I think that the secret may come out soon since Carter made his remark about Myah to the others. Quinn is going to be on a mission now to find out the truth. What is it that Myah is hiding and how can she use it against her to get what she wants?

Looks like Ivy and Wyatt may be getting close and that won’t be good for Liam. Seems to me that Hope left and now they are going to put Ivy in her place. Doesn’t seem like the writers can give Liam the life he wants without making him work extra hard for it. Of course, I did hear that Steffy is coming back so maybe they will put Steffy back with Liam again. I hope not! I think Steffy and Wyatt deserve each other.

Pam is doing her best to get Ridge to take over Forrester Creations, but she is not getting very far with it. Ridge doesn’t seem to care about taking it over. Ridge actually seems like he is ready to move on. Maybe Ridge and Caroline need to form their own design house and show Rick how a business is supposed to be ran! Wouldn’t that be interesting to see?

Gabriel/Adam needs to fess up to Chelsea once and for all. Why keep dropping hints about knowing Adam and about how he feels for her without just telling her that he is Adam? He already knows that Chelsea loves Adam and would go to him if he were to come back, so just tell her! Wrap up this storyline and let Chelsea be with Adam and put Billy back with Victoria.

Victoria is not thinking straight when it comes to Stitch and Abby. Does she not see the looks that are flying between Stitch and Abby? Even Ashley can see that there is something going on between the two of them. I don’t like Abby, but I think that Stitch would be good for Abby.

Sage has fallen for Nick and I think Nick is falling for her, but will Sharon allow this relationship to blossom? I think Sage can hold her own when it comes to Sharon. Sage must really care for Nick if she is willing to give up all that money for him. Hope that she gets her happily ever after. I really like Sage and think she could be good for Nick, but will Nick want her after he finds out she has been lying to him about who Gabriel is?

What is Hillary up to now? I think she is going to sleep with the ADA so that she can use that to get the case against Neil thrown out of court. Good plan, but will it backfire on her? Not sure if that would help Neil’s case or hurt it in the end. Neil needs to just let Leslie handle things and act like he has a little bit of sense.

I hate that Courtney had to die. Noah deserves to be happy, but it seems that whenever he gets close to being happy something happens. Seriously, this whole murder storyline is beginning to be a bit much. Is it Sharon? I don’t think so. Someone is watching her while she was with Dylan at her house. Nick couldn’t have killed Courtney because he was with Noah. All the others that were there when Austin was murdered are all accounted for, but there is one person who wasn’t at the wedding, FENMORE! Could Fenmore be the real killer and if so, why? What would he gain?

Who is the mystery person working with Victor? I thought it could be Kelly, but now I’m not so sure. I don’t think she is dead, but not sure she would be the one. What are they going to use the fingerprints for? Are they going to be used to frame Sharon with the tire iron? Guess we will have to wait and see.

Thanks for tuning in this week for the scoop on our favorite soaps and catch you next week right here on WDBJ7 for the latest. Have a wonderful weekend. Be sure to share the road this weekend because there will be a lot of bikers out there.

April 3, 2015

Rick has definitely lost his mind! Why on Earth would Rick bring Quinn back to Forrester Creations? Is he trying to run off all the employees or does he just think Quinn will get rid of them for him? She is not in her right mind and with Deacon hanging out with Brooke we will all be seeing just how insane Quinn truly is!

Deacon is trying to do right by helping Brooke when she needs him, but Quinn is not happy with either of them now that she knows who Deacon has been helping. Quinn is about to go off the deep end again and I’m afraid that Brooke will be the one that is one the receiving end. I’m sure that the sharp object Quinn is working on in her shop will be what she uses on Brooke. Will Brooke be able to survive Quinn? Will Deacon come to Brooke’s rescue again? I’m thinking that Brooke will survive, but I’m wondering if Deacon will suffer at the hands of Quinn once Wyatt lets his Mom know what he overheard.

Nicole is pushing all the right buttons with Myah these days. Myah is a bit nervous about leaving Nicole alone with Rick due to her big secret. Myah needs to just come clean to Rick so that Nicole has nothing to hold over her head. Sure she will lose Rick, but at least Nicole won’t be able to blackmail her any longer.

Over in Genoa City things seem to be calming down a little bit, but I am still not close to figuring out who killed Austin!? Was it Sharon? After hearing Faith talking to Dylan about the woods and the car breaking down; it kind of makes me think that maybe Sharon did have something to do with Austin’s murder.

Then again there is Kyle and his love/lust for Summer. Can anyone else believe that Kyle came to town to make sure that Summer wasn’t hurt by Austin or did he come to town to get rid of Austin so he could have Summer? I kind of think that he wanted Summer all along, but when they were brother/ sister it was not possible, but when he found out they were not brother/sister he decided to get rid of Austin and make his move on Summer.

Sharon telling Nick about her discussion with Austin the way she did makes me mad. Sharon is only blackmailing him to get what she wants. Nick needs to just go to the police and tell them what actually happened so Sharon can’t use it against him, but instead he goes straight to Avery to have the paper changed on Faith’s custody.

Joe and Avery are getting a bit too close for comfort if you ask me. Phyllis is also noticing the closeness between the two of them. Avery may think It is nothing, but Joe has plans for their relationship and it doesn’t include them just being friends. Will Avery end up with Joe? Yea, she will. Avery can’t stay with one man too long. She was with Joe then Dylan and then Nick and then Dylan again, so why not go back to the beginning with Joe?

Paul sure laid down the law to Nikki when she went to him for help with the fingerprints, but why in the world did she let Victor know that she had the envelope? What is she thinking? Who is Victor’s helper? I am beginning to think it may be Stitch. Stitch seems to be getting a bit sneaky here lately.

Abby is going to end up in bed with Stitch real soon. Probably on their trip to get Kelly’s ashes (I still do not think she is dead). I can’t believe that Victoria actually told Stitch to take Abby with him! Does she not see the chemistry between the two of them? Is she hoping that he goes to Abby so that she can cry on Billy’s shoulder again? YES! That is it! Victoria is hoping that Stitch will sleep with Abby and that she will be able to give her sob story to Billy and he will come back to her.

I guess we will have to wait until next week to see if we get any answers too our questions. Until then I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Easter. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Keep your TVs tuned to WDBJ7 and I will see ya’ next week.

March 27, 2015

I guess it is true; Myah was a boy when she was born. Then she went to Los Angeles to become a woman. Rick is not going to like this at all when he finds out. Myah has pleaded with Nicole not to tell anyone about who she truly is, but will Nicole keep this secret? Myah wants to wait until Rick asks her to marry him before she tells him. Does Myah really think that Rick will go through with the wedding after he finds out Myah was a Myron? I’m thinking NOT!

Brooke is really trying not to drink, but she is having a difficult time of it. Deacon is being a great sponsor, but will he be able to keep things between him and Brooke legit or will he give into his weakness where Brooke is concerned? My thought is Deacon will not stay true to Quinn for long. Sure, he wants too, but as Brooke has made very clear in the past to everyone; no man is safe around Brooke Logan.

Quinn has finally realized that her elaborate wedding may not be that elaborate after all. Deacon and Quinn need to just go to the Justice of the Peace for their big day because no one will be showing up to the event. Unless they invite people that neither one of them know; then maybe they would have a good turnout for their big day. Wyatt may be there, but he is probably the only one that would show up. I doubt very seriously that Hope would show up at all.