Phyllis is supposed to make her debut in August, so that should be happening really soon. Going to be interesting to see if Jack wants Kelly or if he will move on with “Red”....keep watching Your Hometown News Leader, WDBJ7 and see ya’ next week. Have a great weekend.

July 18, 2014

Love triangles, memory loss, memory recovery, regrets, past loves, etc....the plots just keep coming on Y&R and B&B. This has been one interesting week.

Let’s start off with Devon, Hillary and Neil. What is going to happen with this family? Will Devon leave town or will Hillary give into her feelings for him and cut Neil loose?

I think Cain will end up having more to do with the breakup of Neil and Hillary than he thinks. He needs to speak up and let the cat out of the bag! Neil is going to regret buying Hillary a house when he finds out that she is in love with his son and wants to be with him. I do think that Hillary has some feelings for Neil, but I think her passion is for Devon.

Christine is sure having a difficult time dealing with Paul not wanting to have a baby at this point in his life, but is that what her problem is or is it mainly the fact that he has a son with Nikki? I am thinking a little bit of both. Nikki and Paul make a great couple and had Paul known that Nikki was pregnant back in the day, they may have married and had a family. Paul is right to question having a child now, with his health as it is at this time.

Dylan is NOT happy at all with Avery and the fact that she is helping Austin in his defense. Is it just that or is Dylan feeling guilty about Paul getting shot and Avery getting kidnapped? Maybe a little of both...guilt for those two things on top of the guilt that he has been feeling for his friend that died during the War. Dylan is going to have a long road ahead of him to try to come to terms with everything that he has been through in the past few years.

Esther is beginning to see that Jill is not as upset as one would think since the necklace has been “stolen.” I still think that the one that they gave the thief was the real one and she actually has the fake.

Wouldn’t that just be a hoot? Will Esther and even Lauren figure out what is going on with Jill and Colin before it is too late?

Nice to see Jack and Nick coming together for Summer, even if the marriage probably won’t last. Sharon is having all these visions and beginning to put some things together. Will she put it all together before Phyllis comes out of her coma or will Phyllis be the one to bring Sharon down when she gets back to Genoa City? That is going to be a storyline that I am sure to NOT miss!

Glad to see Liam and Wyatt being brothers, but I have a sinking feeling that Wyatt is up to no good in his intentions. Will he try to get Hope back? I think so. Liam is being so naive about his newfound relationship with his brother.

Oliver is doing his best to make things right with Ally, but it is going to be enough? I believe that Oliver will be able to win Ally over and I also think he truly has feelings for her.

July 11, 2014

This has been an interesting week for both soaps! Not a lot of things going on, but you can certainly tell that things are going to be heating up soon on both of them.

Looks like Summer and Austin are going to be having a real wedding before he is sent to prison and divorces Summer. Right! I do not think that he will be divorcing her at all. I think that he will get off with very little jail time, if any, and that they will stay together. Wouldn’t it be nice if Phyllis were to wake up soon and nip this all in the bud? She would not put up with this for one minute. Summer would not be married to Austin and she definitely would not be spending her trust fund on his attorney fees.

I seriously LOL’d when Lilly pushed Hillary into the pool. That was hilarious. I am glad that Lilly is beginning to have a backbone on the show. For so long she has played this poor, innocent, naive young lady who just let whatever happens happen, but not anymore! She knows that Hillary is not good for Neil and she does not want them together, but what will she do when she figures out that Devon is also in love with this woman?

Christine is so worried about Paul and what might have been between him and Nikki that she is going a bit nuts. Sure Nikki and Paul have a son, but that doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean that Paul loves her any less now than before he found out about Dylan, but Christine has always been a bit of a worrier when it comes to Paul and Nikki. I do think that Nikki and Paul would have made a great couple back in the day and loved it when they showed the flashback of the two of them, but I’m sure that they would not have lasted. No relationship ever does in a Soap.

Ian and his lawsuit against Nikki are a joke. Ian is a joke, but I’m sure he will do all he can to make her pay for something that she really didn’t have any notice of. She didn’t know that Ian could not have been Dylan’s father until Paul was shot. I’m sure Victor will be coming to the rescue of Nikki once again.

What is up with Victoria? She is with Stitch then heads over to see Billy to let him know that she is leaving town for a few days, but acts as if she is happy about being with him. Then when Chelsea comes in she is all bent out of shape because they are friends. What does she want? Does she want her cake and to eat it too? She has Stitch wrapped around her little finger and also has Billy jumping through hoops for her, and she still isn’t happy. I wonder if the DNA comes back as Billy’s if she will even tell the truth. Probably not! She will say it is Stitch’s baby just to keep Billy away.

Chelsea is on her way to finding out who the real Stitch is. He did not want to discuss the friend that they may have in common from Illinois either. Who did he kill? That story needs to unfold a bit faster and Adam needs to get back quicker, before Billy moves in with Chelsea or before Billy finds the camera that Adam has in the baby’s room.

What in the world is up with Quinn? I have to say that I always thought she was out there, but didn’t realize how far out there she truly was. So glad that Deacon had the commonsense to fill Wyatt in on the fact that she made that sword and said she had to take care of something. She would have killed Liam if he had not gotten there. Liam and Wyatt will bond over this, but will this bonding of the two boys interfere with Liam and Hope? Will the drama begin again with the three of them? Or will Ivy coming to town have something to do with Wyatt and Liam?

Glad that Rick has not said anything to Ally yet about the tape he heard with Oliver on it, but not sure how much longer that story will stay quiet. I’m sure that someone is going to let it slip and Ally will be heartbroken and go crazy and do some damage to someone/something.

Ridge is not the man he was before he went after Brooke and he is letting Katie in on the secret, but will she be able to keep it a secret? Will she let her sisters in on this secret and try to get them to help her figure out a way to help Ridge? Ridge is making some headway with his memory, but will he be able to put all the pieces together? Will Spencer be brought down?

I hope that you all have a great weekend and be sure to watch WDBJ7 next week for all of the twists and turns that will be happening on Y&R and B&B. I know I will be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens with some of the story’s and anxiously waiting for Phyllis to return.

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