GILES, Va. -

Single-wing football has been the staple for decades in Pearisburg.

While Brett Whitlow, Brian Mann and Tyler Perdue have received most of the accolades this season, that success en route to the State Championship game wouldn't be possible without the offensive line.

The Spartan linemen say single-wing football is the only way they know how to play the game.

“We've run it all our lives and it's a tough offense but it's hard to block. But I wouldn't want to be anywhere else because it's not fun,” junior lineman Hunter Epperley said.

When teams line up against Giles, it's safe to say the Spartans will run the football.

With a tradition of strong backs, many have reaped the rewards of strong blocking on the line. The unsung heroes are the men in the trenches.

“It's all in repetition,” senior lineman Jonathon Jennelle said. “We go out each and every day in practice and run plays four or five times and keep running them every time. What really helps us is we always work on our legs and hips in the weight room. That's what coach preaches to us. We have to have great leg strength to run our offense.”

But what makes Giles successful at running the single-wing isn't just the studying. It's the years of running it. They start early and have seen their predecessors do it and do it well.

They start as young as the fourth grade.