Jack should have let Kelly leave when he had the chance. We know he has feelings for Kelly, but like Lilly was telling Devon, they are not the same as he has for Phyllis. Jack and “Red” have a connection that goes really deep. I’m sure Kelly wants to be as far away from Phyllis when she gets out of the hospital.

I know I would! Phyllis is scary at times and it looks as if this Phyllis is going to make the other one look tame.

This love triangle between Billy, Victoria and Chelsea needs to end. Adam needs to make his way back to Genoa City so Billy will go back to Victoria. On the other hand, he may be headed that way already.

Considering how he heard Chelsea call out to Adam in her sleep. He just got up and left. Will he go to Victoria? Would Victoria take him back? I think she would!

Lilly needs to watch her step when it comes to minding Devon’s business. He is not happy with her or the employees of the GCAC sticking their nose where it does not belong. Lilly even wanted to tell Neil she thinks Devon has a woman on the side. WOW! Would Neil be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together? Probably not, he had a hard time seeing their feelings for each other when he had his sight.

Let’s get busy with Hope and all she has going on lately. Yes, she is pregnant and Quinn now knows this.

Quinn is NOT happy with Hope right now because Hope stood up to her and told her that she wanted her nowhere near her baby. Can you blame Hope? NOPE! What I don’t understand is how Wyatt can even think of allowing his crazy mom around his child? Does he not think she would be just as crazy over the baby as she has been over him? I have to say, if I were Hope I would be a bit scared. Get her out of town before she does something really bad. I honestly do not look for Hope to carry to term.

Charlie is so cute when he shows his little jealous side about Pam. Who would have thought Pam would have someone as sweet as Charlie chasing after her? Was it the lemon bars? Does anyone remember when Pam was so crazy and going after Donna? Remember that time that she had Donna up at Big Bear and poured honey all over her and then opened the door to the cabin to bring the bears in? Those were the days of great storylines!

As for Caroline and Ridge, I do not like where this storyline is going. At all! I think Caroline having dreams of Ridge are just gross. He is old! I am not too pleased with this new Ridge, but like him better than Moss. Even so, don’t make the storyline too difficult to watch.

Will Ridge or Rick be CEO of Forrester? I’m thinking that Rick will get it, but then again, Eric has played favorites with Ridge for a long time. Will Stephanie being gone be the reason Eric leans in a different direction with the new CEO or will it be because Ridge can’t design anymore and he wants him to have a different reason to come to work each day?

I was kind of shocked when Brooke decided to step away and let Katie have Bill back. She is normally a very greedy woman. Not in her nature to care about anyone else or their feelings. Maybe she is mellowing out in her older years. Who knows, she may even be gaining some morals.

I can’t believe this is my 24th blog about the best soaps on TV, but it is. I really enjoy sharing my thoughts with all the viewers and like to hear your thoughts as well. Feel free to comment and share. Thanks again for making Your Hometown Soapbox part of your life and for allowing me into your home.

I will be on vacation next week, so there will not be a blog, but I will catch you all up on Oct. 24. Keep watching WDBJ7. Have a wonderful week.

October 3, 2014

Can anyone say “bail hearing”? I was wondering what in the world had happened when everyone who is anyone in Genoa City landed in jail, but then the writers began to fill in the gap by going back in time.

Something the writers do so well!

Summer being offered the drink at the bar was good news for Nikki. Once again, she was able to sneak off and gulp down a glass of Vodka. I can’t imagine how in the world her friends and family do not know she is staying half lit most of the time! Do they just think she is crazy all the time or do they not pay attention to her at all?

Mariah is beginning to become one of my favorite characters on Y&R. She is making her way through the people in Genoa City and doing a dang fine job of it. She has Kevin wishing she was his, she has Abby all bent out of shape due to her ex, Summer is not liking the friendship Mariah is beginning with Austin, but Sharon and Faith are eating her up.

Speaking of Sharon, does anyone besides me think the marriage to Nick will NOT happen? I think Phyllis is going to make her debut to all of Genoa City during the wedding. Does Phyllis remember what happened to her and how she ended up in the hospital? I am thinking she does. Especially when they showed her looking at the ticket Sharon received. Will it be enough to keep Nick from marrying her?

Sure it will! Will Jack forgive Sharon, as he has in the past? Nope! I think when this news hits the floor Sharon won’t be the “innocent” one any longer.

How does no one know Phyllis is gone from the hospital? Where is she staying? One minute it looks like she is at the Abbott mansion, but the next minute it looks like she is in a hotel. Now she is pawning her diamond for money. She is a rich woman, go to the bank and get your money. That would be what I would do. Stop hiding out and let the world know I have arrived!

Will Victor find something out about Faith? I have always thought that Faith was Adam’s, but then when the writers never did anything about it, I just assumed she must have been Nick’s. Could she belong to someone else, after all, the DNA test needed to be ran again to determine if 100 percent.

Wonder what is up with Michael? Is it cancer or something else? I think maybe they are going to give him cancer, but I am also hoping they do not write him out of the show. He is so great and I just love his character.

Dylan is not going to be happy when he finds out that Joe is in town, even if it is only for one night.

Avery seems to be a bit nervous about him being in Genoa City. I have to say, they did choose a good-looking man to play her ex. Maybe Joe will come back to town and bring along some issues for Avery to deal with. The writers do seem to be giving her more drama-filled story lines lately.