GALAX, Va. -

Galax traveled to Bluefield's Mitchell Stadium last Saturday afternoon where it was a record setting day for the Maroon Tide's Steven Peoples against Graham, one that he won't soon forget.

Steven said, "I was feeling it."

Steven Peoples was certainly feeling something as he gashed the Graham defense for a whopping 502 yards rushing to set a new Virginia High School League single game record.  He tallied six touchdowns on the ground and added another via fumble return.

And like every good running back does, Peoples is quick to credit the guys up front.

Steven Peoples, "They do all the work and we get the credit."

Mark Dixon, Galax head coach said, "He just looked like he was at a different speed all night, just his cuts.  He looked fast from the first play to the last.  He's the best player I've ever had and he's just an amazing athlete.  Just one of those games where it looked like everybody else was playing in slow motion.  It was just a special night for him and a special night for us to be a part of what he was doing."

Coach Mark Dixon enjoyed a successful playing career at the University of Virginia and in the NFL.  But he never witnessed a performance quite like the one that Peoples delivered against the G-Men.

Mark said, "He's battled so hard here.  He's been the fullback here his whole career.  He's been a dominating fullback so it was fun to get to see him finally run the ball and get some of the glory.  He's blocked so well.  It means so much to me just for him and the type of kid he is and how humble he is and what he gives back to our school."

The 54 to 7 win was a much needed shot in the arm for the Maroon Tide and the head coach.

Mark said, "We had lost three straight and i was in a depression and hadn't talked to anybody in about two weeks.  So I needed it and i know the team needed it.  Emotionally we were way down so to win that way, in that fashion, it was a boost to my confidence in the game-plans.  I was losing faith in what i was doing so i needed it as much as anybody, just to know that we were doing the right things and the kids needed it."

Steven said, "I've got a lot of confidence now and I'm gonna try to do it again.  Hopefully i get it."