This has been one exciting week on both soaps. I am interested to see what the gun is all about on B&B and who will be shot. I think Rick is going will use it on Ridge when he finds out that Caroline and Ridge have gotten a lot closer.

Will Ivy and Ally be able to make Rick understand that what he is doing is hurting the family? Will Myah stay at the mansion as the woman of the house or will someone come to town and knock her off that pedestal? Is Hillary going to end up pregnant with Devon’s child? Will Kelly be able to catch Phyllis pulling a stunt? Will Genoa City ever find out Michael has cancer? Is the Warehouse District doomed? Thanks for watching WDBJ7 and stay tuned for more.

January 9, 2015

Looks like Nikki’s sobriety has not lasted as long as she may hope! Didn’t she just tell Paul that she was clean and would not be drinking again? I guess this one little bump in the road with Victor going behind her back, yet AGAIN, has derailed her.

Paul knows that Nikki will not be able to stay sober, but will he be able to be her hero this time around? Nikki has always been able to count on Paul when she was in trouble, but I’m thinking that this time Christine may have something to say about him being Nikki’s hero.

Seriously, did anyone actually think that Victor was not behind the warehouse takeover? Who else has that kind of money? This is just opening the door for Jill and Cane to get into something together and try to take Chancellor Industries away from Victor. I’m sure they will manage to get it back, but at what expense and for how long?

Dylan needs to realize Victor is who he is and nothing or no one will be able to stop or change him. Victor has been the devil the entire time he has been on Y&R and I don’t look for the writers to be changing him anytime soon. Dylan also needs to stop flying off of the handle so quickly. Does he not remember what happened when Ian was in the picture and he was assumed guilty of murder? Now he is flying off the handle with Joe and, who knows, Joe may end up missing at some point. Joe may do it to try and get back at Dylan for stealing Avery.

Was anyone else surprised to see Devon make his move on Gwen? I was at first, but, hey, he deserves to be happy. If Neil and Hillary are going to stay together then Devon needs to move on. Why should Hillary be the only one who is happy?

Looks like Kelly and Phyllis are going to be similar to Phyllis and Diane (blast from the past)! Kelly slapped herself and blamed Phyllis for it. What a hoot! Will Kelly win this round? I think so, but I also think that Phyllis needs to step back and re-evaluate her situation. Kelly doesn’t seem as laid back as Diane was. Looks to me like Kelly is in this for the long haul and she may just win.

Michael needs to move on with his treatment. I understand wanting multiple opinions, but Stage 3 is not to play with. If he doesn’t get help for it now, he may not get another chance. Cancer is such a horrible disease and it comes after everyone. No discrimination of any kind, and once it gets a hold of you it tears through you and your entire family without any remorse. Fight this Michael! Do it now! Don’t wait until they have to write you off the show.

My my, Myah! She has played her cards right, up to now. Once Pam saw that Stephanie’s portrait had been taken off of the wall in the main house, things changed. Pam will not stand for this one minute. Rick thinks that he is doing the right thing by making Myah his right hand, but when he set Pam in this new whirlwind, he actually may have just opened up a bad hurricane. Does everyone remember when Pam was not on her medication? Talk about everyone having a bad day! She was horrible. No one was safe from her. Now Myah is going to be on Pam’s radar and I doubt that Myah will enjoy this ride.

Rick has done a lot of things that were wrong in the past, but what he is doing know is just plain evil. Sure Caroline should have to make things right for KISSING Ridge, but Rick has been SLEEPING with Myah for weeks now. Caroline crossed a small line in her marriage, but Rick has done way more than that. I do not see why Caroline thinks that she needs to be with Rick now anyway? Why would she want him back? He isn’t that great and she was rich without him, so it’s not like she needs him for money or even prestige.

I think that Ridge and Caroline need to back away from Forrester and let Rick fall flat on his face with his new found power. Without Ridge and Caroline to design they have nothing. I’m sure Rick’s power won’t last him long when Eric finds out that there are no designers to keep his clothing line up and running. Not to mention that Rick has taken Stephanie off of the wall of the mansion. WOW, this is going to get good!

I hope that all of you are staying warm during this cold snap that we are having. Keep your blankets and your hot cocoa close by, sit a spell and keep up with all the current information by watching your Hometown News Leader, WDBJ7. See you all next week!!

January 1, 2015

The holidays have certainly been interesting on the soaps! Not sure where to begin, but I am anxious to see how all of these twists and turns end up over the next few weeks. Looks like the year 2015 is coming in HOT!

Adam has shown his hand to Jack, and Jack is not happy about it. But he really can’t do anything to change the way things are going since he has found out that not only is Adam really alive, but Billy had shot him when they were in the car. If Jack turns Adam in, then Billy may have to suffer the consequences of shooting him. What is Jack going to do? Will he be able to keep this lie from Phyllis and the rest of his family? Will all the lies lead him back to the bottle?

Jack has so much on his plate right now with the women in his life, he doesn’t need anything else going on. Phyllis is onto Kelly and her ways. If Kelly thinks she will be able to get anything over on Phyllis then she has another thing coming. Phyllis will not allow Kelly to take anything away from her.

Speaking of the bottle….Nikki looks as if she is handling her drinking a bit better these days. She doesn’t seem to be as much of a mess as she was when she was sneaking around drinking. I wonder if when she was looking so bad if that was when she was really sick. I heard that she was going through something a couple of months ago, but had kept working. Good thing for her Neil is still blind when he came into the AA meeting as she was beginning to start her story. Now Paul knows Nikki had been drinking, what will he do with that information? Will he be there to help her again, or will this be the last straw for Paul? He needs to focus on his new life with Christine and their new baby.

Neil’s vision is going to be one of the big storylines for Y&R in the coming months. I think since Neil’s son (in real life) has passed away, they are going to be writing him out for a while and he will go away for some type of healing and come back with his vision. Then all heck is going to break loose because he will be able to see there is something going on between Hillary and Devon.

Hillary is becoming more and more jealous of Gwen with each passing day. What does she think is going to happen? Sure, Devon is in love with Hillary. But he is a man and Gwen is not going to stop making moves on Devon. Especially since she knows he is a billionaire and available (in her eyes). I don’t blame her at all. She should try to make Devon happy and see where it goes.

Glad to see Stitch is finally getting a happy ending. I am glad the writers did not put him with Ashley or Abby. He belongs with Victoria, but when Adam/Gabriel gets to Chelsea who will Billy end up with? I think Billy is still in love with Victoria and seeing Stitch with Victoria and his new baby girl does bother him. I am not 100% sure the Stitch, Victoria, Billy triangle is done yet. We still may see some fireworks from that love triangle. Stitch does seem to have some issues with Billy & Victoria when they are co-parenting, but will Stitch be able to keep his feelings under control?

Who would have thought Ashley knew who Joe Clark was? I have never heard Ashley speak about him until she saw him in the bar. From what I can gather they had some type of relationship in New York, but she must have ended things. Did anyone else see the look on Avery’s face when she saw Joe with Ashley on New Year’s Eve? If those walls could talk, what tales they’d tell.

This whole thing with Victor having someone spy on Jabot to get information on the new line is crazy. Ashley couldn’t be smarter than Victor! How did she know that he had a spy in her lab? Jack is going off because he doesn’t want Victor to have access and Ashley is like “no problem, I have it covered!” Nothing is covered when it comes to Victor Newman. All the Abbotts should know that by now, wouldn’t you think?

Interesting turn of events with Adam/Gabriel and the death of Gabriel’s father; he committed suicide when Victor took over his company with a hostile takeover. Now we know why Constance is so against Victor Newman and why she wants him brought down. I’m sure that Adam/Gabriel will be more than willing to assist Constance with bringing Victor down.