Lilly is certainly within her rights to be angry with Cain, but should she let Hillary win by allowing her marriage to fall apart because of Hillary’s lies? NO, she needs to open her heart back up to Cain and rebuild her family.

Lilly and Cain are no good without each other. Those two have been through a lot over the years and have always come up fighting. Jill has done a great job making Lilly see the light, but will Cain mess it all up by drinking the night away with Colin? Will Colin even let Cain know that Jill called wanting him to come home to Lilly? I think Colin would prefer Cain not be with Lilly. Sure he loves his son and his grandchildren, but Colin has always thought that Lilly was holding Cain back.

Kyle has made his return to Genoa City and has all the people from the cabin wondering just what in the heck has happened. Did Kyle move Austin’s body? Did Kyle actually set all this in motion? Was it Kyle that Noah saw standing outside the cabin? Kyle told Jack that he came up for Abby’s party, but Abby acts as if Kyle didn’t know there was a party. Abby is bringing up questions about Kyle and his fall into the ravine.

If Kyle did fall en route to the cabin why are there no marks on him? Whose bloody towel did Kevin and the others find in the trunk of Kyle’s car? I believe that Austin is dead, but who killed him is not clear at all. At first I was thinking maybe this was a dream of Kevin’s, but it has gone on too long. I do not think that Fen would have drugged everyone in the cabin, but if he didn’t then who did? I was chatting with one of the ladies in our Master Control this morning and we both think the writers just threw this storyline together because none of it is making much sense. I guess we will all have to wait and see where this one ends up.

Jack seems to be hiding something. Sure, he is hiding the fact that he did sleep with Kelly from Phyllis, but is it intentional or is it because of his head injury? I would like to believe that Jack did not sleep with Kelly on Valentine’s Day, but we all saw Ashley confront Jack, so I would assume that it was not Kelly’s imagination.

Phyllis is going to make sure that Kelly is run out of town by enlisting the assistance of Victor, but is Victor going to help or hinder Phyllis’ efforts. Victor is up to something, but who is he working with? Is the person in the church confessional a man or woman? I think that it may be Kyle or even Kelly in the confessional.

Nikki has finally confessed to having a drinking problem again to her children. I have to say that I am so past all of that mess! She looks horrible and for her to be so passé about it makes me sick. She has been lying to everyone for months about her problem and now that the truth is out she has to get as much sympathy as she possibly can.

YES she needs help because she is an alcoholic, but does that mean Nick and Victoria have to be the ones to pick her back up again. I think if Victoria had her way about it that she would put Nikki in a rehab and move on, but Nick is always so forgiving with his mom. Oh well, I guess we will see how this one turns out in the next few weeks. I’m sure Victor will keep making her life a living hell so she will keep having a reason to drink.

Nick is really beginning to take a liking to Sage and it kind of seems like Gabriel is a bit jealous at times.

Maybe Gabriel should move on with Sage and let Chelsea be a memory, but I don’t see that happening. Someone is going to find out who Gabriel is and soon. Billy is already asking all kinds of questions about Gabriel’s bullet wound. Gabriel told another lie to get around the truth about how he got shot, but I don’t think Billy is going to let that story lie for long. He has a feeling that Gabriel is not who he claims to be and Billy will find out the truth.

With all that is going on in Genoa City it makes LA look kind of boring right now, but hey at least Eric came back and still was not able to see just how stupid his idea of making Rick CEO really was. Eric has to be blind! How in the world can he not see that Rick is a great con man? Eric wants to believe in his son so badly that he is blind to what is going on. Rick shot a gun into an office that was occupied by his wife and his brother.

Rick has Myah’s portrait hanging in the mansion where Stephanie’s portrait should be hanging. Rick has been ordering Ivy and Ally around like puppy dogs and the rest of Forrester is scared to death, but can Eric see a problem with that? NO! He just lets Rick apologize to everyone and thinks it is all OK now.

I certainly hope that Liam is able to bring Rick down, but I wouldn’t want him to move ahead with Steffy by his side. I like Liam with Ivy and I also think that Ivy will fight for Liam. Maybe if Hope would have fought a little harder for Liam then Steffy wouldn’t have had a chance with him previously. I will say that Ivy has her work cut out for her when it comes to Steffy, but Liam does seem to be committed to Ivy, so we shall see.

Brooke is really going down a path of destruction. This drinking that she is doing has taken a horrible turn for the worse. Katie was not too impressed with her at the wedding, but did anyone say anything?

Nope! Deacon is heading down a road of no return with Brooke, but I am thinking that Quinn will not be too happy with him at all. Quinn thinks that Deacon will not betray her, but she has to remember that Deacon came back to LA for Brooke and Hope. He only hooked up with Quinn after Brooke let him down. Deacon has always wanted Brooke and I’m sure that since he planted one on her that she will want him right back.

Maybe Deacon will be the one to save Brooke from herself and her drinking problem. I just hope that Quinn doesn’t do as Wyatt suggested and go nuts when she finds out that Deacon is betraying her with Brooke.

Why is it that Myah doesn’t want her little sister to be living in that big mansion with her and Rick? Is she afraid her sister will fill Rick in on some bad secrets or is she afraid that Rick will want her little sister? Who knows what her reasoning is, but I am looking forward to this storyline. I think it will be one for the record books for Bold & Beautiful.

This is it for this week. I hope that you are all shoveled out of your homes and can enjoy this weekend weather. Remember to keep your TV tuned to WDBJ7 for all your soap and weather needs. See ya’ next week!

February 20, 2015

Where in the world do I begin with what is going on this week on Y&R? Sometimes I think the writers make too much happen too fast and it kind of makes me wonder why they do because it makes it difficult to keep up, but hopefully I can recap what’s going on and still manage to make some sense out of it all.

From what I can gather the entire town of Genoa City is falling apart, planes are falling from the sky and people are being murdered.

Neil let everyone on the plane know that he could see again by reading the liquor bottle as he was beginning to get drunk on the plane and hold onto his brief case like there was a bomb in it. Actually I did kind of wonder if there was a bomb in it, but thankfully Colin made sure he located it to see what it was. I’m sure he was hoping it would be loaded with money when he found it!

Lilly is not happy with anyone that kept the secret from her about Devon and Hillary, especially her husband, Cain. I’m sure that she will get over it, but she is not going to make it easy on Cain. Cain spent all that time looking for Lilly and even risked his life to do so, but will she think about that? Doubtful! Neil and Devon are frantically trying to keep Hillary alive, but will they be able? What is the secret that Hillary has to tell Neil? Is she going to tell him sorry for cheating on you with your son? Maybe she will tell him that she is pregnant and it is Devon’s. What if she has to tell him something about her dead mother? Maybe there is another child of Neil’s out there he doesn’t even know about!

Just as Sage finds out that Nick wants to possibly have a relationship with her the building collapses and she may never get the chance she has waited all her life for. Is Joe going to be able to leave town after this or will he stick around to see what his future may hold with Avery? Will Avery leave what she has with Dylan to go back to Joe?

Sharon seems a bit off of her rocker since she had the wreck, but will Dylan be able to figure it out before she does something really crazy? Why would she think that Nick would be upset with her about taking Faith to a hotel when he called and left her a message telling her to be safe and call him when she got to where she was going? She seems to me to be hoping that Nick doesn’t make it out of the underground collapse alive.