I kind of remember when Myah first came to Los Angeles that she had a baby, but the baby had died in a car accident. So, if she was a man then how in the world did she have a baby? Who knows where this is going or even if that is the real story behind Nicole’s blackmail. All I can say is that Rick is not going to be too happy about this news.

Brooke and Deacon both being at the same AA meeting seems a bit odd, but at least Brooke is trying to get some help and Deacon is trying to stay away from the alcohol. Deacon helping Brooke with her sobriety may not be the best answer for him or her. Quinn is happy that Deacon is helping a friend, but if she knew the friend was Brooke would she be as happy about it? Doubtful!

Quinn is so excited about getting married that she really isn’t paying much attention to anything right now. She is not worried that Deacon has no job, nothing to do with all his free time and she doesn’t seem to be working on building her business right now either. When Quinn has free time on her hands things can get dangerous, and I see that happening for Brooke. I see Quinn finding out that Deacon is helping Brooke and then Quinn will go after Brooke.

What on earth is happening in Genoa City? Who killed Austin? Was it Stitch? I think that Austin was killed for the documentary that he was doing, but I do not think that Victor had anything to do with his murder. Sure, Victor is a mean person without a conscience, but he would not kill anyone. Especially if it meant that one of his family members would be hurt or even worse -- charged with murder. I am beginning to think that maybe Sharon had something to do with it, but I also think Stitch might have had a little something to do with it.

Neil and Nikki need to just come out with the truth and let the cards fall where they may. Nikki will more than likely get off because of who she is and who her husband is, but not sure about Neil these days. He may actually do some time over this mess.

Hillary sure did spill the beans to the man at the bar. We now know that she actually did love Devon, but to try to save Devon and Neil’s relationship she said she was just trying to get back at the family. Will Devon find this out? Sure he will! Will it matter to Devon? Sure it will! Will Lilly be angry when Devon takes Hillary back? Yep, you can bet your paycheck on that.

Phyllis and Kelly are still a mess, but will Phyllis be able to survive Kelly? I think that Phyllis may have met her match with Kelly. Kelly seems to be a bit shy of a full load, if you ask me. Smashing Phyllis in the head with a champagne bottle and then leaving town. Of course she needed to call Jack so she could try to play on his sympathies. Phyllis is not liking what is going on one bit and she is going to make sure that Jack stays away from Kelly.

I was so hoping that Gabriel told Billy who he really is at the engagement party, but he didn’t. I guess we have to wait a little longer for that story to come out. I was kind of hoping that Sage blew the whistle, but so far she hasn’t. She is definitely beginning to get chummy with Nick though. I have a feeling that Sage will be the one to let it slip about who Gabriel truly is and it will be to Nick. Sage won’t be able to keep it a secret too much longer.

That’s it for this week. With CBS running the basketball games, our soap operas will be preempted until Monday, March 23. They will pick up right where they left off Wednesday. Be sure to watch all that is happening on your Hometown Sation, WDBJ7. See you next week.

March 13, 2015

OK, I am so over who killed Austin that I can’t even watch it half the time anymore. Sure the writers needed to fill in a few weeks of air time, but seriously, enough is enough. Now I guess we are going to have to sit through the members of the “who killed Austin” club being beat in the head or even worse.

I still think that Kyle is behind this, but does he have someone helping him is what I am wondering. I don’t think that he could be doing it all alone. Does Austin really have some evidence on Victor and could Victor be behind all of this? I don’t think Victor would have had his own daughter, Abby, hit in the head and left out in the cold, but then again Victor has done stranger things in the past.

Who is this person that Victor keeps talking to in the church confessional? Maybe this person is the one who has been up to the cabin and watching all the goings on from a distance. At first I was thinking maybe it was Kyle or even Kelly, but now I am not sure who the heck it is or what they are planning to do.

Looks like Kelly kept her end of the deal with Victor’s plan to get Phyllis off the hook for poisoning her, but will she end up with Jack in the end? I do not see Phyllis giving Jack up too easily, but then again she did tell Avery that she wasn’t sure there was going to be a wedding between her and Jack. Phyllis even burned the wedding dress from her Grandma Harris in the fireplace instead of altering it to wear at her wedding. I still think Phyllis is not all there and the medications that she was on to come out of her coma have done serious damage to her mentally.

Talking about mental conditions, Neil seems to be heading down a bad road and I’m not sure if anyone will be able to save him. Now that Hillary knows Neil is the one that killed Christine’s baby will she go to the police with that or will she use it to her advantage with her divorce proceedings? I can’t believe that Nikki is willing to take the fall for the accident. Christine is out for blood right now and she doesn’t care whose it is. Especially since Kelly has decided to drop the charges against Phyllis and Christine can’t put Phyllis away again!

Not sure what is going on with Avery, Dylan and Sharon right now, but I do think that Avery is going to end up with Joe. For some reason she doesn’t feel as if Dylan and herself are on the same page and she is doing a lot of thinking in the past. Will she leave Dylan for Joe and push Dylan to Sharon? Probably so.

I see that they are finally getting Michael treatment for his cancer, but as I was watching it I became a bit upset with it all. I know people who have had cancer and they do not do as well as Michael is doing directly after chemo or radiation. I think if the writers are going to write cancer into Michael’s life they should at least make it seem like he truly is going through something. Don’t you think? I hope the writers keep Lauren close to Michael and don’t have her going to another man just because Michael has Cancer.

Looks like Brooke and Deacon are both heading into Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but they didn’t go into the meeting together. I’m sure Deacon was surprised to see Brooke there, but will Quinn feel the same way about their meeting or will she go after Brooke again? Quinn is a crazy lady and I’m sure that Brooke is going to end up on the bad end of this deal.

Wyatt seems to be really worried about Quinn and Deacon’s impending marriage, but looks as if Quinn thinks Deacon is a responsible, thoughtful person and she doesn’t feel as if she needs any papers to ensure her money stays where it is. I know, Deacon may have changed, but he doesn’t work and he still lives the great life. How? Because he is using Quinn’s money! Prenuptial is the way to go, but Quinn won’t allow it. She will regret that decision if the wedding actually takes place.

I am wondering what Hope will say when she finds out her Daddy is going to marry the crazy lady who was the reason she lost her baby? Will Hope let this marriage happen? I think not, but then again stranger things have happened.

Rick needs to have his butt kicked and kicked good! How can Eric sit back and let him treat the employees and the family members like trash? It is just crazy how he has changed over the last few months. It kind of looks like Myah is actually not liking how he is treating Ally at times, but I doubt that will make much of a difference to R ick in the end. I was kind of proud of Ivy for standing up to Rick, but he laid right back into her and shut her down. Eric needs to get a handle on Rick before he ruins what Eric and Stephanie worked so hard to build.

Guess that is it for this week. Remember that with the March Madness airing on CBS right now the shows are being viewed on different channels. WDBJ7’s sister station MY19 is airing them at their regular times. POP is also airing them at 6:30 p.m. (B&B) and 7 p.m. (Y&R). If you miss them just watch for the blog next Friday and hopefully you will be able to catch up. Have a great weekend and see ya’ soon.

March 9, 2015

I can’t believe all the things that are going on in Genoa City! I thought the last few weeks were bad, but it seems like the hard times just keep coming to all the GC families. Where do we begin?

Summer has finally remembered some interesting facts about her GREAT husband! Yep, he is/was a cheater and not with just anyone, but with her Aunt Abby! I would have never thought that Austin would have slept with Abby, but oh well, he did and now his loving, trusting, caring wife Summer is out for blood.