I must say things have really began heating up in Genoa City over the last couple of weeks. Looks like some of the storylines that we all wanted to see come to an end may just be getting started!

Let’s start with the Adam/Gabriel storyline. Now Chelsea is aware that Gabriel is truly Adam, but when he does as she wishes and tries to come clean with everyone she changes her mind and wants him to stay Gabriel and let Adam stay dead. Seriously! Is she going to be able to live with herself knowing the man she is with now is the man that accidently killed Delia and tore Billy’s life apart? Is she going to be able to keep this secret? My thought is NO! We all know she will try, but somehow or another the truth is going to come out.

Sage is trying to run away from the truth, but I have a sneaky felling when this baby arrives it will be Gabriel’s. The baby is going to have the same eye condition Conner had when he was born and then everyone will know or think it odd when Nick or Sage have not had this condition in their families. This is probably when the truth about Gabriel/Adam will come out.

Phyllis is doing her best to try to figure out what Jack means by the number two, but she is not having much luck. Victor knows what the two means, but do you think he is going to fill her in? NOT! Victor is hoping that Jack stays in the coma or he dies before he can fill Phyllis in on what the two actually means. I have a feeling Phyllis is going to figure it all out in the end. She was already having some suspicions about Jack not being himself before the shooting, but she never had a chance to figure anything out.

Nikki is now living with Neil to stay sober, but that won’t last long. Nikki will be with Neil before too long. I know….it doesn’t make sense to put Neil with Nikki, but in the long run nothing on Y&R makes much sense lately. Look at what is going on with Michael and Lauren. Who would have thought Michael and Lauren would ever get divorced? Not me, but it looks as if it may be taking place.

Lilly slept with Joe and now Cain can’t forgive her for it. Let’s see about this….Cain has done a lot of stuff in the past few years that he has been with Lilly and she has forgiven him for all of them, but she sleeps with one person and now he can’t forgive her. Does that even seem fair? Maybe in real life that would be fair, but not in the soap opera life. Cain needs to forgive Lilly and make their family happy again, but he isn’t going too. He is going to end up with Lauren in the long run.

Looks to me like Stitch is getting ready to move from Abby back to Ashley. Abby is so obsessed with her new position that she isn’t paying Stitch any attention and it is making him unhappy. Boo Hoo Hoo! Like he was going to stay with Abby long anyway! Abby is too childish for Stitch. He needs a real woman and it seems to me that he will be with Ashley very soon.

What is Marissa up too? Seems like she is wanting to get really close to Noah, but Noah is doing right by keeping his distance. Marissa is up to no good and he needs to keep his eyes open to that. It was nice of

her to take the letter that Sage left for Nick before Nick could find it, but will Noah figure out her scheme before he ends up hurt? Probably not. Noah never seems to win when it comes to relationships.

Speaking of relationships-what is up with Avery? I figured she would have shot Joe and then went to jail and that would be the end of her storyline, but it looks as if Joe is going to survive. Maybe Avery will admit herself into a hospital an evaluation for craziness and that will be how she leaves the show? I actually thought Dylan would leave Sharon and take care of Avery, but it seems as if Sharon being pregnant has made the two of them even closer.

I would like for the writers to finally fill us in on who the murderer is and I also would like to know where Jill and Colin are. It is like they just vanished from the show.

Bold & Beautiful

Ally is NUTS! She has seriously lost her mind. Someone will be getting hurt and my thoughts are it will be Stephanie, but I also think whatever Ally has planned is going to backfire and bite her in the butt. Darla is even looking evil in Ally’s visions. Darla was never a dark person, but here lately she is getting dark in Ally’s mind.

Looks like Ivy did the right thing and told Liam the truth about her citizenship, but it cost her Liam. Oh well, she will just end up with Wyatt. As long as she has a Spencer she will be fine. I’m sure that if Hope were to come back now she would be w/o the company of either Spencer heir. Liam is going to stay with Stephanie and Wyatt is working his way into Ivy’s heart.

Ridge and Caroline seem to be doing a good job with Forrester. The scenes with Myah and Caroline were kind of heart breaking, but they were nice. It is good to see some people getting along on this soap for once.

Myah’s mom seems to be genuine, but her dad is NOT! All he is after is the Forrester money. Once he seen how much everyone thought of Myah and that she was a valued employee of Forrester Creations he changed his mind from thinking awful things of her to wanting to have her in his life again. Even if it meant his son was gone and he was now the father to two daughters. This is not going to end well for Myah. I hope Rick can see past Myah’s dad and make sure she is not hurt by him, but I’m thinking that in the end Myah will be the one to pay the price for having her father in her life.


I hope to get back in the groove of watching the soaps since the Salem Fair is gone and my work schedule is back to some sort of normal, but these past two weeks have been crazy. Don’t forget that even though the fair is gone WDBJ7 is still selling the 60th Anniversary cookbooks. You can get one online at wdbj7.com or you can come into the Broadcast Center on Hershberger Road. We even take orders over the phone at 540-344-7000. SO be sure to keep your channel tuned to WDBJ7 for all your soap needs and be sure to pick up a WDBJ7 60th Anniversary cookbook. See you all next week.

June 26, 2015

Young & Restless

It is about to get really interesting in Genoa City. I’m kind of stoked to see how all these storylines are going to turn out. Who will stay and who will go? That being said, let’s get started with this week’s breakdown.

I am so happy the real Jack is back in Genoa City. I can’t wait until he brings the fake Jack down. Once he and his new found friend figure out exactly what the fake Jack is up too things are going to begin to move quickly. All of Jack’s family is beginning to suspect something is up and they are right, but will the real Jack be able to save his family from the fake Jack.

Will Marco end up taking Adam out since Adam knows that Marco is not Jack? I’m worried that Adam is going to be injured or even worse with this storyline. Maybe Adam will end up in the hospital and need some type of transfusion or transplant and then the truth of his identity will come out. I’m sure Jack would not let anything happen to Adam if he could help it. I just hope that Phyllis doesn’t end up a casualty in this mess. However this ends, it is going to be a bumpy ride so we all need to buckle up.

I can’t believe that Lilly slept with Joe! Wait, yes I can. She needed a storyline that shows her in a different light. Lilly has always played the good girl and for once they are actually making her out to be an adult with real feelings and emotions. She thought Cain slept with Lauren and she was going to get even with him one way or another. Sleeping with Joe was her way of easing her pain. Now she needs to figure out how to deal with all the guilt she is feeling. Cain will find out his wife and his friend slept together. Cain will see Lilly is not what he has seen for all these years. She is able to make mistakes and lie. WOW who would have thought that?

Lauren has finally signed the divorce papers, but she didn’t want to. I think she is beginning to have some feelings for Cain. Especially when she was talking to Paul at the GCAC and she told him she wasn’t having to work through the pain alone. She wants Cain, but will she get him? Sure she will! Cain is going to end up with Lauren after he finds out about Lilly and Joe.