Rick also needs to watch himself around Steffy. She wants to be CEO and knows that she can do the job.

If Liam does what Steffy wants then Rick will see a hostile takeover remove him from CEO. Steffy will be taking Myah’s portrait down and putting Stephanie’s back up so fast it will make heads spin.

Caroline and Ridge are certainly beginning to get hot and heavy in the Loft, but will it last? Will Ridge go against his daughter and keep his relationship with Caroline going or will he see that it is not right? My guess is that he doesn’t care how old/young she is and yes, he will keep it going as long as Caroline agrees. After all he has a hot, young, blonde chasing after him and all he has to do is stand there and wait for her. I don’t see too many men turning away from that.

Not sure what life has in store for the families of these soaps, but I’m sure whatever it is will be a little bit of a surprise. I’m sure that there will be some major storyline coming for Neil and his family to put guilt on someone. Victor will get caught doing something that he thinks will save his family from harm, but in fact will only make things worse. Christine and Paul will probably not see the birth of their child because Christine is too determined to bring Phyllis to justice for things that happened years ago.

Brooke will end up with someone, but will he be from her past or will there be a new guy? Will Hope come back and stir the pot with Steffy and Ivy over Liam? Will Rick finally get what is coming to him and be knocked off his pedestal? Not sure about any of it, but I do know that if we stay tuned to WDBJ7, that we will soon find out.

See you all next week and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

February 6, 2015

The verdict is in on who will have sole custody of Faith Newman….the winner is NICK! Who else besides me knew that was coming? Sharon is feeling as if all of her family is turning against her. Mariah actually told the truth on the stand, so she is now banished from Sharon’s life. Noah told the truth on the stand, but she knew he would not lie. What did Sharon expect? She has done some seriously wrong things over the past couple of years and she needs to pay for them.

Will Dylan decide to come to Sharon’s rescue since he and Avery are in a tiff or will he actually do the right thing and admit to Avery he was out of line by accusing her? Sure she was in Joe’s room, but she did nothing with him. Except slap him; which I found a bit funny.

Looks like Victor is either being very nice by stopping the takeover of the Warehouse District and by selling Chancellor Industries to Jill and Cain or he is up to no good and we just don’t know it yet. I am leaning towards the no good part; especially when it comes to Jill. He may be backing out of the Warehouse mess because he figured he wouldn’t win as easily up against Dylan, but selling Chancellor to Jill and Cain may be another story.

Cain and Devon did a great job of keeping Colin quiet about Devon and Hillary, but now what will they do to keep Colin quiet to Lilly? Not sure if the Colin train wreck is going to be stopped this time around. I think Cain is trying to keep everyone happy, but one would think that Cain would realize Colin is a deadbeat and deserves NOTHING. Colin has always been out for himself and who cares who gets hurt in the process.

Lilly on the other hand seems to be digging into what is going on and I kind of think that she will figure it all out in the end. Will Cain loose Lilly over the secrets he has been keeping for Devon?

Speaking of Devon and Hillary, is anyone else fed up with all the sneaking around? How in the world do these people sleep at night? Seems to me that having an affair would be very stressful and would not be worth the effort to keep it going. If Hillary would devote as much time into her marriage as she does her affair, her marriage may be great!

This whole thing with Phyllis and Kelly has me baffled. Did Phyllis really do all the things that Kelly is saying she did? Is Kelly actually the crazy one and just making Phyllis think she is? From the way Stitch was talking to Kelly I am beginning to think that maybe Kelly lost more than her husband and son before she came to Genoa City. Jack seems to be wanting to stick it out with Phyllis, but will Phyllis be able to forgive him for putting her in Fairview? Summer is having a very hard time with all this and it makes me wonder if she and Austin will be able to get past it all or will she end up losing her mind also?

Christine is going to end up losing the baby that she and Paul tried so hard to make. Her hatred toward Phyllis is getting the best of her. Will she be able to back away before she ends up losing the baby or will she feel the need to keep going with all her vengeful anger towards Phyllis? I hate to say it, but I kind of hope that she doesn’t get to have the baby and that she also doesn’t get to put Phyllis away. I just do not like Christine and never have. Even when she was “Cricket.”

Looks like things are getting a bit hot in LA this week with Liam deciding to start a hostile takeover of Forrester Creations. Will he be able to pull it off? I’m sure that Steffy will end up assisting him in the takeover and she may even do her best to get Liam away from Ivy, but not sure if she will be able to pull that off. Especially since we now know that Wyatt and Hope are over.

Hope may come back and try to claim Liam as hers again. Ivy will have a fight on her hands either way. My opinion is that Ivy gets Liam. They are cute together and the other two have hurt Liam so many times before. Liam deserves some happiness.

Wyatt did make me smile when he told Rick off and quit. Of course, he will be going back to Forrester so that he can play the double agent and give info back to the Spencer’s for the takeover. Will Wyatt be able to play both sides or will he and Rick end up battling it out daily?

Brooke seriously thinks that she can make Rick get back with Caroline and that she can force Ridge to not be with Caroline. Who does she think she is? I know, the Queen of Forrester is who she thinks she is, but I bet Caroline ends up with Ridge anyway. Brooke needs to remember that she left and didn’t want Ridge anymore when she was all in love with Bill. Then she left Bill for Italy and now she has returned home to Ridge with Caroline and Bill with Katie.

I think it is funny how things have happened. Wonder if she will now turn to Deacon and try to take him away from Quinn? Not sure if Deacon would go to Brooke now that he is with Quinn. Quinn may give Brooke a run for her money.

I want to end this week with a request that we all keep our thoughts and prayers with Linsey Godfrey (Caroline, Bold & Beautiful) as she was hit by a car earlier in the week and is recovering. I am wondering if the writers will use her injuries in the show or will she be re-cast for a brief period of time.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep your TV’s turned to WDBJ7 for all the best daytime drama around. See ya’ next week!

January 30, 2015

Looks like Rick has not learned a thing since he shot Grant Chambers back in 1997; because he has shot at Caroline and Ridge while they were “making out” on the couch at Forrester Creations. I was actually hoping that Rick did shoot one of them, but instead he just shot into the office.

Rick is losing his mind and from the looks of it Brooke is going to back him up on everything he has done lately, so I guess it is OK to just act like a maniac while being the CEO. I have a feeling there are some things getting ready to happen at Forrester that may bring Rick off of his pedestal and put Myah back on the streets where she belongs! Maybe, if we are all lucky, Myah will go back to filming Abreva commercials!