Gretna racked up eight penalties for 75 yards a week ago, but still managed to escape Altavista. On Friday night Kevin Saunders was hoping for a little more discipline against William Campbell.

It was homecoming weekend at Grenta. Congrats to senior quarterback Dyon Rosser and Ebony Callands who were named the king and queen.

Gretna started strong, scoring 21 points in the first 7 minutes of the game.

Let's start at the end of the first quarter. Rosser throws 40 yards to Von Bennett on the 15 yard line. William Campbell's Daniel Dawson tried to pull him down but Bennett muscles his way in for the touchdown.
The Hawks knocked on the door again in the second quarter. Rosser handed off to Chris Hall, who ran 10 yards, pushing William Campbell's defense out of the way and into the endzone. Gretna was on cruise control up 35-nothing.

It was that kind of night for William Campbell. Tyrell Staten had the ball but not for long as he fumbled, giving the ball right back to the Hawks.

Jeremiah Chambers added a 30 yard jaunt to the endzone for another score. Gretna blew out William Campbell, 57-0.