Dan River used a big second half performance by Terrell Edmunds to overcome Martinsville last week. With a five touchdown, 300-plus yard performance last week, Edmunds is Player of the Week.

It's not hard to spot Terrell Edmunds on the Football field.

Terrell Edmunds, “People look up to me, but I look up to them just as much. They run hard sometimes and make me better while I'm making them better as well so we just follow off each other and build off each other.”

Football is certainly a family affair for Edmunds. Terrell comes from a long-line of football players. His older brother, Trey, is now plowing through defenders as a running back at Virginia Tech. His father, Ferrell, now his head coach at Dan River, spent seven seasons in the NFL with the Dolphins and Seahawks.

Terrell, “Well my dad is always pushing me harder in practice. He yells at my brother and I a little bit more than everyone else but you can take that from your dad being the coach. But with my brothers, it's about competition. After each game we see what each other did and we still congratulate each other but it's competition to make us better.”

Coach Ferrell, “Regardless of how talented he is, you need guys around him to make him good. Friday night, the linemen made a commitment and said lets control the line of scrimmage”

And with 28 carries, 344 yards and five touchdowns in the week four win against Martinsville, the future Virginia Tech Hokie didn't even start the game at running back.

Ferrell Edmunds, “But the thing about Terrell is he went into the game Friday as a wide receiver. Our starting running back got hurt and Terrell basically got forced to play running back. He's a very talented guy, once he sees what's going on, he makes the adjustments”

Terrell, “The line they came out and blocked great and I couldn't have done it without the line. So I have to give all my touchdowns and yards to them out there.”

Ferrell. “It's great to see your son have some success but you have to look around and see all the players around him. So we're very fortunate to have a lot of great players here at Dan River to help these guys along.”

Now as Dogwood District play begins for the Wildcats, they're hoping for another run to the postseason.