Lilly be angry when Devon takes Hillary back? Yep, you can bet your paycheck on that.

Phyllis and Kelly are still a mess, but will Phyllis be able to survive Kelly? I think that Phyllis may have met her match with Kelly. Kelly seems to be a bit shy of a full load, if you ask me. Smashing Phyllis in the head with a champagne bottle and then leaving town. Of course she needed to call Jack so she could try to play on his sympathies. Phyllis is not liking what is going on one bit and she is going to make sure that Jack stays away from Kelly.

I was so hoping that Gabriel told Billy who he really is at the engagement party, but he didn’t. I guess we have to wait a little longer for that story to come out. I was kind of hoping that Sage blew the whistle, but so far she hasn’t. She is definitely beginning to get chummy with Nick though. I have a feeling that Sage will be the one to let it slip about who Gabriel truly is and it will be to Nick. Sage won’t be able to keep it a secret too much longer.

That’s it for this week. With CBS running the basketball games, our soap operas will be preempted until Monday, March 23. They will pick up right where they left off Wednesday. Be sure to watch all that is happening on your Hometown Sation, WDBJ7. See you next week.

March 13, 2015

OK, I am so over who killed Austin that I can’t even watch it half the time anymore. Sure the writers needed to fill in a few weeks of air time, but seriously, enough is enough. Now I guess we are going to have to sit through the members of the “who killed Austin” club being beat in the head or even worse.

I still think that Kyle is behind this, but does he have someone helping him is what I am wondering. I don’t think that he could be doing it all alone. Does Austin really have some evidence on Victor and could Victor be behind all of this? I don’t think Victor would have had his own daughter, Abby, hit in the head and left out in the cold, but then again Victor has done stranger things in the past.

Who is this person that Victor keeps talking to in the church confessional? Maybe this person is the one who has been up to the cabin and watching all the goings on from a distance. At first I was thinking maybe it was Kyle or even Kelly, but now I am not sure who the heck it is or what they are planning to do.