This week at Magna Vista where Joe Favero's Warriors welcomed Dan River's Wildcats to the place known as the Hole.

The Warriors mascot did his part to fire up the folks in Ridgeway tonight and Joe Favero's team needed all the help it could get.   

In the second quarter, Magna Vista's Traveon Redd faked a hand off and sprinted through the defense, barely getting touched, straight to the house and Magna Vista was on top 7-nothing.   

It was the Wildcat's turn. Senior Terrell Edmunds hoped to throw to Tremaine Edmunds, but the 30 yard pass was intercepted by the Warrior's JaiQuan Hairston who was headed the other way. He zigged and zagged his way 50 yards all the way back to the 15 yard line of Dan River.

Two plays later, Redd handed off to Jacqez Hairston who lost the handle and it was recovered by the Wildcat's Quantez Terry.

But the Wildcats good fortune didn't last long.  Quarterback Zemar Anderson tossed it to Malcolm Ware. Ware threw it up but the Warriors  Redd was johnny on the spot.  He made the pick in the endzone.

Dan River 25 to 14 the final.