Northside and Lord Botetourt entered this week at 7 and 0 and 6 and 0 respectively.  The Cavaliers had allowed just 23 points all year and cruised to four shutouts.  But this week figured to be the Cavs toughest test to date.  And the two coaches were plenty familiar with one another.  Burt Torrence and Jamie Harless were teammates in college at Emory & Henry.

This game really needs no introduction. Prior to last season, Lord Botetourt hadn't had a winning season since 2000. Their last victory over Northside came back in 2007.

Northside on the other hand averaging almost 38 points per game in their seven wins this year.

But with two perfect teams meeting in week eight, simple math shows us only one would remain undefeated heading into week nine.

Around 6,00 people in attendance to watch these two local unbeatens battle.

In the first half-- all defense, Northside was trying to drive but a sack and a few penalties later sets up a 3rd and 38.

Lord Botetourt and Northside would each get field goal opportunities but both kicks failed and they entered halftime scoreless.

Out of the half-- the Cavaliers would begin driving, Chris Thompson got some space and ook it 17 yards into Viking territory.

He would finish the drive punching it in from five yards out to put Lord Botetourt up 7-0 in the third quarter.

Still 7-0 in the fourth-- but Northside found the endzone finally Dom Dunnaville found Tra Jackson who skipped in from 42 yards out barrels in to tie the game at 7 with 6:34 left.

But the ensuing kickoff-- Lord Botetourt's Bobby Staples found a hole and left everyone in his rear view mirror-- 68 yards later Lord Botetourt was back up 14-7.

Northside would engineer a drive Dunnaville to Ben Plunkett on third down-- that was a touchdown with 1:25 left and tied the ball game at 14 sending this game into overtime.

Lord Botetourt would win the toss and elect to receive first-- where on fourth down-- Chris Thompson pounded it in from one yard out to make it 21-14 with Northside's turn next.

The Vikings gota fourth down from the eight yard line-- Dunnaville was trying to make something happen but the pass falls incomplete and Lord Botetourt won it in overtime 21-14 improving to 7-0.

Chris Thompson, Lord Botetourt Running Back said, "It was a dog fight... We knew they weren't going to turn it over so we had to keep trying to pound them and that's what we did."

Burt Torrence, Northside Head Coach said, "I think they made some good adjustments. Some good scheme adjustments to what they've been doing previously and adjusted according to that. So I think it was just two really good football teams that were going at it tonight."

When asking Jamie Harless what the win meant to his team he said, "Turn your camera and look over there. I can't describe it, ask those kids what it means."