SALEM, Va. -

A 7-0 loss to Sherando in the state semis ended Salem's 2013 season.

Entering 2014, the Spartans' expectations haven't changed in a place where football rules.

Coach Stephen Magenbauer has won 108 games in his first 10 years at his alma mater. He begins his 11th season with the same, simple recipe.

“It took us a little while to hit our stride last year. Hopefully we'll be a little better earlier this year,” Magenbauer said. “So yeah, it makes it really fun when there's a lot of good teams in the area. There's a lot of good teams in the area this year. Just focus on the fundamentals this year and make sure we're good and comfortable with a few things then we can branch off of there. I think that's how it should be done. We have to make sure we're good with the fundamentals.”

Salem returns quarterback Austin Couling who had a big impact on last seasons' success, as well as tailback Coleman Fox, so leadership shouldn't be an issue.

"Well hopefully it's a little bit of everything. The work ethic and the weightlifting that we do. The community that's involved and cares about our football team. So I think a little bit of everything but certainly hard work is at the top of that list," Magenbauer