For the next three weeks the New Orleans Saints are calling The Greenbrier home for their 2014 training camp.

While they’re taking care of business on the football field, off-the-field conditioning is just as important, part of that is what foods the players eat.

Skelding is working closely with Jennifer Gibson, the Saints’ nutritionist, who has a specific diet for these athletes. That forces the hotel’s cooks to pay extra attention to detail.

“I have to,” said Executive Chef Bryan Skelding. “We love butter here and [Jennifer] doesn’t like a lot of butter. We stay away from cream, a lot of lean meats and boneless, skinless chicken breasts.”

But it's not all strict. They are allowed to have some food that doesn't necessarily fit with their nutrition plan.

“We do some cheat days,” added Skelding. “We're doing a buffalo wing day and we actually just ordered four-thousand chicken wings to make sure we have enough.”

And those four-thousand chicken wings aren't even a main course, that's the Saints late night snack.

He added, “That's based off 165 gentlemen eating two dozen wings.”

For athletes who burn thousands of calories every day, it's important to replenish as this time of year is all preparation for a 17 week regular NFL season.

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton weighed in on the diet. “We're getting ready for football shape, which is carrying your pads, carrying all that equipment.”

The hotel has around 160 cooks all contributing to cooking for the athletes and staff from the Saints.