Giles looks to win 10 games for third straight year

POSTED: 03:39 AM EST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 07:27 PM EDT Aug 30, 2013 
Giles coach Jeff Williams
GILES, Va. -

The Giles Spartans are 20 and 4 over the past two seasons and the single wingers are back for more this season which begins next Friday night against Blacksburg.

"Anytime you have a season like you did last year and you have a good core group of guys coming back, the kids kind of have a feel," says Head Coach Jeff Williams. " They say hey, we're out here to compete and we're out here to win and that's the attitude we want our kids to have."

Giles graduated, Ian Mann, Garrett Lee, Kearsley Dillon to name a few.  And while the single wing takes some getting used to, most of the Spartans have mastered it through rec leagues and middle school before reaching the varsity.