EL PASO, Texas -

Both head coaches met with the media for the final time before the big game Monday morning keeping things light and certainly not revealing anything about their game plans.

With a tough opponent of UCLA ahead of them, Virginia Tech will have their hand full come Tuesday afternoon. But Coach Frank Beamer was pleased with how his team practiced the past 3 days with their effort and energy, and is now focusing on how the guys will respond come game time with all the distractions a bowl game presents.

"I think the challenge is now, you know there's so many things going on today and during the regular season you go in at night and you have the pre-game meal, you go play and go home after," said Beamer.

The one thing that's been a consistent positive for Tech this season is their defense, which is a big concern for Mora and the Bruins.

"Well they've got a tremendous front 4. They've got a very athletic secondary but I think it's just the way they play-- disciplined, tough, hard-nosed, physical," said Jim Mora. "They give great effort so without pointing out one particular thing, I think that it's just that culture that they've developed."

Virginia Tech and UCLA square off at 2 p.m. Tuesday in El Paso. The game is being broadcast live by WDBJ7