Gretna hit the road for Altavista this week.  The Colonels had only beaten the Hawks once since 1998 coming in, but that one win came just last season.

Gretna fans made light of that win with a banner on the Altavista sideline.

Dyon Rosser got to work for the Hawks, faking a pass before running the ball 20 yards to grab a first down.

The Hawks go up 7 to nothing in the first quarter.

Altavista's Juan Thornhill answered with a 40 yard run, breaking into Hawks territory and making a first down for the Colonels.

Thornhill finished the drive with a quarterback keeper, taking the ball on a ten yard trek into the endzone.

Altavista tied it up for halftime, but Gretna ended up winning a close one - 23 to 22.