Colin is going to make another move on Devon, but will Devon give in or will he let Colin do his bidding with the information he has? If it were me I would not have allowed Colin to get the first million from me. I think I would have had to let him tell Neil about the affair back then. At least it would have all been out in the open and Devon wouldn’t have to keep hiding with Hillary.

Summer was mean to Mariah and when Austin saw that side of Summer he didn’t like it. Sure Mariah kissed her husband, but like Austin said it didn’t mean anything. Summer is so jealous it is going to end up ruining her relationship with Austin. I actually would like to see Mariah with Kevin and Summer alone. I think Austin can do much better than Summer. Even Fen could do better, but he has been in love with Summer since middle school.

Nick and Sage seem to be hitting it off pretty good. I’m sorry, but Faith is just a brat! I do not see why they give her roles where she speaks. I know she is a part of the storyline, but she gets on my last nerve. Always whining and carrying on about her daddy and her mommy. Get over it kid! They are not going to be married! Sage on the other hand may end up having to divorce Gabriel/Adam if she isn’t careful with how close she gets to Nick.

Gabriel/Adam sure did mess up when he was talking to Chelsea about the “hotel.” I think she will be figuring things out sooner rather than later. She did get a bit nervous at her studio with Gabriel/Adam after that comment.

Chelsea told Gabriel/Adam that she thought they should only meet at Jabot from now on. I’m sure Billy will like that, but will Gabriel/Adam be able to stay away? Not! Billy see’s that this new guy in town is up to something, but he just hasn’t been able to figure out what that something is yet.

So many things have been going on in both cities this week. I can’t wait to see who Rick did shoot and will Brooke tear into Myah? Will Neil figure out what Hillary is doing behind his back? Is Phyllis going over the edge with no way of returning or will it be found out that Kelly is really the bad person in this scenario?

Well, if you are like me you will be tuning into WDBJ7 every day next week from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. to find out. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and see you next week.

January 16, 2015

I have to start this week with the Bold & Beautiful! Rick and Myah are making me ill. Seriously, hanging her portrait in the mansion where Stephanie’s portrait has been hanging was just ridiculous! I can’t imagine what Stephanie’s spirit is doing right now. I was talking to Sarah (a girl here at work) the other day and we were discussing what Steffi would do to Myah if she were to come back from Paris. I think the writers need to bring Steffi back and let her be the way she was back in the day. Let her loose on Myah and Rick! WOW that would be an amazing ride.

It does seem like Myah is in love with Rick, but I still think that Rick is still in love with Caroline. He only told Myah that he loves her because she was going to leave and that would have put a wrench in his plan to keep hurting Caroline. Without Myah by his side to torment Caroline, Rick actually doesn’t have anything.

Caroline needs to move on with her own life and do that without Ridge! Ridge is not good for any woman and Caroline can do way better. Caroline needs to take some time and get away from Rick and Ridge. She should take off to Paris and make great designs there. I say this, but I think she will end up with Ridge because she feels as if she can’t do any better and she feels drawn to him.

Wonder when they are bringing Hope and Wyatt back into the picture? I haven’t even heard if they are re-casting the role of Hope. I would think that they would, but will they have her chase after Liam or will she just stay with Wyatt?

Moving onto Genoa City; not sure which family to start with this week, so I guess we will just begin with Phyllis. She is up to her old self again and I am afraid that she may lose Jack with all her shenanigans with Kelly. Why can’t she just realize that Jack loves her and move on? Sure while she was in her coma Jack moved on with Kelly, but as soon as she was back he was committed to Phyllis again. He could have just left Phyllis twisting in the wind, but he did the right thing and went back to her. I just wonder if Kelly is going to figure out a way to catch Phyllis at her own game.

Speaking of being caught; will Neil ever figure out that his wife and his son are lovers? This whole storyline is beginning to be a bit much and dragging it out is just crazy. Hillary will end up pregnant, but it will belong to Devon. Devon will not allow Neil to raise his child and Neil will have to find out the truth.

Let’s just move this story along a bit and get it over with.

Gwen is really beginning to fall for Devon and now Devon is feeling like he needs to break things off with her. I do not think it is going to be as easy as he thinks. Gwen knows how much Devon is worth and she is all for being with a wealthy man. I think she also has a sneaky suspicion about Devon and Hillary.

Will Lilly be able to throw a wrench in Devon and Hillary’s getaway to Chicago? Sure she will. Maybe that will be where the truth comes out. Maybe Lilly will go to Chicago with Hillary and catch Devon and Hillary slipping around. That would be an interesting twist of events. Especially since Lilly is beginning to like Hillary.

I am also getting sick of poor Nikki! Seriously, how many times are they going to play the alcoholic card with her? I understand that alcoholism is a disease, but she seems to rely on the Vodka bottles more than she should. I don’t blame her for thinking she needs to drink. If I were married to Victor I would probably be an alcoholic, but she has a great support system and she needs to use them. Get over yourself, Nikki, and move on.

Another thing about her that drives me nuts is that she has MS, but her drinking doesn’t seem to affect it at all. Wouldn’t you think that if she were taking medication for her MS that drinking would not work well with that? Wouldn’t you think that it would be harder for her to hide her drinking from people who are supposed to know her?

Dylan needs to be careful when it comes to Victor. He has not realized just who Victor Newman is, but I am afraid that he will be learning this soon. I have to say that I do think that he was mugged by thugs hired by Victor or Joe. I also think that Victor is only going after the Warehouse District because Dylan has the Crimson Lights and he is Paul and Nikki’s child. If Dylan wasn’t in business there Victor probably wouldn’t have even thought of selling the Warehouse District.

Joe is certainly pulling out all the stops to try to win Avery back, but I honestly feel that Avery will not waiver from Dylan. She seems to truly be in love with Dylan. I kind of like it when Joe messes with Avery and gets her all fired up. She slapped him good today!

Ashley is not the least bit happy about Stitch and Victoria. I don’t think she wants Stitch, but I do think she wants Stitch to be a little more careful with Jabot information around Victoria. After all, Victoria is Victor’s daughter and Newman is always looking to outdo Jabot. I don’t think Victoria would risk her relationship with Stitch to find out secret information for her father, but then again she is a Newman and she has worked right alongside her father for years. Victoria has learned from the best.

Adam is beginning to make his way into Chelsea’s life, but Billy is standing guard and doing a pretty good job of it. Billy definitely does not like the fact that Adam is working at Jabot and he definitely doesn’t like him possibly moving into the same building that he and Chelsea live in. I can’t wait to see if Conner has a connection with Adam when he finally gets to “meet” him.

Nick is going to find out what the deal is with Adam/Gabriel and when he does all heck is going to break loose. Nick already has a sneaky suspicion about Adam/Gabriel because of the answers that he gave when they were discussing boarding school. Good thing that Sage is able to hook up with Nick and fish for information about Adam/Gabriel. Will Sage get close enough to Nick to get the good stuff on Adam/Gabriel so she can fill him in or will Nick figure it all out before then?

This has been one exciting week on both soaps. I am interested to see what the gun is all about on B&B and who will be shot. I think Rick is going will use it on Ridge when he finds out that Caroline and Ridge have gotten a lot closer.