Loyal dog stays by side of dead companion despite cold

Restaurant owner eventually buried dog in nearby park

POSTED: 10:58 AM EST Dec 30, 2013    UPDATED: 11:48 AM EST Dec 30, 2013 
Loyal dog

A busy intersection and freezing temperatures were no match for a dog's loyalty in China.

One pooch braved the weather and passing cars to watch over a canine friend after it was killed in a traffic accident.

CCTV reports it happened in northwest China on Dec. 22.

Residents say the sandy-colored dog stayed with its friend the entire night despite freezing temperatures. Some residents put a stool next to the dogs so they wouldn't be hit by passing traffic.

A restaurant owner eventually buried the small white dog in a nearby park.

His faithful friend stayed with them until the pooch was laid to rest, and then ran off.