Virginia Tech wide receiver, Josh Stanford, wasn't always so enamored with football.

Growing up in Canada, Stanford was more focused on pucks than pigskins.

“Hockey was actually my first love but it was always really expensive so I never really got into it,” said Stanford. “But when we got cable and we got NFL Network so that was my big introduction to football.”

Stanford says NFL Network occupied all his time watching re-runs, pre-game and post game.

But just as the channel grew on him, he’s grown into a key contributor for the Hokies especially late in the season.

The redshirt freshman caught 37 passes for more than 600 yards on the year. Thriving on the field, Stanford has also found success in his apartment studio. The budding hip-hop artist has release several tracks in the last month with the help of fellow Hokie student, Andrew Fisk, also known as the Maestro.

"I've really been writing poetry since I was young. I kind of got attached to hip hop and everything like that,” Stanford added. “I started writing poems to instrumentals to hip hop instrumentals and it kind of turned into music”

Stanford hooked up with Andrew Fisk who is known as “The Maestro.”

"Musically speaking, I haven't heard anyone like music just kind of pours out of him,” said Fisk. “His songs are very original and unique. He's got his own sound. He's carving that out for himself. He takes from his influences but they don't define him. He's not trying to sound like anybody else."