It's a great time to be a member of North Cross Raider tennis.

Both the boys and girls teams are closing in on conference championships which will be determined Saturday.

The boys were state runner-ups last season, but now have their eyes set on winning a title.

“We're not taking second seat to anybody,” said Head Coach Robert Robillard. “We're just as good as the other schools in our conference and for our boys it would be a big confidence boost.

The boys beat Covenant earlier this season 5-4 who has been the dominant team for nearly a decade in Virginia.

Sophomore Joseph Cartledge has been a key player for the boy’s team this season. His sister Emma has played an integral role on the girls' team who has just one loss as a team on the season.

“Well as a team we haven't played the BRC conference tournament yet but I think we have a good chance,” said Emma Cartledge. “We have seniors like Evans and Morgan and a few others are going to be leaving next year.

Now both teams must advance through this week and hope on Saturday both Raider teams are playing for a conference title.

“There's a lot of fun tennis to look forward to,” said Coach Robillard. “In the next two years we really don't face any teams we know of that have young great players like we do.