Wide receiver Harold Buckner was a difference maker for the Vikings last week in the state semis against Loudoun Valley, as he has been all season.

“One-on-one I'm going to win. That's what goes through my head every time,” Buckner said.

Harold Buckner III has had plenty of those one-on-one opportunities this season, including last week in a 29-14 win over Loudoun Valley. Buckner caught just four passes for 63 yards, but two of those went for touchdowns.

“Those were really good balls. The four catches that I had, I think there was a slant, a comeback, and one was a go I believe,” Buckner said. “The slant was a high ball that I just jumped and got it. The coemback, I got around him, turned his hips and came back for the ball and got my feet in bounds and that's how I scored the two touchdowns.”

At 6-3, 190 pounds, Buckner is clearly the go-to receiver for quarterback Dom Dunnaville. The two have been friends since grade school, and have developed quite the chemistry on the field.

“We've been playing together our whole life. It's really fun and we have a lot of chemistry together,” Buckner said.

Buckner has had a catch in every game this season, averaging 57 yards per game with 13 touchdowns on the season entering the state finals. When he's not running routes and catching passes, he is doing plenty of other things to help his team win.

“It's kind of a catch 22. I'm more proud of the way in which he has blocked on the edge for us in our run game,” Northside coach Burt Torrence said. “We were able to rush the ball for more than 300 yards last Saturday and a lot of that was a result of him and our freshman Trey Jackson blocking on the edge. So he's a well-rounded individual, and those kinds of things go unnoticed.”