Liberty sophomore Devin Carper has a twitter handle that includes the letters CEO.  Carper was certainly in charge last week in a win over rival Jefferson Forest.

After a rough start, getting injured in the first defensive series of the first game of the season, Devin Carper is finally healthy and playing the best football of his career.

Coach Chris Watts says, "He missed two game early in the year with a high ankle sprain and he's been getting healthy with that for the last several weeks and he's getting to the point now where his body is catching up to where he wanted to be... Now that he's getting his full speed back, with the offense that we have with the triple option, he becomes a major threat in that."

Devin Carper said, "I was just running across the field and I fell and when I got up I realized I wasn't walking straight and my teammates were like, if you're hurt go down. We'd rather have you at the end of the season than injured now and it worked out because now it's starting to pay off."

Last week in Liberty's 41-27 win over Jefferson Forest, it paid-off to the tune of a career high 242 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns.

Chris Watts, "Our offense, as a triple option, we have to get the fullback established. And if you can't do that we can't run what we're doing so what he does is invaluable for us.

Devin Carper, FFE Player of the Week, "I was very excited. We all came in with a good mindset and like you said, anybody can have that many yards throughout the night and if you get the opportunity you just gotta take it."

Carper also took his opportunities on the defensive side of things, recording 8 solo tackles, 8 assisted tackles, a sack and 2 tackles for a loss. And just as his stats are equally impressive on offense and defense, Carper says he likes playing each side of the ball equally as much.

Devin Carper, "I just like playing football to be honest. Defense, it's good to be the quarterback on defense, the middle linebacker and on offense I like just running the ball and trying to get yards."

The other upside to this story for Carper and the Minutemen is that he's only a sophomore, with plenty of time ahead of him to continue to improve.

Chris Watts, "He's a good lead for being as young as he is. The kids follow him. He's always excited. He always gives 100 percent and rarely do you find that mixture -- especially for a 10th grader."

Devin Carper, "On the team it's not really an underclassman or sophomore or anything like that. We're a team. We're all a varsity team. The community looks at us. The school looks at us. We're all just coming out and playing as a team. It's good. Everybody looks up to me-- even the seniors. I look up to the seniors and they look up to me. I tell them what they're doing wrong. I hold everybody accountable. They hold me accountable when I do something wrong and everything just works out."