Every October the Daytona 500 of Late Model Stocks hits the racetrack at Martinsville. This year there's a new title sponsor for the race, but the same attitude of racing.

The Martinsville DuPont Credit Union (MDCU) will take over as the title sponsor of the 300 for 2014 getting a local business involved with late model racing in Southern Virginia.

“Our market parallel’s their market,” said Speedway President Clay Campbell. “The same people that do banking with MDCU are the same people that we have out here in our grandstands. It was a natural tie.”

Over 100 teams are expected to participate in the race scheduled for October 5th.

In the past it has brought some big names to the track full of history in Sprint Cup racing but also late model racing.

However, there has never been a winner of the MDCU 300 that has gone on to win the National Championship in the same year. A change 2011 winner, Lee Pulliam hopes to change.

“It's tough,” said Pulliam. “I've run this race several years, and been able to win one time and I've dominated a lot of local tracks and that's just how tough it is to win it and everything has to fall right.”

As prestigious as they come drivers and fans love this race for not only the challenge but the competition it brings out to take home one of racing's most hallowed prizes, the grandfather clock.

“It's pretty cool to be able to get the same thing that Denny Hamlin wins on Sunday,” added Pulliam. “It's a special thing and the clock has been a staple of this track forever.”

Campbell said, “It’s the best of the best at one track. It means a lot to these guys to run on the same track as Darrell Waltrip, Richard Petty and Cale Yarborough.”

The MDCU 300 is the only late model race that runs on the same track as the Sprint Cup series. The winner takes home $25,000 the biggest payout in NASCAR Late Model racing.