Well, we are not sure who is going to be dying on Y&R, but I am thinking that at least one person will be. Hillary and Noah both come to mind as being murdered over the next few days. Will Neil take it to the limit and kill Hillary? Will Dylan & Kevin get to Noah in time before Hardy kills him? Maybe Noah will be the one to kill Hardy. I am kind of hoping that Marissa takes Marco out before he can do anymore damage to the people of Genoa City.

As for things in L.A. ,it looks like the hot dog eating investigator may be onto something and he may find his answers if he keeps hanging around the halls of Forrester Creations. I was hoping the investigator would make his way back into the storyline. This time he seems a bit on the comic side of things. Not quite as serious as he was when Darla was killed or even when he was investigating all the other Forresters over the years. I guess we will just have to sit back and wait for things to unfold on this one.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and please keep your TV’s tuned to WDBJ7 for all your drama needs from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Thanks for watching WDBJ7.

Young & Restless

Adam just can’t seem to win for losing. He needs to realize that lying to Chelsea on a daily basis is not going to be what keeps the two of them together. When will he realize that he has to tell Chelsea the truth, no matter what he thinks the end result will be? I don’t see the two of them staying in France long enough to purchase a house, but then again Chelsea does seem to give into Adam and what Adam wants. Who knows if France will be their saving grace or their downfall? I think they need to go back to Genoa City and tell everyone the truth and let the chips fall where they may. We have all been told at one point in our lives that everything happens for a reason and I am a firm believer in that statement.

I had no clue who Marco’s partner was and never thought it would be one of Genoa City’s finest, but we all have seen over the past few days that it is. How he could assist Marco with murdering Courtney is beyond me. I always thought that police were like family with each other, but I guess he decided Courtney wasn’t worth saving. I am wondering now if Summer is going to be the next victim. He was listening to Summer and the others talking about Summer having the memories coming back to her and then he left after her. Will someone be able to save her? I’m thinking that he is going to be caught in the act while trying to get rid of Summer.

I wonder if Hillary and Devon’s wedding will actually take place or will this be when Neil takes his revenge out on the two of them? Colin is trying his hardest to make more money off of Devon, but will Devon cave and pay him? Devon needs to come clean with Hillary before the wedding. Let her know that he thinks he was drugged. I’m sure she would believe him. After all she knows what kind of person Colin is and what Colin would do to ensure his money pit never ends.

Jack and Phyllis need to be careful in their battle with Victor. Marco is still out there and is not going to stop until he has Jack’s life. He wants Phyllis to himself along with all Jack has, but will it happen? I have been wondering if Phyllis will be kidnapped or something during this new storyline. It would be crazy if Phyllis were kidnapped by Marco and if Shelia was brought back into the mix. Wouldn’t that be something to see?!

I guess the next couple of weeks will tell us all what we have been waiting on. Who actually killed Austin and Courtney? Is Marco going to get his way and become “Jack” again? Will Devon and Hillary have their happy ever after? Is Neil going to get his revenge or will it all back fire on him? We just have to wait and see…..

Bold & Beautiful

I was actually feeling hurt for Myah when she overheard her mom and dad discussing her at the bottom of the stairs the day of the wedding. How could he say those things and think she wouldn’t find out? I’m glad that Myah decided to clear the air before taking her vow to Rick. She needed to get her dad out of the picture. I think he was just after what he could get since he has been out of work and down on his luck. I’m glad that Myah’s mom stuck by her and told her dad to go. I actually think this storyline may have turned out pretty good.

Steffy is getting ready to make the wrong choice if she is planning on sending Ivy packing back to Australia. Looks like Wyatt isn’t going to stand by and let that happen for one minute. It didn’t take Wyatt long to put Liam in his place when he was discussing Ivy with Steffy. Thomas trying to scare Ivy into deleting the video is also not going to fly with Wyatt. Wyatt has found is soul mate and the rest of the people around him will need to back off of Ivy. Sure, Ivy can take care of herself, but why try when she has Wyatt to do it for her? I like Wyatt and Ivy together. I think they will be a force to be reckoned with in the long run.

In the end Ivy needs to come clean with Thorne about how Ally really died, but she should use it against Steffy for a little while and get what she can out of her. Make Steffy nervous for a while. Steffy has always taken what she wants, well now it is time for her to suffer a bit. Don’t you think?


For those of us that have watched these two soaps for a long time we all are kind of sure where things may be headed, but for all the newcomers it may seem like things just never end, but they do and when they do it will be time for the next big story to begin. I am so ready for the next big story to begin and for all these to end. Sometimes it seems like the writers drag the storyline’s out way too far, but I keep watching. What does that say about me? Not sure, but I am still going to keep my TV tuned to Channel 7 to keep up with all the happenings around these two towns. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and see ya’ all next week.

August 9, 2015

Young & Restless

Well, last week I was wondering if Marco (fake Jack) was going to be making his way back to Genoa City & this week we all got that answer….YES and thank goodness Jack filled Phyllis in on the whole thing or she could have really been hurt if not killed! Phyllis is not going to sit back and let Victor get away with all he has done. In a sense she was violated multiple times by Marco when she thought he was Jack & it all happened because of Victor. As far as I am concerned Victor should have to pay dearly for all he has done. I know, Victor is Victor and the villain in him is what keeps some people watching, but don’t you agree that the writers are taking some storylines too far? I think that Jack has a plan to try (and I say TRY) to bring Victor down, but I doubt we will ever see the end of this plan.

Adam following Chelsea to Paris may be is saving grace with him. Who knows, maybe Chelsea will take Adam up on his offer and start over in Paris, but I honestly do not see Adam letting go of his vengeance for Victor. I think he should come clean about being alive, killing Delia and everything else that he has done so he and Chelsea can stay together. He needs to pay for his crime, but Billy also needs to pay for shooting Adam. I know that Adam killed Delia, but it was an ACCIDENT and Billy needs to realize that so he can move on. This anger he feels for Gabriel/Adam is going to get in the way of his happiness with Victoria in the long run.

Neil certainly gave Hillary a mouthful while they were stuck in the elevator during the blackout. I kind of thought it was a bit funny, but Hillary seemed nervous. I don’t think Neil is going to tell Hillary what went on at Devon’s bachelor party, but Hillary will find out. Will she find out before she marries Devon or will it be after is the question I have? Maybe Devon’s secret will stay safe for a while and once Hillary is comfortable in her marriage to Devon the truth will come out.

I don’t like Noah and Marissa together. For one I think she is too old or she is supposed to be too old. After all she was Marco’s girlfriend and he is as old as Jack, which would make him old enough to be Noah’s grandfather. Then again this is a soap and even in real life age doesn’t seem to matter much anymore. I do think the writers needed to give Noah more time to heal from Courtney’s death. I just hope that Noah isn’t going to end up hurt because of his rushing into bed with Marissa.

When the blackout came I was actually thinking that someone else was going to die or disappear, but so far I don’t think that has happened. We all know when there is a blackout or a storm in Genoa City weird things begin to happen. Maybe the writers have so much going on right now they can’t figure out where to go with the storylines.

Maybe next week there will be an end to Marco and we will know if he was truly the one who killed Austin and Courtney. Also, if he was the one who killed them then why did he do it? What was his problem with Austin and was Courtney a casualty because she figured out the truth? Will Cain and Lilly ever be able to make things right again? Is there going to be a wedding for Hillary with a happily ever after or will Devon’s little secret come out? Is Adam going to do the right thing? Not sure about any of it, but we can all hope some of this will come to an end so there can be new storylines to keep us watching through the fall and winter months ahead.

Bold & Beautiful

Looks as if Stephanie may have gotten away with the murder of Ally. Thorne is suffering so bad over this and Ivy is trying to tell him what really happened, but Wyatt keeps talking her out of it. I think Thorne needs to see the video and Stephanie needs to pay, but what does it matter what I think to the writers of this line? If they show him the video now what will they have to write about for the next 6 months or so?!