Guess we have to wait until next week to see how this actually plays out, but hey, I’m willing to wait a few more days. I can’t wait to see Rick’s face when he finds out that he has fallen in love with a woman who was a man at birth. This is going to be an interesting twist to B&B.

I can’t wait to see what happens in Genoa City over the next few weeks. I heard that one of the writers has left the show, so maybe this means that some of the drama on this show will disappear. I know it is a soap opera, but there is only so much drama that one person can keep up with at a time. Or at least for me there is.

I doubt that Michael is going to sleep with the prostitute, but she is being very nice to him by listening to his issues. Michael is such a great guy and why the writers are making him out to be so horrible is beyond me. He has Cancer, but that shouldn’t mean that he resorts to sneaking around, lying and leaving his family. Michael should be trying to keep his family together right now. Lean on them for support; not push them away.

Lilly is having some serious thoughts about Cain and Lauren, but will they actually come true? I think so. I have a feeling that when Lauren finds out that Michael paid a woman to come to his hotel room that she will go to Cain and be so upset about it that Cain tries to make her feel better and they end up in bed together. Why not? Lauren has cheated on Michael in the past and gotten away with it. Now Michael is hoping that she moves on with someone new so he can feel better about himself. I have news for Michael, he isn’t going to like it once it happens. Lilly will not forgive Cain when/if it happens!

Can anyone else believe that Kelly actually made the police think the real Jack is her patient? OMG this storyline is beginning to be a bit much. The real Jack was so close to getting free and then she persuades the police that he is crazy. Did the police not realize that she had been stabbed? Why did they not contact some of the people that Jack was telling them to call?

Will the doctor’s figure out the fake Jack is not Jack? I know the real Jack has had surgery’s and given up parts of his body to save others, so how will the fake Jack having those parts be explained? Organs don’t just grow back! Maybe they will just keep the fake Jack in a coma for a year until they figure out where to go with this storyline. Look at how long Phyllis was in a coma. This could be a way for Phyllis to get back at Jack. She could stay with him for a little while and then decide to fall in love with someone new. Kind of like he did with Kelly. I don’t see that happening, but then again I never saw Victor bringing someone from prison to Genoa City to portray Jack.

Victor is definitely trying to make sure he has everything under control. He got a hold of Kyle’s cellphone so that no one would see that Kelly made a phone call to Kyle the day of the accident. Now he is trying to convince Neil to forge Jack’s name to the papers that will complete the merge of Jabot and Newman Enterprises. Will Neil risk everything and do it? Probably! He has gotten dumber in his old age.

Dylan is making such a big mistake by kissing Sharon. She will think he is in love with her, but he is still in love and wants to be with Avery. I do believe that Avery wanted to be with Dylan up until the end of today’s show. Joe is playing Avery for all he is worth. Will she give in? Yea, she is going to stay with Joe and break Dylan’s heart. Which will set Dylan up to be pursued by Sharon. Just what we need Sharon being with Dylan when Dylan is such a great guy. Run Dylan! As fast as you can from that evil woman. She is NO good!

Sharon played it right today when she was talking to Christine. I still have a feeling that Sharon may have had something to do with Courtney and Austin’s death, but I’m not 100 percent sure she did it alone. I would say she would have had to have some assistance, but who? Who would team up with the crazy lady to kill those two? What would be in it for them?

Guess we all will wait it out another week to see what happens on both soaps. I certainly hope Rick finds out the news about Myah before he makes that long trip to Big Bear, but I have a feeling he will find out once he is up there and possibly wreck on the way home. I believe Ashley is going to figure out that Victor doesn’t have all the signed papers needed and call his bluff. Will she be able to go up against Victor and come out on the winning end? It would be nice if someone could. Will Michael allow his illness to ruin his life or will he decide to fight for what is his? Is Lilly going to realize that her thoughts may in fact come true and her marriage to Cain be truly over? Come back next week to WDBJ7 and watch with me. Have a great weekend and see you all soon.

May 1, 2015

I don’t even know what is going on half the time with the Young & Restless any more. Between the murders, lies, twins, sleeping with everyone, kidnapping and takeovers it is hard to keep up.

Kelly is busy trying to make the real Jack think Phyllis is dead and the fake Jack is busy trying to stay out of jail. Victor has everything going to his plan or does he? The fake Jack seems like he may have something up his sleeve that may throw a wrench into Victor’s plan of keeping control of Jabot. How long does Victor actually think that the fake Jack can keep up his end of the deal? The real Jack wouldn’t go out and buy fancy cars just to take a ride in. He definitely would not have merged Jabot with Newman Enterprises. Things are going to begin to come undone for Victor and hopefully it is sooner rather than later.

I have to say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree where Victoria and Victor are concerned. Victoria is so angry about so much in her life that she is taking it out on everyone that she comes into contact with. Victoria wants Billy back, but she won’t admit it. Victoria gave up on Stitch which was a good choice because he was not as into her as he was Abby. Now she is upset with Abby for sleeping with Stitch, but she doesn’t show much anger about it. Seems like she is taking all her anger out on Ashley and for once Ashley hasn’t really done anything to Victoria to deserve what is being done to her.

Billy overhearing Chelsea and Gabriel has really opened his eyes. This wedding is going to be the talk of the town for years to come. Will Chelsea end up with Gabriel or will she end up alone? Gabriel and Sage were getting pretty hot and heavy as the show closed today. What on earth is Nick going to think when he finds out what happens between Sage and Gabriel? I think Nick will be the one to walk in on them. I wish that Nick wouldn’t have told Sage that they needed to be apart just because of Faith. Faith is not going to like anyone that Nick or Sharon are ever with and he needs to figure that out.

This mess with Michael and Lauren makes me unhappy. They are great together and the writers are making a huge mistake by not keeping them together. Michael is going to beat the cancer and leave his wife. That makes absolutely no sense at all! If Lauren ends up with Cain then what will happen with Lilly. There really are not any single guys on Y&R that I can see her with. Lilly is a special kind of woman and goes so well with Cain.

Is Devon going to jeopardize his family life with Lilly and Neil to have a relationship with Hillary? I certainly hope not. He needs to let her go and move on. She isn’t worth all the heartache that he will have to endure if he goes back to her. I think Hillary actually does care for Devon, but I wouldn’t be able to ever trust a word she said after all she has done. Not only did she tell Devon and Neil that she was just after revenge, but she has slept with the ADA to assist in Neil getting off on the charges of killing Christine’s unborn child. Not who Devon needs to be with at all!

I’m wondering who will be the next one to be charged in the death of Austin. You know Michael is not going to wait very long before he lets everyone know that it was not only Sharon’s fingerprints on that tire iron. Was it Kyle? I think it may have been Kyle. Or what if it was Fen? Will Michael tell that truth or will he let Sharon take the rap?

Let’s move onto Los Angeles and the transgender issue that is happening there. Will Rick find out that Myah is transgender before he asks her to marry him or will she tell him the truth? I don’t think the truth is going to keep Rick, but then again there are stranger things that happen on soaps. We all know this for a fact. Maybe Rick will be fine with it. Maybe he will see that Myah is a wonderful person even though she has been lying to him all this time about being a woman. Actually, she is a woman, but she was born a man.

Wyatt is beginning to have some strong feelings for Nicole, but will Nicole be able to keep the secret from Wyatt or will she give in to make sure she could possibly have a life after Myah is no longer Queen of the Forrester mansion? If Wyatt finds out the truth from Nicole he may keep dating her, but if he finds out the truth from someone else he may dump her in the end. Heck he may even think that she isn’t really who/what she claims to be.

Liam is bound and determined to find out what the big secret is and when he does he will definitely use it to his advantage. Will it be enough to get Rick out of the CEO chair? Bill just wants to make sure that his investment in Forrester doesn’t go down the drain once this news breaks. Will the fashion industry be ok with it or will Forrester suffer?

Guess we are all in the same boat and have to wait until next week to see what takes place. I hope that Billy and Chelsea do not get married. I would like to see Chelsea with Gabriel, but I want Gabriel to be honest and tell everyone he is Adam. I hope that Billy goes back to Victoria where he belongs. Michael needs to stay with Lauren. Devon needs to move on past Hillary. Someone needs to find Jack or he needs to escape. They need to wrap up the Austin/Courtney murders for once and for all. Myah needs to be found out so that Rick can be taken down from his high horse.

Keep watching your Hometown soaps on WDBJ7 and I will chat with you all again next week. Oh and don’t forget that WDBJ7 is turning 60 years old this year and to celebrate we are doing a 60th Anniversary cookbook and would like you all to contribute your favorite recipe. You can go to and submit your recipe or you can email them to

April 24, 2015

WOW! Can things in Genoa City get any more crazy? Seriously what are the writers thinking? It seems to me like they are just taking stories from years ago and revamping them with different characters or even the same characters.