Victor has made sure that Phyllis came out of her coma, but will she remember what Sharon has done? I’m sure in time she will, but for now, she will just be laying in the hospital bed looking all scary. Her eyes seem so dark and empty. Wonder how they do that? The way she said Summer’s name was all freaky too. When will the hospital let the family know that Phyllis is awake? Shouldn’t that have been the first people that were told, I mean, after Victor of course? After all, he was the reason they did the special treatment to bring her out of the coma.

Is Jack going to be able to stay away from Phyllis since she is out of her coma? Will Kelly become a memory of the past for him? Kelly has made sure that Jack has gotten rid of everything in the Abbott mansion that was Phyllis’ so she would feel comfortable there. Will that be enough?

I still want Jack with Phyllis, but not sure if that will work out. I also want Nick with Phyllis, but not sure about that one either. I know I want the truth about Sharon to come out sooner rather than later so Summer will be able to get back to being Nick’s daughter. Jack will definitely be hurt by this news, but it would be better to pull this band aid off now than to keep dragging it on.

Neil being blind is not the best storyline. I know, they had to do something to make Hillary and Devon stay away from each other longer, but Neil does not play a blind person very well. I think they need to let him catch Hillary and Devon together so that storyline can move forward. Dragging this out is a bit much.

Michael and Lauren are having some serious issues in the bedroom, but will this be the end of them? Not at all! Michael and Lauren tend to grow together during the midst of any bad situation.

Look at all the times that Sheila was in the picture and how they handled all those situations. I know, this is not like Sheila at all, but they needed a good storyline. This one will bring attention to them as lovers and not just as Kevin’s family, not sure where the story is going to go, but it is going to be a good ride getting there. I did think it was kind of gross for Lauren to go to Lilly for bedroom advice; she is like half her age.

Now onto poor Liam! Now that Hope is married to Wyatt, will he be able to move on? From what he said at the BBQ it looks like he may be able to give it a try. Who does Hope think she is to tell Ivy she needs to back off of Liam? She is the one who married Wyatt a few hours after Liam was a little late because he was saving Ivy from drowning.

If Hope knew that Quinn pushed Ivy off that bridge she would so be leaving Wyatt to be with Liam, but Bill won’t be telling anyone that little secret. I think it would serve Hope right to have to stay with Wyatt and have Quinn for a mother-in-law. She deserves everything she gets from this point on. Like Ivy said, Hope is a LOGAN!

Wyatt was not too happy when Hope came home and let him in on her conversation with Ivy, but then again, why would he be happy about his wife telling Ivy to back off of her ex?

That is just who Hope is, my opinion, she is just like Brooke in a lot of ways. Remember she is the daughter of Brooke and Deacon, so she has some messed up DNA to begin with. Remember who Deacon was? He was Brooke’s son-in-law when she slept with him and got pregnant with Hope.

Deacon is doing everything in his power to get Brooke back, but will it be enough? Will Hope wishing her parents were happy assist him in his venture? I hope so, I have always liked Deacon with Brooke, but then again, Brooke doesn’t go for men with no money or power. Deacon doesn’t have either one of those, so he may be out of luck where Brooke is concerned.

August 29, 2014

What a week this has been on both of the soaps! Not sure where to begin with all the drama and back stabbing.

Let’s start off with the love triangle of Neil, Devon and Hillary. Can anyone say “it isn’t a secret to anyone who is not blind?” Seriously! Jack has already caught on to the way Devon and Hillary feel and he isn’t even around them that much. Does Lilly not see what is going on right in front of her? You would think that she would be able to tell that her brother is in love with her stepmother.

Neil is going to be so hurt when the truth comes out. I still think he will stumble up on the truth while blind.

Jill has planted the seed in Lauren’s head that Michael is cheating on her or has she? Yep, I think so.

Now that Lauren has that little idea will she think that Avery and Michael are having an affair or will they actually have one? I think Michael loves Lauren too much to do that to her, but then again, one just never knows what is going to happen. It would almost serve Lauren right for cheating on Michael last year.

Sharon has another daughter!! We all knew that was going to be the plot a couple of weeks ago, but to see how sick Ian is just amazes me. Ian marrying Mariah! That is just so wrong. I hope Nick and the GCPD get to her in time. I’m sure that since Kevin is on the case that it will be a lot easier to find her. I feel that someone is going to end up killing Ian before this is all said and done. Maybe it will be Dylan and then Avery will turn to Michael for comfort? Hmmm could be.

What is Abby thinking kissing Ben? That is going to be interesting. Will he move on with Victoria’s sister since it seems as if Victoria is going to be back with Billy? Will Victoria be able to handle that relationship? Things do need to heat up for Abby, but this time let’s hope she isn’t such a child about her relationship and she actually has matured a little.

Victor has done it again with getting Summer to sign those papers without even realizing it. Now Phyllis is going to be waking up and hopefully telling the truth about Sharon. Nick needs to know that Summer is his biological daughter. I am not sure what will happen between Nick and Sharon once this news comes to surface.

Kaye’s memorial was beautiful, until Nikki began her falling all over impression. She had me laughing when she was trying to talk to Ben and the expressions on her face. Yea, she is an alcoholic, but goodness, you would think that since she has played one SO many times that she would be better at it.

I’m sure Paul will find out first and this may upset Nina, but I bet Paul ends up leaving Christine because of Nikki or that Christine leaves Paul because of Nikki.

The Bold & the Beautiful is beginning to get a bit boring. Sure they have a couple of good story lines, but they drag them out so long. Liam should have been with Hope the minute Hope found out that he was in Paris, but nope, they are going to drag it out until Christmas!

So glad to see Ivy beginning to put her moves on Liam. Take that Hope! You may not know what you want, but Liam did and now Ivy wants Liam....go Ivy!

Brooke is making Bill work to get her, but will it work? Sure, she will end up back with Bill Spencer and Deacon will be left out in the cold. I honestly think that Deacon has changed a bit and may deserve a chance with Brooke. Maybe Hope will be able to assist her Dad a little and get her Mom to see Deacon in a new light.