Things seem to be heating up for Chelsea and Billy. Victoria sure does seem a bit jealous of it, but hey, she is the one who wanted the divorce. She needs to move on with her own life. Even if Chelsea won’t be with Billy for long, I think once Adam makes his way back to Genoa City Billy will be in Chelsea’s past.

They need to bring him back and get this story started. We need some good action with the three of them, especially if they plan on keeping this Billy. He still is not my favorite, but he is beginning to grow on me.

Did anyone see Hope tell Quinn that she was NOT going to a part of her child’s life? WONDERFUL!!! I was so happy to see Hope let Quinn in on that tidbit of information. Seriously, who does Quinn think she is? She has done so many things wrong to Hope and the people Hope cares for over the last few months.

How can Quinn think that Hope would want her anywhere near her or the baby? I’m sure Quinn is NOT going to be happy, but hoping Wyatt will be able to keep her in line. I am beginning to think Quinn may end up doing something to hurt Hope’s unborn child and then Hope and Liam may FINALLY have a chance to be together.

Ivy sure is beginning to move in on Liam, but it also doesn’t look like Liam is backing down from Ivy and her advances. Lunch, dinner, maybe breakfast, if Ivy has her way. Eric even seems a bit impressed with Ivy and Liam being together.

Can anyone say they should have cast someone else to play Eric’s brother? I’m sorry; I just do not like that man in general. Something about him, but anyway, it is what it is and I guess we will have to put up with him for a while. Hope he isn’t on the show for too long.

I was really shocked when Brooke decided to tell Katie that she was going to Italy and she wanted her to attempt to build a new relationship with Bill. Sure, I knew she would be off the show because she is going to be working on Dancing with the Stars in Italy, but had no clue the writers would try to put Katie back with Bill. Does this mean Ridge may end up with Caroline? Will Myah get Rick back?

Things sure are beginning to take shape on both soaps, but we will all just have to keep watching to see what the end results will be. Join me back here on next week for the scoop and keep watching WDBJ7 to stay current. Have a great weekend.

Sept. 26, 2014

I have been watching Y&R and B&B for what seems to be forever and still can’t figure out how the writers keep coming up with all these storylines.

Victor keeps moving ahead with all of his antics, Nikki becomes an alcoholic over and over, Phyllis is heading back to town with a truck driver, Victoria is jealous of Billy and Chelsea, Myah is now making her plans to ruin Rick and Caroline’s marriage, Bill is hoping that his sons can work things out, Hope is pregnant by a man that she doesn’t want to be married to, Ivy has fallen for Liam, the list just keeps going. Let’s break it down a little and see if we can make any sense out of any of it this week.

Looks like Victor is checking DNA for the wrong person. Victor thinks Mariah was talking about Faith, but she didn’t get all the correct information, he should be checking Nick’s DNA against Summer’s DNA.

Maybe Victor will figure it out before it is too late. Before Nick actually marries Sharon! Will Phyllis make her debut back in Genoa City just in time for the wedding or will she be too late?

Phyllis coming back to town may make Lauren happy, but I don’t see her return having a happy ending for Kelly. Sure, Jack is letting Kelly change the house up to make her happy and make her feel like it is her home, but will Jack be able to keep away from Phyllis once she gets back? Summer may have a large influence on that relationship. I’m sure her wanting her parents together may assist in Jack’s decision to leave Kelly. Of course, I am just speculating that Jack will return to Phyllis.

How long do you think Michael will be able to keep it a secret from Lauren that he is taking medication to assist him in the bedroom? Sure, he is able to keep up now, but seriously, how long? Once that news comes to light and Lauren realizes Michael is in need of help in that area I’m sure sparks will be flying between the two of them. Could open the door for Avery and Michael? Possibly!

Avery is in a bad position right now with her new business with Michael and her fear Dylan may have done something really bad to Ian. How is she going to handle all of this? Paul is also in a bad position with Christine due to his feelings and willingness to help Nikki and his newfound love for his son, Dylan.

I could not imagine being in either of those positions. Did Dylan kill Ian? Did Victor have someone kill Ian? Did Avery have something to do with his disappearance since the call came from her landline? This is going to be a long storyline.

What is the new secret that Stitch is keeping? Why does his Mom not want him to tell Victoria about it? Was his Father molesting a member of the family and that is why he killed him? Will this secret allow Victoria to see Stitch is a different light? If so, will the new light she sees him in be one that will allow her to move on with Stitch and not be so jealous of Billy and Chelsea?

Speaking of Billy and Chelsea! Where the heck is Adam? When is he going to be coming back to Genoa City? If he doesn’t get back soon he will not have a chance with Chelsea and Conner because she will be back with Billy. Not that I think this relationship will work, but I have seen other couples make it work, so I guess giving these two a shot isn’t so bad.

I can’t believe Liam has lost Hope forever! This was their chance at happiness and now to see Hope is pregnant with Wyatt’s child is just crazy! I was hoping the two of them would finally be able to be happy, but now they are both in for a life of unhappiness.

Wyatt is thinking Hope is staying because he “won”, but she is only there because of the baby, which she has not even mentioned to Wyatt. That kind of leads me to think that something may happen with the baby that would open the door for her and Liam again. I knew she would not get rid of the baby, but she may have a miscarriage before she even tells Wyatt. Weirder things have happened on these soaps.

Now that Brooke knows about the baby, will she be able to keep it a secret? If she tells Bill, will he go to Wyatt with the news? I’m thinking if she does tell Bill she will ask him to stay quiet about it so Hope can figure things out and he may just do this to keep Brooke’s faith in him. This could be a way for Bill to gain some of Brooke’s trust back.

Quinn needs to be locked up! Will Ivy do it? I would hope someone sees her for what she really is and that is a crazy woman. Hope will not have a minute’s peace being married to Wyatt if he allows Quinn back into their lives.

Next week should be interesting. Phyllis should be back in Genoa City. Victor should have the results back from the DNA. Dylan will either be in jail or out of town. Myah is going to be making more moves on Rick. Ivy may go after Liam even harder than she was. Who knows what will happen, but I know we will be able to catch it all on WDBJ7. See you all next week and have a good one.

Sept. 19, 2014