It was homecoming tonight at Bogle Stadium for the Hidden Valley Titans, but an improved Blacksburg team hoped to spoil the festivities.

The Titans looking to get off to a fast start in this one.

On Hidden Valley's first possession Jake Smiley handed the ball off to Walker Brand. He found a huge hole and broke a long run. The 40-yard gallop set up the Titans at the Blacksburg 15-yard line.

On the very next play, Smiley pitched to Brand again. He takes it to the endzone from 15 yards out. And the Titans were on the board 7-0.

Hidden Valley with the ball again. On third down, the Titans go to the air. But Jake Verniel squashes any momentum with the pick.
The Bruins trying to get in gear in the second quarter now. Grayson Shelton with the run, but he coughs it up and Hidden Valley recovers.

Titans looking to cash in. On third down Smiley finds Massi Fillici in the endzone. He makes a heck of a catch for the 14-yard TD strike. Hidden Valley rolls in this one 20 to 3.