What in the world is up with Myah’s father? He is up to no good and I hope that Rick or someone in the Forrester family can figure it out before Myah gets hurt. At first I thought it was all about the big house, expensive cars and money to him, but after seeing how he looked at Rick and Myah yesterday I’m not sure of that anymore. I think he is out to hurt Myah for being transgender. Like she had a choice in the matter. Myah/Myron didn’t choose to be transgender and he needs to realize that and move on.

The wedding is supposed to take place soon, but will Myah’s father be able to walk her down the aisle or will this be when he gets his revenge on Myah for not staying Myron? Who knows maybe he won’t do anything and just let it happen so he can live off of Myah’s good fortune and the Forrester money?

Thomas coming back to town was not for Stephanie! He is out to take his dad’s girlfriend and now that Ridge knows Caroline wants to have a family that may have opened up the door for Thomas. Thomas can give Caroline a family and Ridge has told her he is too old to start a new family. Good for you Ridge! You finally realized that you are not the young man you once were. You may have to let Caroline go so she can be truly happy in her life, but will Ridge sacrifice his own happiness to ensure Caroline has true happiness in life? Guess we just have to wait and see, as usual.


Once again I have no idea where all these plots are going to end up, but I am certainly going to keep my eyes on WDBJ7 to see where they may or may not be heading. Sure it is all fantasy, but it is also addictive and for me I have been addicted to Y&R since the early 1980s and to B&B since it first aired. Sure you can go a month or two without watching and then catch up within a couple of episodes, but I am still drawn to these two shows. I hope that for those of you who watch them you get just as much enjoyment out of them as I do. I think the best thing I get out of them is knowing that my life may not be as glamorous as theirs, but my life is definitely not filled with near as much drama. I like how my life has turned out, but I also like watching the ones on these two soaps fall apart and then get rebuilt again. Keep your TV’s tuned to your Hometown station WDBJ7 and I will see you again next week. Have an amazing weekend and enjoy the weather over the next couple of days.

July 31

Young & Restless

I am beginning to wonder if Marco is going to make his way back to Genoa City to seek revenge on Jack, Victor and Marissa. I think if Marco does come back to Genoa City, Phyllis will know in an instant something just isn’t right and look into things a little better this time around. She is already wondering what is going on with Jack (or is it already Marco) now that Jack wants to go on a honeymoon again and since he isn’t the same man he was before the shooting. This is going to get very interesting, but I’m sure this time around it will be much for confusing.

I’m glad that Kevin and Mariah didn’t believe all of Marissa’s story about the accident. If they had not went to the lake looking for the car and Marco’s body then we would not have known that he is out there somewhere. Although in soap opera storylines even when there is a body as proof that someone has died they may not really be dead.

Chelsea loves Adam so much, but she can’t keep going down the road of pain with him. That is understandable, but why doesn’t Adam just come clean? Tell everyone who he is and suffer whatever consequences he has to suffer. Be a man, Adam! The longer he runs from all he has done the harder the system is going to be on him in the long run. Maybe, just maybe if he comes clean Chelsea will want to be with him, but as long as he keeps hiding behind Gabriel there is not a chance for them.

Looks like Neil is going to get his revenge on Hillary and Devon after all. Colin has slipped a little something into Devon’s glass and now he has captured him with a paid escort on his cellphone. At first I thought Colin was going to use it as blackmail, but then Colin sent the video to Neil. What will Hillary think when she sees that Devon was behind closed doors with another woman? Will she believe that Devon didn’t do anything (which he probably won’t because he will pass out) or will she just suspect that Devon did? Should be interesting to see.

I wish Cain would just forgive Lilly and the two of them be a happy family, but NO they have to keep Joe in Genoa City to become Lilly’s new love interest. I am not liking this storyline at all. I don’t like Joe and wish they would have sent him packing instead of Avery. Cain is going to lose his family if he doesn’t stop and pay attention to what is going on. Lilly has forgiven Cain for a lot of things over the past years, but she makes one mistake and he calls it quits.

I certainly hope that the writers are not setting up a storyline for Paul to be leaving the show. He is one of the better characters on the show. Paul having a heart attack is not good. Maybe they are doing this to make a spot for Heather to come back. That would be nice. I don’t think that Heather and Dylan have been introduced yet, but I could be wrong.

Sharon telling Dylan that she would walk away made me laugh out loud! Like she would ever walk away from any man on her own. Normally she has to be ripped away from them in handcuffs because she gets too crazy when she realizes they don’t want her. I just hope Dylan keeps this new baby safe from all of Sharon’s drama.

Bold & Beautiful

It is so sad that Ally is gone from the show, but they truly didn’t give her much of a storyline to work with. At first she was a shy kid coming into LA and then they had her fall in love with Oliver and she began to be more like a real person instead of a shy girl that didn’t think she was worth anything. Next thing you know she has her cousin, Ivy, in town and they become besties and Ally really begins to come out of her shell. Of course we all knew that once Stephanie came into the picture things were going to get rough. Who would have thought that Stephanie would have killed Ally? I did not see that coming. I figured that Ally would end up in a coma or a psychiatric hospital, but not dead.

Thorne is having a really hard time dealing with Ally’s death. First he loses Darla by the hand of Taylor (his sister-in-law) and then he loses Ally by the hands of Stephanie (his niece & the daughter of Taylor & Ridge). I wonder if he will ever find out the truth. Will Ivy have to tell Thorne what she knows or will this secret be kept?

Wyatt sure is moving in on Ivy and I’m kind of glad. I know and I agree that Ivy and Liam seemed great together, but Liam can’t seem to make up his mind what he wants. Once Liam finds out that Ivy and Wyatt are together as a couple I’m sure he will not like it at all. Liam can’t seem to share his ex’s well. I do have to say that it is odd that Wyatt ends up with all his brother’s women. He was married to Hope, had a short fling thing with Stephanie and now is trying to hook up with Ivy.


Not sure where all the storylines are headed after this week, but know this….we must keep our channel turned to WDBJ7 to find out. Also, don’t forget about CBS All Access if you don’t have time to watch the shows when they air.

I’m hoping by the end of next week we see some good action between the Forrester that came home to be there for his sister, Thomas & Caroline. I’m sure Thomas isn’t drawing a portrait of his father’s girlfriend because he wants his dad to approve of his drawing. This is going to be a good storyline…..Caroline just told Ridge on Thursday that he would not lose her…..yeah, like that isn’t going to happen.

Hopefully Ivy tells Thorne the truth. Maybe Phyllis will be able to figure out what is going on with Jack before it is too late this time around. What will Neil’s revenge plan actually include? Is Adam going to be a real man and let everyone know he is still alive and living among them? I guess we will all have to just keep watching. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and catch up with you next week.

July 24, 2015

Young & Restless

Looks like Noah is falling for Marissa! Will he get his heart broken? Sure he will! How can he think she is telling the truth about anything? I know/feel she didn’t have anything to do with the murder of Austin and Courtney, but if he doesn’t tell the police what he knows then who is to say they will ever be able to close the case? Is Marco really in the bottom the lake? I bet Kevin/Mariah find a way to check into Marissa’s story. The two of them will probably go to the lake and see if there is a car at the bottom of the lake. I doubt that Marco’s body will be in the car if the car is found.