Going into its fifth year, the Blue Ridge Marathon is getting better known in the running community.

We spent a few hours with the oldest runner in this year’s race, David Hurley.

Hurley loves to run. On this particular morning we met him at the Roanoke Athletic Club in Roanoke County. He’s 72.

"I've done 72 marathons and I didn't begin until I was in my 50s," Hurley said.

Watching Hurley train and run and look flat out great for 72 was enough to make me feel awful. I asked Dave what got him running in the first place.

"When I was in my 30's I went to my doctor and he insulted me. He told me I was out of shape and I left angry. He was a marathon runner," Hurley said.

During a regular checkup recently, doctors found a fast-growing cancerous tumor and took it out immediately. Shortly after surgery, Dave was back on the trail, training again for the Blue Ridge.

Hurley is the oldest registered runner in this year’s Blue Ridge Marathon. He says he's got some inspiration.

"I have a friend who's done almost 10 marathons and he's older than I am," Hurley said.

Dave does not look his age. He trains several times a week and says running "America's toughest road marathon'' takes planning and patience.

"But I'm older now so I have to listen to my body,” said Hurley, who acknowledged that he doesn’t push himself as much anymore.