Floyd County Coach Winfred Beale has been stuck on 199 wins for the last couple of weeks. On Friday night coach Beale got another shot at 200 as his Buffs took to the road at Radford's Norm Lineburg Field.

Homecoming night in Radford, seniors Eric Benitez and Kate Little were crowned King and Queen.

Into the third quarter, a 4th-down punt from Floyd falls through the arms of Radford's Donald Baylor and is recovered by Michael Clemons for excellent field position on the Bobcat 36 yard-line.

But on 4th-and-goal from the 3, Matt Bary throws it a little wide of the receiver and the Bobcats would take over on downs.

Floyd though would hold them. Into the 4th quarter, again Floyd with the ball going for it on 4th-and-5 from the 10, the pass from Bary is again off the hands of his receiver in the endzone.

Later in the 4th Radford with the ball on 2nd-and-12 from the Buffaloes’ 44, Rasheed Jordan gets the toss from Donald Baylor. He got outside and leaped over a defender for a 26-yard run.

But on the next play, Baylor keeps it but the ball is forced out and recovered by the Buffaloes.

Two plays later, with just two minutes left in the game, Bary launched it downfield trying to make a big play but is picked off by Rasheed Jordan.

Both teams went scoreless in the second half. Radford ran out the clock and won 17-0.