Looks like Rick has not learned a thing since he shot Grant Chambers back in 1997; because he has shot at Caroline and Ridge while they were “making out” on the couch at Forrester Creations. I was actually hoping that Rick did shoot one of them, but instead he just shot into the office.

Rick is losing his mind and from the looks of it Brooke is going to back him up on everything he has done lately, so I guess it is OK to just act like a maniac while being the CEO. I have a feeling there are some things getting ready to happen at Forrester that may bring Rick off of his pedestal and put Myah back on the streets where she belongs! Maybe, if we are all lucky, Myah will go back to filming Abreva commercials!

Brooke is not happy with the situation that her family is in at this time. All the sleeping around and of course Ridge has not made her homecoming a great one. I’m sure that since she has lost Bill back to Katie she was hoping that she would be able to make some kind of amends with Ridge, but now he is in love/lust with Caroline. WOW things change so much from one day to the next in these soaps!

Ivy has done a great job filling Liam in on what is going on at Forrester, but will Liam be able to shake things up enough to keep all the employees safe? When Steffy makes her grand entrance back to LA there should be some shaking up at Forrester, but will it be for the better for all involved? Is Steffy going to put dibs on Liam again and woo him away from Ivy or will Liam finally be able to stay away from Steffy? I have a feeling that Liam is going to request Steffy’s help with the Forrester situation and Steffy is going to request something from Liam in return. We all know that what Steffy wants she usually gets.

Will Ivy finally be Steffy’s match?

Now that Liam has filled Bill in on what is happening at Forrester I’m sure that Bill will be giving Liam whatever assistance he may need to get Rick back for all he is doing to Ivy and Caroline. Neither one of them are going to allow Rick to keep tormenting those girls.

Looks like the people in Genoa City are also dealing with some issues this week. I have to say that I am beginning to get a bit bored with the Devon, Hillary and Neil story. Give it a rest! Put Devon and Hillary together and let Neil move on. How long do the writers think they need to drag this out? They have come so close to being caught time and time again. Devon has had to pay Colin millions of dollars and still isn’t safe. LET IT GO! Put us all out of our misery with this storyline.

Phyllis seeing a shrink! Didn’t see that coming, but I guess she is trying to do whatever she needs to in hopes of keeping her life with Jack. I don’t think Jack would turn to Kelly after all that he has seen Phyllis going through, but Phyllis just can’t seem to understand that. Wonder where she thinks she is going with that suitcase? Is she going to commit herself for observation or is she running to keep Christine from prosecuting her. Christine is probably foaming at the mouth hoping to get Phyllis on the stand AGAIN!

This whole thing with Dylan, Avery and Joe is also beginning to bore me. So what if Avery has left Joe for Dylan! Does that give Joe the right to do the rotten things he has been doing? No, but with Victor backing him up financially, why not?

I am not 100 percent sure that Victor is aware of all that Joe has been doing in hopes of getting his hands on the Warehouse District, but knowing Victor, he probably wouldn’t care what has to be done as long as he gets what he wants. Dylan is going to end up shooting Joe over all this mess. I hate it when the writers bring people onto the show and then turn them into killers when they are such great characters. Dylan was always such a great guy. Now he is angry, vengeful, hostile, gun toting and out for blood.

Speaking of Victor and him getting what he wants; will he really back off of the formula that belongs to Jabot to save his family? Ummm NO! Does anyone who has watched Y & R for a couple of months think that Victor is going to do anything for family only? Not me. I’m sure that he will try to keep his underhand moves against Jabot as quiet as he can so that he is able to stay in Katie’s life as a grandfather, but will Victoria catch on to his evil ways and vow to leave her father’s side again? No!

Victoria is Victor! They are of the same mold and I’m afraid Stitch is going to be hurt in the process. Stitch needs to pack up and run as fast and as far away from Victoria as possible.Sage is really beginning to show her feelings for Nick, but how will she be able to pull all of this off while being married to Gabriel/Adam?

Adam has Chelsea & Billy thinking that he and Sage are a couple, but Sage has told Nick that she is married to Gabriel/Adam. Genoa City is a small town so this lie will not be kept quiet for long. Now Sage and Gabriel/Adam are moving right next door to Chelsea and Billy! How awkward is this going to be? Is Gabriel/Adam going to be able to place a bug in Chelsea’s apartment again so he can hear what is going on or will he have cameras secretly placed all over the place so he can watch? Either way it looks like things may be getting interesting with this story.

The only thing we can do is keep watching WDBJ7 weekdays for the insight of each of our favorite characters. I know I will be! What I want to see is Devon end up with Hillary. Liam to be happy with Ivy since Hope is out of his life. I would like to see Myah out of the picture all together. Katie needs to be back with Bill. Michael needs to be cured of his Cancer. Billy and Victoria need to be back together and Chelsea needs to realize who Gabriel/Adam really is.

See you all next week and keep watching WDBJ7 for all the juicy twists and turns. Have a safe an wonderful weekend.

January 23, 2015

Does anyone remember back in the day when Dallas was on TV and the cliffhanger was “Who Shot JR?” Well, this week I am asking “Who Did Rick Shoot?” Was it Ridge, Caroline or both of them? Did he miss and just scare them or maybe he just winged one of them! Go figure the last 60 seconds of Thursday’s episode would be Rick with the gun. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Can you believe Myah actually is parading around the mansion in Brooke’s bedroom line? She is just nasty! I don’t care what they put on her, she is just plain nasty. I thought Brooke was going to come unglued when she came to the mansion and Myah answered the door in her underwear! Then Brooke saw Myah’s picture hanging where Stephanie’s portrait should be. Things are going to get interesting now that momma is back! She never has liked Myah and with the way she was looking at her she does not like her now.

Myah’s little sister coming to town may be an interesting storyline. Will she become a model for Forrester? I’m sure she will. I think little sister is going to be out for revenge and I’m sure she will be able to get herself some of it.

Deacon really seems to be in love with Quinn, but with Brooke being back will that relationship last? Brooke has always been the true love for Deacon (in his eyes), but he never really had a chance with her because of Ridge, but now that Ridge is with Caroline or possibly dead; Deacon may be able to make a move on Brooke that will work out in his favor.

Bill is doing all he can to get Katie to let him back into her life, but Katie seems to be holding her own with all of it. She did well with her VP placement at Spencer and she seems to be keeping him at bay with living at the house. Good for you, Katie! Stand up for yourself!

Bill, on the other hand, is not too happy with Ridge or the situation with Caroline, but what will he be able to do about it? If it happens to be Caroline that was shot then Bill will not stop until he gets a hold of Rick. Things are going to get more interesting on B&B over the next few weeks. I’m sure of it.

I like that Liam and Ivy are beginning to get closer. They do seem to care for each other, but will Liam be able to keep his love for Ivy when/if Hope comes back to town. I’m not real sure that he would be able to say no to Hope. Liam did tell Ivy he loves her and he was glad to be in love with someone who didn’t make it complicated, so maybe it will work out for him this time around.

Is anyone else wondering if Phyllis is the one doing everything to Kelly or is Kelly trying to make out like Phyllis is doing it? At first I was thinking Kelly was doing it all, but the doctor that brought Phyllis out of her coma told Jack there have been side effects. Is Phyllis having a really bad side effect? I can remember years ago when Phyllis was crazy without it being a side effect to medication! Will Jack and Phyllis make it through this or will Jack end up with Kelly in the long run?

Stitch certainly doesn’t like the fact that Victoria is not taking Kelly’s side over Phyllis. How can she? Victoria knows Phyllis and I’m sure she is beginning to think Kelly is doing something to set Phyllis off. Victoria has seen all the sides of Phyllis and right now she doesn’t think Phyllis is capable of doing all that Stitch seems to think she is doing.