Glenvar's only playoff win came in 1992.  This week the Highlanders tried to double that number on the road at Dan River.  The Wildcats made a first round playoff exit last season.

Glenvar struck first as Levi Mullins threw to Savion Stone in the endzone on a 7 yard strike and it was 7-nothing Highlanders.

Later in the first Dan River's Jovian Reynolds handed off to Terrell Edmunds. Edmunds had a nose for the endzone.  He broke off a 60 yard touchdown run.  And Dan River had tied things up at 7-apiece late in the first.   

Dan River was back at it a few minutes later.  Reynolds handed off to Brian Cook.  It was another big play.  Cook found plenty of daylight and no defenders in sight.  That was a recipe for an 80 yard touchdown run. The Wildcats had the lead and they wouldn't give up.

On the ensuing kickoff, Dan River kicked a 20 yard kickoff, the Highlanders coughed up the pigskin and that was costly.

Two plays later,. Reynolds handed off to Edmunds once again and got a similar result. 

Dan River knocked off Glenvar big tonight, 32 to 15.