Over three months later, Marvey'o Otey's shot is still the talk of William Byrd High School.

It’s even garnered some attention from the Harlem Globetrotters.

“When I saw the shot I thought it was amazing,” said Globetrotter, Anthony “Buckets” Blakes. “I don’t  even know if he realized it because he ran right out of the gym.”

“It’s weird having other people that you didn’t think would see it, see it,” said Otey.

“Buckets” saw the shot on SportsCenter’s Top 10 when it happened back in December. Monday he took to the hardwood playing Otey in a game of HORSE.

Otey took down Buckets, but when it came time to attempt, “The Shot,” Buckets prevailed after several minutes of trying.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before,” added “Buckets.” Probably won’t even happen again. But at the same time it gives this kid an opportunity to have the limelight for a little bit.”

Otey said, “It boosts my confidence. It makes me a more confident player to have a Globetrotter here.”

The Globetrotters will be at Roanoke Civic Center next week February 27th. Info can be found here: