Joey Self of WFIR radio has spent many years behind the microphone.

He’s also spending his evenings doing PA announcing for the William Byrd Girls Basketball team.

“I like watching the kids, like watching them play,” said Joey. “When you’re doing something for the kids, it makes you feel good.”

But he’s got some family ties in Vinton, especially with one of Roanoke County’s best scorers, his daughter, Maggie Self.

“It’s a great feeling, knowing your dad is announcing your name,” said Maggie.  “I have to credit my teammates though, they’re getting me open and getting me the ball.”

The junior is averaging over 17 points per game this year for the Terriers. That leaves her dad calling her name pretty frequently.

“He’s been my biggest fan, ever since I could walk and shoot a ball,” she added. “So he’s always been there for me and supported me every step of the way.”

With Joey announcing, he says it’s easy to come home now and “talk about the games” and “watch your kid play.”

Maggie still has two years left at William Byrd. But with a younger sibling coming right up behind her Joey may stick around for and continue holding the microphone for William Byrd Hoops.