Nikki almost got caught drinking when Victoria came in, but go figure, she didn’t. I still can’t believe that her own family can’t tell that she is a lush again. What do they see when they look at her? Can they not tell that she is drunk? Do they not realize that she is not on her best game? You would think that one of the many friends/family would be able to tell she was nipping on the bottle again.

Hope has certainly been bit by the JEALOUSY bug! I think it is funny. I do wonder if they are going to recast her or if they are going to find a way to right her out of the show. I hope they recast her with someone who isn’t so whiny. Ivy on the other hand isn’t taking anything from Hope. She is holding her own.

Wyatt is about to get himself in a ton of trouble with Hope. She heard him preparing a romantic boat ride, but she is also going to find out that the boat ride was not for them. Doubt that she is going to be happy when she finds out that Wyatt has set Liam and Ivy up for a romantic evening.

Quinn is seriously deranged and needs some help. If she thinks that Hope is ever going to come around to her way of thinking, she is mistaken. Hope hates Quinn and I doubt that will change. I just do not see what Deacon sees in her. Other than a bed partner and a free place to stay since Brooke is out of the picture.

Looks like Eric is beginning to realize that Stephanie may not be out of that house after all. Did you see the picture fall off of the wall? Freaky! To say the least. I don’t like Taylor with Eric. Actually, I don’t like Taylor with anyone. She needs to go back to Paris.

Next week we should get to see Adam’s new person and maybe find out who the older woman is. Hope that Victoria and the baby make it out of the garage safely. Maybe Hope and Liam will finally finish their storyline by not being together any more once he makes his move on Ivy. Will Devon and Hillary finally let their secret out? Guess we all have to wait until next week and see what happens.

Keep watching WDBJ7 for all your daily drama needs. See you next week and please try to stay warm during this cold front we have moving in.

November 7, 2014

What a roller coaster ride this week has been! Ups, downs and even a few sideway curves have been thrown on both soaps this week. There are some weeks that seem better than others and this has been one of them.

Who, besides me, can say they are glad that Sharon has been busted?! I was so happy when Phyllis took her to the stairs where it all began. Sharon was going to throw Phyllis down those stairs again if she were given the chance, but luckily Phyllis got herself turned around and was able to keep her balance.

Thank goodness that Victor had been having Phyllis followed since her return so that Nick, Jack and himself would be able to find them when the time was right. Go figure that Victor would be the one to fill Nick and Jack in on the truth, but Phyllis was in NO way going to let Sharon off the hook without admitting to her guilt. Way to go “Red”!

I feel sorry for Jack, Nick and Summer for all that Sharon has put them through. To think that someone (Sharon) who is supposed to love another (Nick) unconditionally would be able to do the things that she did for her own happiness. Nick was right when he walked away from her!

Nick and Sharon both lost Casey and both knew the pain that losing a child causes, but Sharon still let Nick go through all that pain all over again when she made Summer out to be Jack’s daughter. Then to let Summer feel as if she had lost her father and her mother all in the same time frame. What kind of person does that? I’ll tell you: SHARON! She has always been conniving and out for number one, but this time she messed up and will have to suffer the consequences.

Will Jack go to Kelly over all of this? Will Phyllis lose the love of her life because she didn’t let him in on the news when she got back to Genoa City? I think so. Phyllis is going to end up with Nick again or at least I hope so. Sure, she and Jack are meant to be, but how can Jack forgive Phyllis for her hand in this when she knew all along that Summer was not his? Yes, Phyllis wanted to hear Sharon admit it, but she could have let Jack in on her suspicions. Wouldn’t you think?

Devon and Hillary are getting ready to be black mailed about their affair. Will Devon give in? Nope! I’m thinking that this storyline is about to get good. Devon isn’t going to keep the secret about his love for Hillary too much longer because he is not going to want to pay to keep it secret. Sure he has billions of dollars, but he doesn’t want to spend it to keep the secret. He wants Hillary and this may be his only way to have her to himself.

Victoria is beginning to realize that Stitch may not be as bad as she had anticipated in the beginning. Yes he was in prison, but was he there because he did committed murder or was he covering up for someone else? My feelings are his mom did it and he took the wrap. Hopefully he will tell Victoria and then they can move on with their relationship.

Cancer! I do not like that word and hate that Michael has it. I want him to be able to get the support he will need from his family. So happy that Kevin has been sneaking around and now knows, but he needs to tell Lauren and Fen. He is going to need all the support he can get in this time. I hope this storyline does not mean the end of Michael Baldwin! That would be such a sad day.

Is anyone ever going to figure out that Nikki is drinking again? Paul has been worried about her for a few weeks now, but she is still making out like she if fine. Well, she isn’t and she is beginning to look haggard and in need of some type of help. I don’t understand how all these people can say they are her friends and family, but they have no clue as to what she is doing right under their noses.

Poor Hope! She is so jealous of Ivy and Liam that she can barely see straight. Hope needs to realize that she is married and having a baby with Liam’s brother. Hope needs to let Liam go and let him move forward with Ivy. Ivy is doing a great job on letting Hope know that she is not willing to sit back and just let Liam suffer through all of his pain alone. Ivy is going to be with Liam whether Hope likes it or not.

I have a thought about this Amsterdam trip that I want to share with all of you. I am thinking that Quinn is going to show up and something bad is going to happen with Hope and Quinn that will end her pregnancy. Not sure what it may be, but you know that Quinn is not going to stay in the states with her unborn grandchild in Amsterdam. Liam is going to be there to help Hope get through the loss of her child, but I still think he will stay with Ivy after the fact.

Myah makes me sick! Literally! I can’t stand to even watch her on the show. I don’t like her looks or her tone and her almighty attitude. The writers are doing a great job with the storyline for Rick, Caroline and Myah, but why make Myah such an evil person all of the sudden? Caroline needs to knock her off of her pedestal and take her man back. Caroline is a Spencer and she must have some of the Spencer ways about her. Use what you have been given and get your man back!

That’s it for this week. Hope that next is as good as this one was. Have a great and safe weekend. Keep watching WDBJ7 for all your drama needs.

October 31, 2014

CBS is doing a great job this week on the soaps! So much is going on that I honestly do not know where to begin! I have to pick someplace, so here we go: Phyllis is truly back and this new one is beginning to grow on me. She actually looks more evil than Michelle did when she played the role of “Phyllis.”

She knows the truth about her accident and she is just waiting for the perfect time to fill Nick in. Sharon needs to listen to Casey’s warning about the truth coming out and she needs to buckle up for the ride that Phyllis is about to take her on.