Hidden Valley made a great run in the playoffs to get to the 3A Quarterfinals last year, and that end of the season momentum hopes to translate into this season for Scott Weaver's team, as the Titans hope to build consistency.

“It's pretty simple. We bring back 17 starters off of what we thought was a pretty good team,” Weaver said. “We were pretty close to having that opportunity to play in that last game. We just build on it. We take it one week at a time. We just try and go through and focus on each opponent. And once you get to the playoffs, we proved last year, once you're in anything can happen.”

Hidden Valley had Heritage on the ropes in the postseason last year, and with those 17 starters back in some key positions, the Titans hope experience can move them farther than seasons past. After a 1-4 start last year, Weaver's team hopes it can get off to a quicker start and build confidence early.

“We're looking this year to get off to a faster start. Hopefully we can avoid the 1-4, the 2-3 type deal that we've put ourselves in the last couple of years. But we just want our kids to play hard. We want to get through camp healthy and then let the chips fall where they fall,” Weaver said.